Party City Survey Party City Survey

Party City is a retail store chain in the United States of America for supplying party related products to the consumers all over the country. In the arranging of the parties, birthdays or any other function where decoration and other playful items are required, the stores of Party City are their first choice in the United States of America. The retail chain also has a healthy online presence and the online stores of the company provide standard ecommerce services to the consumers who can place the orders online and get the products delivered to their doorstep. Apart from USA, the company is also operating in Mexico and Canada with subsidiaries of stores under various different names such as Halloween City, Factory Card and the Party Outlet brands.

Some of the interesting facts the Party City are listed as below:

Party City Survey

Party City Survey

  1. It is a public company which is listed on the stock exchange and it is one of the major companies in the United States of America.
  2. The company was first established in the year 1986, some 32 years ago, and its first store was established in New Jersey, USA.
  3. Headquarter of Party City is also established in New Jersey with other store locations located all over the world.
  4. James M. Harrison is the current CEO of the company while Michael A. Correale is the current Chief Financial Officer of the company.
  5. The company was founded by Steve Mandell who in the year 1986 thought of starting a company which specializes in providing all kinds of party related stuff to the people in the United States. The idea catch on and the first store of the company became a huge success due to which more and more stores started to be opened all over the country. Today the party city retail stores have spread over 900+ locations across the world.
  6. The company was sold in the year 2005 by the original owner to Amscan Holding, Inc. which is one of the biggest designer, manufacturer and seller of the goods which are commonly consumed by the people in America. The same company also acquired all the other outlets of the Party City in the year 2006 and started to expand the reach of the company.
  7. The company was expanded to location in Canada after a joint collaboration agreement was reached between the parent company and a Canadian retailer company Party Packagers.
  8. Currently the company is generating huge revenue which ranges approximately in the range of $2 – $3 Billion with maximum operating cost of $81 million. This shows that the Part City retail chain is one of the biggest profit making company in the United States.
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Party City Website and Ecommerce

With the advent and revolution of Ecommerce in this world, the highly established and mature brands started to practice with the online business opportunities in order to extend its reach to all over the world. In the year 2011 a website of the company with the name of was started whose main aim was to sell the products of the party city stores to the people looking to purchase these products on the internet. A highly responsive and functional website of the company exists today which has a catalogue of the hundreds and thousands of products which can be purchased from the stores of Party City.

How to place an online order?

In this way the consumers can place the orders for all the products that they require through the website. Consumer will check the items available on the online website and will add those which the consumer require in the basket. At the end of the online shopping tour, the consumer can check out the basket by making the online payment. The order can then be delivered to the consumers in a day or two through the quick online delivery services offered by the Party City Stores.

Benefits of Online purchasing

In this way the lives of the people have been made easy as now they do not need to visit the stores in order to get the products but they can be delivered to them. This way the revenues and the profits of Party City have improved furthers especially since the boom of online purchasing by the people all over the world. The online shopping options also provide the people an opportunity to get special discounts for purchasing certain products or products which cost a certain amount. Many other coupons and discount vouchers are offered regularly by the online website management in order to attract more and more people avail the opportunity of getting the products.

How Party City is improving?

Similarly the stores of the company are also always trying to improve the quality of the services and products offered to the people. Various studies and research work is carried out by the store planners in order to figure out the weaknesses and short comings and planning is done in order to bring the required kinds of improvements.

Why are surveys important for Party City?

Another important thing which the company pays special heed to in order to bring the required improvements in the stores and the quality of the services offered is getting the feedback of the people who visit the stores of Party City on regular basis. The users provide their feedback and the information is collected by the survey managing team which is then used to bring about changes and improvements in the functioning and working of the stores.

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Motivations and Incentives offered for completing the Survey

Since people usually find it difficult to fill the online surveys forms and think of them as uninspiring so some sort motivation is required to get people to fill out the survey forms. The motivation which is provided to the customers is usually in the form of prizes offered at the platform of the Part City Survey. The prizes can be redeemed in the form of coupons, cash prizes and gift vouchers by the customers at the stores of the Party City Company. The prizes are wide ranging in value and they almost force people to complete the surveys so they can win the prizes.

Different kinds of prizes offered at Party City Stores

All kinds of daily, weekly, monthly and sweepstake prizes are available at the internet forum which can be redeemed simply by taking part in the survey and winning the lottery.  We will discuss in detail how the survey should be carried out so that best possible help can be provided to the company while at the same time the chances of winning the prizes can be improved. There are certain rules and procedures which if followed improve your chances of winning the prizes manifold. We will discuss in detail the procedure of completing the survey while at the same time look at the rules which need to be followed by the consumers in taking part.

How can take part in the Survey of Party City?

There are certain rules which need to be fulfilled in order to become eligible for most of the online surveys offered by the stores on the internet. The rules are quite similar to each other for all of these kinds of online surveys and are listed below:

  1. The person who is taking part in the survey should be an American national as well as belonging to the state of the country where the stores are available.
  2. The person who is taking part in the survey should be greater than eighteen years old as those who are below this age are not eligible to take part. The consumers below the age of 18 should get some elder to fill the survey form for them and redeem prizes in their name.
  3. It is required to make a purchase at one of the many stores of the company. The receipt which is provided after making a purchase contains all the information required for completing the survey.
  4. The employees of the store are also not eligible for taking part in the survey. Similarly, the relatives of the employees of the store who have the same address as the employee are also not allowed to take part in the survey.
  5. You will need a computer and an internet connection to be eligible to take part in the survey because without these devices you cannot access the survey site.
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How can you improve your chances of winning the survey prize?

  1. Keep the Receipt safe: The important requirement is the availability of the receipt of the store. Without the receipt or the survey code you cannot take part in the survey. Always try to keep the receipt safe so that no issue is faced when you try to practically take part in the survey.
  2. Be quick and early: Make sure to fill out the survey form as soon as possible without waiting out for a later time lest the code of the survey on the receipt should expire.
  3. Redeem prizes within 30 days: Make sure to redeem the discount provided to you by the store as soon as possible as mostly there may be an expiry date for it which you may miss by not redeeming the discount early.

How to complete the Party City Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Some of the steps involved in completing the Joann customer satisfaction survey are listed as below:

  1. Go to the URL of the survey which is mentioned in the bracket and start filling out the form []. On the site of the survey, the link of which is provided below, you will see a simple form requiring you to enter some basic information.
  2. Please enter the code of the survey mentioned on the receipt. Adding the code of the survey is a must and without it, you will not be able to proceed.
  3. Enter other relevant information required in the first stage from the survey receipt.
  4. The most important part of the survey is where you have to enter the feedback or answer any question which is asked in the survey.
  5. Once you enter the basic information then you can move ahead to enter further information. You can give your feedback where the provision is available.
  6. You may be required to enter a valid email address which will be used by the organizers to send you the coupon for the discount.
  7. Once you have entered all the required information, submit the survey and leave.