Panda Express Spokane

Where is Panda Express in Spokane? (2223 W Wellesley Rd Space A, Spokane, WA 99205; Tel: (509) 325-2238). Panda Express Spokane serves different foods. Spokane, has lots of places to eat: Sushi, Mexican, and Indian, Fast Food and what not. Yet, Panda Express becomes a favorite pick for many. They serve chicken and some veggies among different types of food that are sold in all Panda Express Locations.  Panda Express Spokane is a good place to go for dinner with friends and family members.

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You an order for a take away and their customer service is top rated. There is no complain about their service. There is nothing to argue when it is about their price. Many places charge a lot more for their food.

I really made a connection with the food there particularly Mushroom Chicken, Orange Chicken, Veggies, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken and String Bean Chicken Breast.

Enjoy the Ambience at Panda Express Spokane

Panda Express Spokane

Panda Express Spokane

Panda Express Perfect spot for Lunch

Panda Express Spokane is a perfect place to go for lunch. The spot is moderately gathered for a Tuesday lunch yet I was glad to see that most of the individuals over there were Asian. I feel that addresses the credibility.

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Panda Express Spokane Simple Menu

Another credible touch is that the menu is simple. If you check the menu online, you will get details of the calories including the amount of dietary fiber, carbohydrates and proteins it contains.

Also, many of the items are new to those who just came from Asia. They have made many dishes according to their recipes and ideas such as the Beijing Beef

Panda Express Spokane Serves Delicious Dishes

I do not like to try anything new besides chicken. Even though this has more calories than a burger, however there are a lot of other meals to order from the restaurant.  Like the classic Orange Chicken.

They were a portion of the best food I have eaten for a few reasons, one being that they were cooked flawlessly; delicate, however with a firm outside layer from a brisk turn on a hot dish. The other reason was the sauce. Instead of something just sweet, they went with tangy. I also added chicken egg rolls.

The Orange Chicken served is a sweet and tangy at the same time, which implies no complains. Also, it is not suffocated in a sweet and thick sauce.

Panda Express Spokane Nutritional Value

If you go for Panda Express Pork, then understand the dish has 400 calories with180 calories from fat! If you are trying to lose weight, this seems like the worst choice of food.

More importantly, even if you are not trying to shed pounds, this is simply a hazard for health. It has 960 mg of sodium, 19g of sugar and 40mg cholesterol. People complain about the Beijing Beef being unhealthy because of the calories and cholesterol in it. It has 25mg cholesterol, so much less than the pork. It also has 660 mg of sodium.

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The Panda Express shrimp is stout and delicate, were hurled and has such a nice taste. Once more, an extraordinary interpretation of a Chinese-American food.

Panda Express Spokane

Panda Express Spokane

Panda Express Spokane Review

The restaurant was really clean even though a lot of people were walking in and out. They ordered from the phone and now taking take-outs. I ordered the fried rice because that is something

This location is getting more popular with each day. Ever since it opened, there is always a crowd. Sometimes, the line extends so much that people have to wait outside. The service and food is equally excellent.

The food will always be fresh. It is not possible to get old food from them as the trays finish within half an hour after they keep the dish.