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CVS which stands for consumer value store is one of the biggest retail and healthcare sector store in the United States of America and around the world. The store is one stop for people to purchase all kinds of pharmaceutical products, drugs, and other healthcare products at extremely reasonable prices.

The store is also huge in its kind that it is one of the biggest employers in the world with over 230,000 employees in its stores. The company also boasts huge profits with net income over few billion dollars. The company was created in the year 1963 by two brothers and ever since it has managed to generate huge sales.

CVS Pharmacy Stores

The company became a huge success shortly after its launch as it started to provide high quality and cheap products to its users in the United States. Formerly it used to be called Consumer Value Store but later on, it became famous with its abbreviation CVS. The store is today headquartered in Massachusetts while the other stores of the company are spread all over the world. Today there are around 9,800 stores of the company spread all over the world.

The growth of CVS and new Innovations

The company has grown with the period of time and managed to cope with the changing trends of the time. With the rise of E-commerce and the threat to the existence of the physical stores, it became necessary for the companies to adopt the novel and modern means of doing business. The companies started to experiment with new modes of doing business online and this is exactly what CVS did. It managed to create its name in the field of Ecommerce and became one of the biggest online healthcare and pharma stores around the world. Today the online business of the company is one of the biggest revenue sources for the company.

Importance of CVS for people

CVS is important to the people who are suffering from severe and chronic illnesses and require quick medication for their treatment. CVS facilitates the patients and help them improve their standards of living. With its delivery services, the medication can be brought to the homes of the patients and they do not need to go looking for it in stores now. The company through its online presence is providing amazing services to its prospective customers as you can locate stores through the store locator option provided on the store. There is an opportunity to make an order online which saves you the trouble of going outside and searching for the medication. The delivery service provided by the company is also one of the top services as the professional delivery persons of the company diligently deliver the parcels to the customers.

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Feedback and Campaigns drives of CVS

CVS, however, believes in continuous improvement and it has invited the honest opinion of the users and observers from all over the world in order to further improve the quality of the products and the services provided by the store. Since it is a huge company with hundreds and thousands of employees and stores around the world, some issues are bound to happen. Somewhere around the world, it is possible that the quality of the service provided is not up to the standards which do not reflect well on the image of the company. In order to get hold of these kinds of situations and to continuously improve upon the standards and practices, the company has invited constructive feedback from its users.

Surveys Conducted by CVS

The feedback is collected through Surveys and campaigns conducted through online sources, calls, and Emails which helps the company ingathering of the data as well as reaching as many customers as possible. In order to attract more customers to undergo the survey and to get more comprehensive data on the customers, the company has initiated many online campaigns and surveys with potential incentives. By completing the Survey of the company, the customers are provided attractive incentives and prizes which they can use for making further purchases on the site or use for any other purpose. The prizes offered are usually attractive and a huge number of people flock when the survey starts in order to avail the chance of winning the prizes.

Different Kinds of Surveys conducted by CVS

In this article, we will discuss some of the popular surveys conducted by the company as well as requirements, guidelines, and steps for taking part in those surveys. First of all, we will discuss the different kinds of surveys offered by the company and the prizes which are offered against the surveys.

  1. Online Surveys: The Company conducts online surveys where people can visit the site where the survey form is available and by filling and submitting the form, they can enter the draw out of which the prizes are given to the people.
  2. Phone Surveys: The Company offers the option of taking part in the survey by making a call to the representatives of CVS at numbers available on the receipt of the store. You can answer the questions of the representative and enter their name in the draw.
  3. Email Surveys: The Company provides the option of entering in the draw by sending an Email to the email address given on the receipt of the store. By sending an Email having feedback of the store, your name is entered in the list of the contenders for the prize and in case you win, the prizes are sent to you.
  4. Postal Surveys: The Company provides the option of taking part in the survey and winning prizes by taking part in the survey through the post. You can send the answers to the questions through the post at the address given at the receipt or the survey address of the company which you can find on the internet. When your feedback is received by the company, they enter you in the draw and when the winners are selected, they are connected accordingly.
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What are the prerequisites for taking part in the CVS Survey?

In order to take part in the CVS survey, there are some prerequisites that you have to fulfill in order to be eligible for the survey. Some of the requirements are listed as below:

  1. You need to be an American citizen, in order to take part in the survey. Most of the stores which offer discounts or cash prizes are located in the United States, this is why there is a limit of the citizenship on who can take part.
  2. The participant should be above 18 years of age. The customers below the age of 18 are not eligible to take part. For such customers, it is recommended to forward the survey through the name of some elder so they can be contacted and provided the cash prizes in case they win.
  3. The person who is taking part in the Survey should not be an employee of the store. This helps in bringing more transparency and honesty in a way that the employees cannot manipulate the process.
  4. One person can only submit one survey in a month. More than one submission are not accepted and are rejected by the organizers. The customer can take part in the survey again in the next month.
  5. The provision of the purchase at the store is not mandatory but in case of online surveys, the digit code may be required to participate in the survey.

Prizes Offered for completing the Surveys

The prizes offered to the winners of the survey are in the range of $10 to $1000 every month. However, the $10 awards are offered to almost 200 people every month while the $1000 prizes are offered to only a few people. The prizes can be redeemed by any means as mentioned above.

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How to take part in the Survey?

There are different steps that you have to complete to take part in the Survey. In order to take part in the online survey, you will require a computer and a stable internet which will help you in accessing the website where the survey is hosted. Once you have the access the website, make sure to turn on the cookies and the Javascript so that the Survey can run smoothly.

  1. On the first page of the survey, enter the eleven digit survey code provided on the receipt on the purchase that you made on the store. Make sure to enter the correct sequence of the digits and move forward so you can answer the questions of the survey.
  2. In the next step, add relevant information as required like the code of the store, the date of the survey and all the questions which have been asked here. Make sure to answer all the questions comprehensively and honestly as it is the most part. Your feedback will help the company in improving its services as well as providing good services to its customers. Spend some time on this page and then move forward to the next page.
  3. Give details about yourself like your full name and the contact details so that you can be contacted in case you win the prizes. Once you have entered all the information as required, submit the form and save any information which is provided at the end.
  4. In case you are taking part in the survey through the post then you will be required to answer the questions of the survey and by placing them in an envelope, you can send them to the address of the survey organizers. This way you can be considered for the draw.
  5. You can take part by sending your feedback through Email which will help the organizers in getting your feedback quickly and you can enter yourself in the draw.


There is always a chance of winning the prizes as a large number of them are offered every month and the chances of winning depend upon the participants in that particular month. It is recommended to keep taking part every month if you are a regular customer of the store which will highly increase your chances of winning. It should also be stated that the cash prizes are subjected to the taxes of the land and the payment of the taxes is the responsibility of the winners. In case you win a prize, always make sure to pay the applicable taxes.