Panda Express Fundraising

What is Panda Express Fundraising? If you invite your family and friends for take-out or dine-in at Panda Inn or Panda Express, they will give the 20% from sales to the organization you want as donation.

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How to Start Panda Express Fundraising

Go to the URL above. It is for Panda Express Fundraising. If you want, you can go to their official site and scroll below and underneath next to Company, and before Gift Cards, you will find it. (

Panda Express Fundraising

Panda Express Fundraising

You should already have an account if you have ever ordered for catering. If you do not have an account over there, do not worry. You can always make one. Click on “Register Now” to get started.

Put your first name, last, phone number and all other details. Ensure you are not making any mistakes. Come up with a password that you do not use anywhere else. When you have an account, you should be able to participate.

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Register Your Organization in Any of the Below Categories

You should be sure that your organization is any of the below: Schools, Booster Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camps, School Affiliated Bands, Cheerleading Squads, Church Groups, Sports Teams, Parent Teacher Organizations, Sororities, Student Councils or Fraternities

Scheduling the Fundraising Program Online

You have to schedule the program online so that you can get a date from the Panda Express calendar. An important event such as this one requires planning, you can simply hope that you pick tomorrow for the event and everyone shows up.

You should know that it will take more than two weeks before you get the date. If you want to book an event in advance that is possible but you cannot rush it. That means, they take reservations up to three months but if you are wanting the event to happen tomorrow or this weekend that is impossible.

Before you wait for approval, make sure that you’re PC or the device you are using to access into the Panda Express account has PDF reader. They will send you a flyer in that format.

Panda Express Fundraising

Panda Express Fundraising

Checking Your Panda Express Account –For Flyer Information

Now, you wait to be approve. If you get approved, there will be a flyer for your event. For that, you need to check in to your account and select “Review Flyer” and a PDF format will come up.

You have the freedom to print as much as you want since you are the head of the fundraising event. Do not get tensed when you see “Pending” when you log in. There are lots of people signing up for fundraising and it takes time to approve. If you are still worried, you can send a message to this address: [email protected].

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It will help you find out what went wrong or did they still did not start to check your application.

Re-submitting Your Application at Panda Express

Another thing you can do, if you do not want to e-mail them or you know what went wrong in your last application, just submit the application again. Then, you will see the status will say it is submitted.

Check your e-mail that you used during signing up and see if there is a confirmation mail. Do not worry if you do not find it, wait till 48 hours.

Things to Remember

Do not start advertising about your event before the approval process. If the approval did not happen, there are chances people will be eager for your event only to be disappointed later on.

Fundraising info- Further Explained

Once they fix a date and time for you event, you all have to be there. You know this but what you do not know is if you have a problem due to some emergencies and want to change the time, you have to let know 3 days before. [email protected] is the e-mail where you send the message requesting for a change in time.

If you want to cancel it, you also have to it 3 days before the event. Cancellation is not a wise decision as it cause a lot of hassle too many individuals. It is better to keep the event going and try to show up there.

Benefit of Organizing Panda Express Fundraising

Also after the event is over, it will take time to get the check. Wait and if it becomes more than 8 weeks, contact them in the above e-mail.

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Your organization or group will have to be together as a team and focus toward the same target.

Fundraising always brings people together closer, aiding them get to get familiar with each other, and sort out the differences that lies within various people or departments.

When you really wish for team attachment to happen, breakdown the assembly into small teams and consider the fundraiser to be a test where you have to succeed. It will motivate everyone to take this efficiently and create a stronger team within the group.

Marketing Your Event Online

Once you get approval, internet can be your friend for advertising even though you are utilizing flyers.  Nowadays, people are more interested in their smartphones than anything else.

Anywhere you go, you will see them looking at their phones’ screens. You have to design the fundraising campaign so that all the participants can give their best to it. Whenever you think of fundraising, it is going to be wise to start with a reliable campaign.

What can be more trustworthy and reliable than Panda Express?

Do you think they are doing this for money for themselves? They are not. They already have enough. They already sell so much food every day that with or without the fundraising, they will have no impact on their sales.

When you e-mail them with any issue related to the fundraising, be specific. Your chances of a fast reply or solution is going to be high than someone who does not know how to pick out the problem and send a message. The family and friends present also have to understand the value of this proposition.