How to Pass Panda Express Hiring – Simple and Easy Way!

Looking for a job can be frustrating. Finishing your college life and graduating looks like a sure bet to getting a job but sometimes it is not all rosy. It can be tiring waking up every morning and looking for a job that you have read so hard to attain the skills to do with.

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If you have pressure from family and friend to have a job or even your bills, it can be even harder. You need to learn new skills of looking for a job which proves to be harder than that of your career. That proves you must be smart and be up to the game when it comes to job hunting.

Panda Express Hiring

Panda Express Hiring

When you are looking for a job, you should never give up. You should wake up every day believing that there is someone out there who need the skills that you have. You should look and work smart to make sure that you meet people who need your services. How do you do that?

How to look for a job of your skills

So, you are done with your course in hospitality and have graduated, what is next? You need to sit down and come up with a strategy on how you are going to nail your dream job. It is not easy like it sounds but like mentioned here, there is no giving up, right?

  • Sit down and draft

You need to sit down and plan on how you are going to shop for a job. How are you going to finance your movements and even dressing? You need to plan to avoid disappointments along the way. once the draft is on paper you need to implement it.

  • Put everything in order

You need to put what you need to look for a job in order. That means having a breathtaking updated C.V, your academic papers should be in order and in case there are referees you need to contact, contact them early enough so that everything can be in order.

  • Look for a job in the right places

Now that you know what you want, you need to look for it in the right places. You need to associate yourself with people and places that will get you that job. That means waking up and going to look for a job in a place where you wish to work in one day. That way there are chances of you landing one.

  • Dress to impress

Looks is everything, you need to make sure you command for that job. Make your potential employers want to know you more because they already like what they see. Leaving an impression when you are dropping your C.V is the first step to making sure you get an interview.

  • Never give up
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Yes, there is no room for giving up if you want your dream job. Make sure you always have your goal in mind, landing the job of your dream. wake up believing that you will get the call you have been waiting for. The spirit keeps you moving even if you feel down sometimes.

  • Continue with attachment

Chances are, you were attached somewhere during the course, go and ask if they can allow you to continue with the attachment. Even if it is working for free, it is a sure way of making sure you sharpen your skills for your future job. Go for it for the sake of your experience.

Panda Express Hiring

Panda Express Hiring

Panda Express Job Hiring

Panda Express is a group of companies that specialize in providing food of the Asian origin to their customers. That is after the founders discovered a gap and a licking for the Asian cuisine. They have been unique in the industry offering delicious food to its customers every day.

It is because of this that they have a special licking from the public. More and more people have been streaming into their joints to make sure they have a taste of what they have to offer. That has seen them opening many joints all over the world.

With over 2000 joints, they have no choice but to hire people. They have a huge population which expects them to deliver just like they have been doing. The following reasons are to why panda express hires

Why Panda Express Hires

Like mentioned earlier, they have won the heart of a large population all over the world. With so many branches, the founder has no choice but to hire, these are other reasons;

  • Cope with demand

Many people are walking into their joints to have a taste of what they have to offer. That means they must hire more people to offer services to the never-ending customers. Their priorities are to make sure their customer’s needs are met and they leave their premises happy and attended to.

  • More skills into the team

In every working field, there is a need for fresh skills. They are needed to blend in with the old skills for efficiency and ease when it comes to working. That is why panda express will always look for fresh skills so that they can blend with the old to offer the best to the customers.

  • More branches

They have over 2000 branches, each branch will come with the new demand for more workers. That will lead to panda express advertising new positions so that the new branches can have people who will be able to serve the customers.

  • Community obligation

Each time they are opening a branch, there is an obligation to make sure they offer job opportunities to the locals. It is seen as a way of giving back to the community. They employ the people in the community of their new branch to feel welcomed in the community.

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So, you enter Panda express joint and you impress them with your looks and your papers. They show interest in you by calling you for an interview, what is next? How do you make sure you don’t blunder or lose the chance of working in the best in the hospitality?

