Old Navy Customer Survey

How to Fill the Old Navy Customer Survey to Get 10% off coupon

Do you love trendy and fashionable clothes and accessories? Do you shop all over for you find clothes that will suit your taste and preference? Then you must have come across the old Navy stores. If you shop in their stores, here is an incredible ay of shopping at a discount next time you shop at their stores.

Since 1994, Old Navy stores are open to offering trendy clothes to the public. They take care of the clothing needs of every individual who walks into their stores. From denim, booty shorts, jeans, maternity wear, kids collection to various accessories to go with the clothes, they don’t disappoint when it comes to fashion.

Old Navy wants you and your family to be trendy, comfortable, and fashionable. That is why they have high-end clothes similar to GAP collection but at an affordable price. I guess that is why you pop in when you need more of hippy clothes right? Well, read along about their survey and how it can win you a shopping discount.

Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

For Old Navy to be in business and be able to provide what customers want, they must ask them. How do they do that? By doing a survey. It is the best, cheap way of getting the information they want from their customer.

The Old Navy Customer Survey is a series of questions found on their website for the customers to fill. With branches in 5 countries no, they need to know more about their services through the customers who walk into their premises every day.

They give you a receipt each time you shop in their stores, right?  The receipt has the invitation code to fill their survey. It is vital for you to save the receipts each time you shop for the survey and other promotions that they run.

Importance of Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

Old Navy has been successful when it comes to delivering what the customer wants. Each year, they set sales goals and expectation that they want. A customer survey is vital for them to do that. If you are wondering why a customer survey is vital, here is why:

  • Feedback

How else will they know how your experience as while in their stores? Through taking the survey. They need to know how the staff gave you serves, whether or not you got what you wanted and what you want them to change. Why is the information important for them?

Through the information, they will be able to make changes. They will know their weak point and strength. They want to know whether you were happy with their services. If not, they want to avoid another incident that would make you unhappy. By doing that, they will keep you coming for more.

  • Listen

Old Navy listens to you. They want to know more about their services on the customers’ point of view. By listening to their customers, they are able to know what they are doing right or wrong. Through the information they get, they will be able to act accordingly.

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You would want to have someone to listen to your complaint or handle your unpleasant issue right? Chances are if they wouldn’t listen, you would not want to shop in their stores, true, right? That is why listening to you is vital. It gives you as a customer a sense of belonging and that they value you.

  • Understand

How else will they understand whether their chain of command and system is working or not? By using you, the frequent visitor to their stores. They serve the public so only the public can give them information to understand their system well.

If there is a problem, they need to understand where the problem is. They need to know why a certain product is not moving or hat you think about a certain product or service. With the data, they will be able to make the necessary changes to make your experience better next time.

  • Prioritize

With so many stores in the five countries, it is hard to know what the customers of a particular region want. A survey will help them to know where to put their energy on and here to divert attention a bit. Prioritizing helps them in putting efforts into what the customer wants.

If you were t walk into their shop and luck what you want, chances are you won’t come back, right? They want to know what most of their customers want and how best they can avail it to them. In addition, by knowing their weak point and strong one, they will be able to know which area requires more input.

  • Make changes

They may want to make changes but don’t know what the customers want. By asking them, the information will be vital in helping them know where to start. Knowing hat you think about their design, changing rooms, bathrooms, and arrangement will help them know what to do in the store.

When you give an honest opinion on the questions they ask, you will be having your say in what you want to see in the stores. It might surprise you to see the changes that you suggest in your favourite stores. Changing for the better for the sake of their customers’ happiness is what they want to keep them coming.

Old Navy Customer Survey

Old Navy Customer Survey

Qualifications for Old Navy customer feedback Survey

Before you take your device and start looking for the survey, you must know this. Old Navy has specific qualifications that you must fulfil before you go ahead and start answering the questions. Before you go ahead, it is important that you have the following;

  • Be 18 years and above

They want to make sure that you are of legal age before you go ahead and take the survey. That is something you will have to prove by entering your id number. They want to deal with an adult who understands and is ready to adhere to their rules and regulations

  • Be a legal citizen
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They are currently in 5 countries namely United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Canada. For you to take part in the survey, you must be a legal citizen of either of the countries. That is because only people from those countries are legible to take the survey.

