Panda Express Recipes

Panda Express Recipes – Why Panda Express Recipe is The Best

When I was young, my mum and I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We loved trying cooking everything that we came across whenever we went out. I remember trying cooking a banana cake that we had tasted at my aunt place but it turned out to be disastrous.

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We were disappointed since we loved what our aunt had cooked. We had to call her and have her explain the recipe for us to try again. We came to realize later that we got the ingredients wrong. Once we tried again, it worked so well and we enjoyed the cake and is one of my favorites.

Panda Express Recipes

Panda Express Recipes

As I grow up, I came to realize that cooking is an art. It requires you to be kin, to be careful and above all to get everything right. There might be a few mistakes here and there but in the long run, you master the art and become a pro.

One of the thing that guides you into good cooking like I cam to release is a recipe. It is what everyone needs to come up with a good meal. That is because it tells you what to do and what to expect when cooking. So, let us learn more about a recipe.

What is a recipe?

If you have a passion for cooking like me, you must have come across the name right.? is a common word used in the cooking and restaurant industry and a chef cannot do without. So, what is a recipe and why is it common in the kitchen?

A recipe is a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients. It guides you on how to make a certain meal using the things needed for the meal. With a recipe, you can be able to make a meal even if it is for the first time without any difficulties.

The recipe has come to save cooking lovers like you and me. Imagine having to cook something and you don’t know how to. You may know the ingredients but you don’t know steps on how to, chances are you will end up with a very awful meal that is not pleasing at all.

The recipe in the hotel industry

The hotel industry is all about cooking. A restaurant without good food is not worth mentioning. It is through good food that it gains popularity and can make revenue. That is why many restaurants will invest in a good chef who knows a good recipe to cook meals for their customers.

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With a recipe, the work of a chef is easier. He can make meals without making any mistakes. That is because he has the instructions on how to and the ingredients needed to make a meal. That also helps a hotel minimize wastage since the food that the chef is cooking is the one the customer wants.

That explains how vital a recipe is. If you want to get the meals right in the restaurant. You got to have a set of instructions of how to do so. It is for this reason that a restaurant should master how to craft their recipe. How do they do that? By knowing what a good recipe should have.

Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp

Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp

Essentials of a Good Recipe

So, how should a good recipe look like? For you to be able to come up with a good recipe, you must be able to know what should be included and what should not. That will make it easier for you and any other person using the recipe. The following should be in a recipe;

  1. Title

How on earth will you make a meal if you don’t know the title? A recipe must have a title. That makes it easier for anyone to know or have an idea of what is being made. A title like kung pao chicken will give you an idea of what the email is all about.

The title should be relevant. You don’t want to confuse the recipe user. If the meal is about chicken, the emotion it. make sure the title has something to do with the meal. You need to sit and think about the title so that it doesn’t leave the user of the recipe stranded.

  1. Number and size of the serving

The recipe should be able to tell the user how many people are to be served the meal. That way, one will be able to know how to adjust the ingredients to accommodate the number of people who need the meal. Indicating the information will help a lot.

Also, restaurants and eating joints don’t like a waste. By indicating the number of serving and the size will help reduce the number of food that will go to waste at the end of the day. That will maximize the return in investment in the long run.

  1. Ingredients

It is what a meal is all about. For a meal to be delicious and finger licking, you must use the ingredient needed to make the dish. It is because of this hat the ingredients need to be indicated in the recipe for the user to know what to use to make the meal in the title.

The ingredient should be right. it should be stated in a clear way for anyone o understands. You should be able to state the type of ingredient needed and the amount needed for the dish. When the ingredients are right, the whole meal will turn out to be perfect. A good ingredient list should;

  • Be in order of use
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A cook should always be organized and so should be his or her cooking instructions. You should ensure that the list neat and goes according to how the ingredients should be used. Start with the one to be used in the first procedure as you go down the recipe.

  • Start with most important

Once you have propertied the order of use, go to the most important. If the meal is all about chicken, start by showing how to prepare the chicken before you show how to garnish. Therefore, the chicken should be first before the garnish.

