Pizza paradise in Delaware

Food has always been the first true love of many. Different nationalities have different traditional dishes and flavors. They take pride in their cuisines which are famous all over the world for the same. Among the various food items, Pizza has slowly carved a steady yet faithful fan following.

Originating as a traditional dish of Italy it soon spread to Europe and North America. As the pace of life increased, pizza has gained popularity among the masses. Many pizza chains have flourished and the size of the pizza has undergone huge changes. It is sold both fresh and frozen. Many restaurants have come up with specializing in pizzas and have grown up into a successful pizza chains. Among the famous pizza chains, Pizza king has earned themselves a name in the business. Established at Seaford in 1978, this family owned and operated business started with just one item on their menu, pizza. Soon the taste of their pizza and the warmth of their hospitality travelled wide and far. More and more people started pouring in and soon the business was success. With having just one restaurant in 1978, they soon decided to spread to other areas of Delaware.

They opened restaurants at Laurel, Millsboro, Bridgeville, Georgetown and Harrington. They currently operate at 6 locations across Delaware with over ten thousand loyal customers spread across these six locations. Over the time, they have modified their menu to suit the requirements of the masses. Whether you’re in the mood for having a pizza or not, you can always find mouthwatering delicacies in their menu. They have added eggs, omelets, great burgers, delicious fried chicken and chicken wings, heartwarming rockfish, soul satisfying salads, club sandwiches, healthy wraps, soups, pancakes, beverages and the list goes on. Even with all these changes in their menu they have not compromised with their taste, hospitality and cooking style.

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Their cooking style is unique which gives their product their trademark taste. Everything is prepared under expert guidance and the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen is highly regulated. The ambience is quiet and friendly. One can easily enjoy his favorite snack after a tiring day. The staff is highly diligent and committed towards their work. Most customers have rated the waitresses as being the friendliest and most humble. They have gained so much in so less time because of their efforts and hard work. This is evident from the operational timings of the restaurants across all the locations. Most of them open up as early as 5:30am and closes around 10:30pm.

Pizza King believes in working for the community so their prices are highly compelling and affordable for the masses. One can enjoy all the food alone or with family or friends. The ambience is always very comforting after a heavy day’s work. Pizza King is the only chain which has gained so much in just a few years. To maintain the taste and the quality of their pizzas, they make use of homemade dough for pizza base. The toppings are freshly cut and purchased regularly to maintain their quality. They are not just a fast food chain specializing in pizzas, they also believe in doing good for the community. Their humanitarian efforts are commendable. Unlike any other pizza chain, they decided to work for human welfare and bring smiles to people.

On December 12 , 2017 they managed to raise 5074.26$ for Nantichoke health foundation with the help of their loyal customers and generous staff. This effort by Pizza King has definitely set them apart from their competitors. They have definitely set an example for other pizza chain giants to follow.Pizza King mainly focuses and specializes in pizzas of different flavors. Their thick crust pepperoni pizza is delicious and affordable for any working person. Some customers even claim it to be the best on the eastern shore. Taco salads, fried chicken and pizza twists are some other popular food items in their menu. Another heartthrob in their menu are the fluffy, huge and intoxicating pancakes which are the favorites of many. The main reason behind the taste of the food items, besides the homemade cooking technique, is the use of fresh ingredients.

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From freshly prepared chicken to freshly made pizza dough, Pizza king makes everything fresh and delicious. Customers usually leave with a smile on their face and a contentment in their heart. It is obvious for anyone to get confused about his choices while going through their menu.

The waitresses are the friendliest and often provide suggestions on what to pick and what not to new and confused customers. Many customers get confused between pizza and fried chicken. Well, to clear your doubts all I can say that the chicken is perfectly cooked to the right amount of crisp and opens up to some of the juiciest chicken breasts in the area. As far as pizzas go, their pepperoni pizza is one of the best in the menu. With the right amount of crisp, the crust is perfectly made and the cheese is also of the right amount.

They also have daily specials for customers who are not afraid to try new items without any regret. The home like cooking puts the taste of their items on the top of the business. They also take care of the festivities and have special offer for festivals and other special days. One can easily get huge discounts on these days and enjoy the tastiest food at affordable prices. Over the years, pizza king has gone beyond pizzas and have become a community and fundraisers for various social organizations.

Pizza king is expanding at a steady pace with happy customers who want to see it grow big. The delicious pizza are the favorites of many and in the coming years more and more people are likely to fall for them. So, the next time you’re in and around Delaware don’t forget visiting Pizza king to give your taste buds a treat and enjoy the tastiest and the yummiest food at affordable prices.

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