  • Not their employer

You must not be an employee of their stores or their associated stores. Relatives and employees of their stores are not legible to take the survey. That is to remove the conflict of interest that comes along with it. Make sure you adhere to it and follow.

  • Have a device to do so

You must have a network-enabled device for you to take the survey. It can be a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Connect it to a reliable and stable network for ease of navigation. Ones you have a device, what else do you need?

  • Previous receipt

Yes, you need to have the receipt that has the invitation code before you can go ahead and start the survey. It has a lot of information that you need to feel in the survey. Each time you do your purchase, make sure you keep their receipt in a safe place you never know where you might need them.

Step by Step Guide on How to Take the Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

Now that you have what it takes for you to fill in the questions, its time you know how to do it. The survey is straightforward and you need 8-10 minutes to finish taking the survey. Locate time for the survey to avoid doing it in a hurry.

Do you have the receipt with you and your device is on? It’s time to do the survey. Make sure the information you give is true and honest for correct data. The following is the step to step guide on how to do the Old Navy customer feedback survey;


To start the survey, go to https://survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback using your network-enabled device. That is where you will find the questionnaires for you to answer. It is important to note that the sites change from time to time but they will always give you a link to the survey from their site.

  • Select the country

You need to select the country in which you did the survey. Since they are in 5 countries now, you have 5 countries for you to choose from. Use the information in the receipts for you to be accurate in the survey so that the date you give can be useful.

  • Read disclaimer

Before you go ahead and start the survey, read and understand the survey disclaimer. They are to understand the old navy position on the survey and their rules and regulations. That is for you to see the rules governing the survey and what you should and not do.

  • Select language

It is important to take the survey in the language that you can understand. They have 3 languages form that you can choose from.  You can either choose English, Spanish or French for the survey. Choose the language you understand best before you proceed.

  • Personal information
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Old Navy needs your personal information for them to know who is taking the survey. Fill in your gender in the gender blank and your age. The information is vital I verifying that you are a citizen of either of the countries and whether you are 18 years and above.

  • Store and receipt information

Where you made your purchase is vital. They need to know the store number, the street, and the province. You also need to fill the date you made the purchase, the hour, minute and second. They also need to know whether it as am or pm. All the above information is available in the receipt it the promo code.

You also need to fill in the invitation code in the receipt from their store. Remember, you cannot take the survey without the code so, make sure you have the receipt with the invitation. Once you have all the information I place, start the survey.

  • About the question

Old Navy needs the information that you are going to fill. It’s important for you to give a true account of your experience with them. Be honest and accurate on the answers you give. Expect to see questions about their workers, premises design, and arrangement, the changing room, bathrooms and your overall experience.

Not that questions change depending on what they want to know. Just because your friend gave answers about the display does not mean that you will find such a question. Go open-minded and answer the questions depending on your experience.

Once you finish answering the survey, they will give a free discount code. Write if don and redeem it next time you are out shopping. Use it before 30 days are over for it to be effective.


  • Your internet should be stable. It can frustrate you if you have an unstable network. Pages may not load well or may take longer to load with such a network and hence take more of your time.
  • Case sensitive. The text boxes are case sensitive. Be keen on filling the information for it to be accepted.
  • The browser uses cookies to access the site. Enable cookies for ease in navigation.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements that they state in their disclaimer.
  • The invitation code must be valid. You should know that the invitation code expires after 30 days. Any time after the 30 days means the code is not valid.

Old Navy customer feedback survey is a way of getting information from the public. They give their customer an opportunity to give their views, experience, and opinion through the survey. With the information, they can be able to make changes for better customer experience. If you have the invitation code from your receipt, take the survey and earn yourself a 10% off discount next time you shop with them.