  • Spell out everything

Sometimes in the cooking field, terminologies can be used. Not everybody using the recipe maybe conversant with the terminologies. That is why you are advised to use simple and straightforward words. Intend of abbreviations, spell out every word for everyone using the menu to understand.

  • Break up ingredients

Yes, that may happen in the case of where another food or dish is prepared within the main meal. A good example is preparing and cooking a sauce which is to be used in the meal. You need to make sure that the ingredients of the sauce are stated well and separate from the ingredients of the dish.

  • Keep it simple

We know you know the cooking language but you don’t have to confuse while putting it down. That is why it vital for you to keep it simple and easy to understand. Use numbers to break down the ingredients if possible. That way, it will be easy to use the recipe.

  1. Preparation method

Once you state the ingredients, how are you going to put them together? That is where the procedure comes in. It is meant to give you a step to step guide on how to put the ingredients to come up with the dish on the menu.

Preparation method gives the user of the recipe details on how to make the meal and that is why they are important. If you were to draft a recipe, you should ensure the following when it comes to writing the procedure;

  • Indicate the size and cookware

The chef or the user is going to use your guide to cook the meal, you need to indicate for them what he or she is supposed to use. indicate the size of the bowl or the pan that is supposed to be used. By doing this, you are making sure that the user of the recipe gets every detail right.

If you were to manipulate or substitute an ingredient or cookware, it is good to mention.  Like in the case of use of a wok. If the recipe was to be used out of a Chinese restaurant, you should indicate what should be used as a substitute.

  • Should be short and precise

Yes, you don’t want to confuse things and live the user with a bad dish. Make sure everything you write is short and easy you understand. The language should be one anyone can understand and make sure you use easy words.

In the most recipe, a new step starts with a new paragraph. If possible, make sure your number the procedure to make it easy to distinguish each point. If a point needs clarity, do so but in a simple and cohesive way.

  • Don’t leave any details
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You should make sure you are keen not to leave any details behind. Indicate the time needed to cook the meal, where you need to seamer, where the heat needs to be hot and many more. Leaving any details means the meal will not turn out like the way it is supposed to.

If there are other elements that are supposed to be prepared and cooked within the meal, you need to mention and indicate the procedure of making the elements. A good example is of making teriyaki sauce in a teriyaki chicken meal. You need to state every step of the making.

  • Finish with serving

Once you are done stating how the meal is made to the last beat, it is good for you to state how it is going to be served. Don’t leave the cook hanging and confused on how to serve the meal. State how t garnish it and the accompaniment to go with the meal, that will make everything complete.

Panda Express Recipe

Panda Express is a chain of restaurants that can boast itself for its success. Over the years, they have striven to make sure they excel in the industry by knowing what the customers in the industry need and delivering it without complaint and difficulties.

Since the year 1983, they have been competing with others in the industry to have a share n the income that comes with the food industry. So many lessons have been learned and have ended up being successful in the process with over 2000 branches worldwide.

All these are thanks to the food that they serve. They choose to be unique by offering their customers with food from the Asian communities. The food is delicious and addictive. Once you have any other Chinese food, you will end up wanting more from their outlets.

Chef and the recipe

They have a qualified chef who has excellent cooking skills. They came up with the meals that keep the customers coming for more. The chef prepares and cook the dishes with the help of their well thought and listed down the recipe.

With the recipe, they can cook the meals on the menu and bring our what the customer orders without any mistake. The recipe is well crafted and written to make sure the meals made are delicious and of quality as to per customer expectations.

When you read through the recipe, they are simple and easy to understand. They illustrate very well how the meal is supposed to be cooked just like how a good recipe should be. Don’t be surprised to learn that it is the reason why their meal is always delicious and tasty each time.

Why it is the best

It is the best because customers keep on streaming in to get more. The orders are constantly streaming and when you look at the reviews online, you will understand that the customers are satisfied with what they get in terms of food.

It is indeed true, panda express recipe is a good and perfect example of how a good recipe should look like. Simple, easy to understand and well-listed ingredients and procedure. With such kind of a recipe, the customer will keep streaming for some good dishes every day.