It is true you have the skills, of course, it shows in your papers and you are well qualified for the job, that does not mean you have already nailed the job. The following is what will assure you that you get your dream job at panda express joint.

How to Pass Panda Express Hiring

  • Do research about panda

Probably you just walked in panda express looking for a chef job just because it is a restaurant. Now that you have received a call from them, you need to dig further. Focus on knowing the joint more to assure yourself a slot in the company.

What is their main profile? Ask yourself what they need from you and what they are all about. You need to make sure you know details about the job you applied to avoid any hiccups when it comes to answering questions during the interview.

  • Practice common questions

In every interview, there are common questions that are bound to pop out. You need to make sure they don’t catch you off-guard. That is by practising how to answer them without any hesitation. You should show them your confidence when it comes to answering them.

They need to know more about you, what you like, what are your hobbies and what you will bring to the company. The questions appear almost in all interviews in the aim of the panel wanting to know more about you. Make yourself familiar with them to avoid embracing moments.

  • Highlight strength and weakness

We cannot all be perfect for the job, after all, we are a human right? You need to make sure you tell the panel what you are good in. If you have exceptional baking skills, it is your time to shine in front of your potential employer. Show them what skills you are good at to impress them.

When it comes to the weakness, be sure to highlight them too. That shows that you understand you are human and bound to have some weak aspects. While on that, assure your potential employer how well you overcome your weakness so that it doesn’t affect how you work.

  • Draft your own questions

Sit down and pretend to be panda express. What would you expect from a potential employee? You need to draft down the questions you would ask if you were to hire. Give the questions to your spouse or family member and let them ask and watch you answer them.

Putting yourself in the employer’s shoes helps you understand what panda express wants from you. that way you will be able to tell them what you can offer them. You need to know what they need to solve and how you can help you solve. That way, they will love to work with you.

  • Offer solutions

Don’t be selfish. Do not go there thinking of how much you will earn and benefit from panda express. With such a mentality, you will end up jobless for a long time. You need to know how to will be able to solve the company’s problems.

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If you are applying to be a chef, show them how your skills will help them produce a delicious meal from your well-drafted recipe. Be a solution provider so that the employer can see the need of keeping you and not the other candidate who was before you.

  • Produce supporting documents

You don’t know them and they don’t know you. The only time you got to get them to know you is now. You need to make sure they know you well enough to trust you with their kitchen and their customers how do you do that?

By making sure you come with all the necessary documents assure them that you are best qualified for the job. Carry your C.V, your academic qualifications and your referees in case they need to dig more. That is to show that you are the best fit for the job with no doubts at all.

  • Be on time for the interview

Sometimes, that is the only interview they will conduct on you. they will tell you to be there by 10 am to see how well you keep your time. Make sure you arrive n time or before time to avoid last minute rush.

Being late will make them lose confidence in your punctuality. No customer or employer likes to be kept packing so when you are late, it tells your panel more. Wake up early and do your stuff early enough to avoid any lateness.

  • Dress for the occasion

The first impression is everything.  People tend to talk louder with the way they look than even their words. You need to make sure you impress your future employer. Don’t be trashy. Be professional and in a neat way to make the impression.

Make your hair, men you need to shave, women, pull your hair up in a professional way, keep your nails short and your makeup light enough. That will be a sure way to make sure you nail the job. Looks have a way of getting you the job or leaving them disappointed why they even called you.

  • Be confident

What you say in there is what is going to make panda express hire you or not. Hotel is all about interacting with customers. Confidence is the key to making sure the customer trust you and give you the order that they want.

On that note, you need to show the confidence during the interview. Face the panel with shoulders held high and make eye contact when talking. That will show them that you know what you are there for and you are going to nail the job by the end of the day.

If you are looking for a job in the hospitality sector, panda express is the best place for you. They hire all the time to cope up with the customer demand, and all you must do is to come up with the way that you will make sure you pass the panda express hiring. with the tips, you have a sure ticket that you are going to join the company anytime soon.