Panda Express Fundraising

Panda Express Fundraising Programs

The Panda Express outlets in America and its surrounding are not only concerned with the provision of Eximious restaurant services to its client but to also to give back to the society. This is done through a lot of activities one of them being the Panda Express Fundraising Program. The Panda Express fundraising activities aim at raising a substantial amount of money through the organizing of fundraisers for organization, clubs, schools etc. How you are going to organize your event at Panda Express is simple.

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Book an Appointment with Panda Express

Panda Express Fundraising

Panda Express Fundraising

First, you need to book an appointment with the Panda Express outlet that you are planning to organize an event at. Due to the vast number of inquiries for the organization of fundraising events from the public, scheduling your event at early hours may win you a spot at Panda Express.

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Fill the Panda Express Fundraiser Inquiry Form

You can proceed ahead and fill the Panda Express Fundraiser inquiry where you will be expected to provide information pertaining to your name, organization, event size and the date which you are planning to organize your event.

Getting the Panda Express Confirmation

After the completion of the later process, the Panda Express fundraiser team will get back to you within the shortest time possible. Their feedback may give out a green light as to whether you should surge forward with the organization of the fundraising activity.

A prevalent tradition at the Panda express ins the organization of fundraising events each time they open a new branch. This has been evident with the fundraising event that was organized in the Panda Express in Canada In different locations in Canada.

Panda Express Fundraising Tips

By any means whatsoever you get the green light to organize an event at one of the Panda Express outlets which doesn’t come easy, you need to reap maximum benefits out of the one in a million chance. This can be done by you:

Proper Scheduling of Your Event

First, you will need to schedule your event early time enough. This may really help you to gather different variables that may affect the success of your fundraising event. Thereafter, you may develop amicable and well researched solutions to tackle the latter variables.

At the Panda Express you are required to schedule your event within a prior period of two weeks but scheduling the events some months before the actual event day may be healthy event planning tip that you may want to consider.

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Moreover, you need to schedule your event more and more often as this may reflect to a large amount of money that you may collect from the Panda Express fundraising programs at the end of the year.

Panda Express Fundraising

Panda Express Fundraising

Market Well Your Panda Express Fundraising Event

Getting the whole world to know that you are organizing an event at the Panda Express may be a helpful tip that may fill your Panda Express fundraising money basket. With the advancement of the use of technology in the current digital world, there are a lot of ways that we can make the latter happen.

Post your event on a variety of Social Media Channels like Facebook, Google, Twitter or any other channels. You can also decide to create flyers and distribute to your family members either in person or by the use of any other appropriate channel that you will seem deem fit to.

Alerting the press who may want to promote charitable events in their newspaper and the encouraging of the invited guest to come alongside with family and friends may make your fundraising program to be successful.

How the Panda Express Fundraising Programs Are Curtailed to Benefit You?

Firstly you will receive 20% before tax sales. The amount will be directly donated into your Organization account. Afterwards, there will be the issuance of a check most probably between a 4-6 week periods.

However, it will be vital for you to understand that there is the exclusion of the amount that was raised from the gift card purchased from the total fundraised amount. Moreover, Fundraiser guests will be required to shot her flyer o the cashier.

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This will be followed by each of the Fundraiser order receiving credit. Panda Express fundraiser staff will also accept flyers that are presented via the mobile phone.

Credit will also be accorded to guest at the Panda Express fundraising program irrespective of whether they decide to dine in or prefer outside catering. However, you will be restricted from the distribution of the Panda Express flyers within the Panda Express location.

Panda Express Fundraising Flyers Information

Panda Express will take the duty of the Preparation of the Flyers for your Panda Express Fundraising event. With the approval of your fundraising event, you will be in a good position to access the Panda Express fundraising flyer on the panda express online platform.

But you will be required to prior log in into the Panda Express account and select the review flier link that will be formatted in a PDF format. You will just now need to print and redistribute your flier to your interested parties.

But, you will need to install first a PDF reader in order to view shred PDF document flyer. The failure of you to install the PDF reader may limit you to accessing the Panda Express Fundraising PDF content.

In addition to that just in case you want to reschedule the date alongside with the time of your scheduled fundraiser, you will be required to submit the queries within a period of 72 hours before the event. The same principle also applies if are planning to cancel your Panda Express Fundraising program at a later date.