Sonic Drive in Specials

Sonic Drive in Specials – You Should Try Out

“It is easier to be faithful to a restaurant than it is to a woman” Those are the words from Federico Fellini. I don’t know what made him come up with the words, but it is time to get you addicted to Sonic drive in. You have to read along and know how you can get the most from Sonic drive in.


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When you find yourself on the road, do you get the feeling of having a snack or a drink while driving? Where do you get your food or drink? Probably from Sonic drive-ins. They are strategically located all over the US states. You can hardly miss one. Haven’t come across one? Here is what you need to know.

Sonic Drive in Specials

Sonic Drive in Specials

About Sonic Dive in

From world war II to a bread and milk supplier. That is how you can describe the owner. He had to look for a way to earn a living after leaving the war. From the savings he made when selling milk and bread, he came up with an idea of selling fast food. That is how Sonic drive in came to be.

While many drive-ins come and go, Sonic drive in has managed to be in existence since then. With the same old classic theme, they have been consistently selling fast food to the public. With over 3500 branches, it is clear they serve food that the public craves for.

If you are into cheeseburgers, onion rings, and like to take your taste buds into a wild ride Sonic drive in is the place to be. They compete with the best to make sure the public don’t drive while hungry. To do that, they have to keep the customers coming into their premises for their food through special offers.

What is Sonic Drive in Specials?

Just like any other business, Sonic has to have a way of keeping you coming into their premises. That is by giving you their products at a better price than the one on the menu. Specials are offers given by a business to their client. They are in the form of free goods or serves or by selling goods at a half price.

Sonic drive in is in a competitive industry. With so many restaurants offering the same fast food, they must come up with a way of making their customers choose them over the others. That is why they give away specials. Customers flock into their premises to have their specials each day.

Am sure you shop around for offers and discounts when you want to eat, right? Look no further. Sonic drive in has every day special offers for their customers. So, why do they do that? Is it necessary to have their customers eating at a half price or free every now and then? Read along and know why they do so.

Why do Sonic Drive in Offer Specials

Before you go for any of their specials, you need to know why they do that. Why is it important for them to have you go into their premises for the special offer? The following are the reasons why Sonic drive in give specials;

  • To increase traffic
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Off course they have to make money in the industry. They will do that if they have people flowing into their premises for their dishes. With the specials set on specific hours, it is a sure way of making sure that people always walk into their premises for food.

When they have you walking into their premises for a hot dog offer, they increase sales during the specials. That is a plus for them because the special makes them increase the sales of the day. People are into discounted and free foods. When they hear an offer, they come running for them.

  • Meet sales target

For a business to be successful, it must set certain goals. Some of the goals include the sales they want to achieve within a specific time. Having special offers is a good way of meeting the sales target. Through the specials, people will come for the goods and services that they offer.

That is the same case with Sonic drive in. They too have sales targets that they must meet. To make sure they meet the target, they give special offers to their customers for them to come and have their dishes. Since the specials are for a specific period, they end up making good cash within the hours.

  • Strengthen the bond between them and their customers.

How will you know they have special offers? It will be through their advertisements, right? That means you are following them on social media, or you have a great interest in them. Through the specials, you form a bond with them and they make you have an interest in what they are doing.

  • Enhance awareness

Special offers make you are of their new item on the menu. That is because probably they have an offer on the new item. With over 13000 slushes at their premises, they have to keep on having offers so that customers can come to their premises. Eventually, people get to know their entire menu.

  • to avoid wastage

Imagine them waking up, making all the coffee and nobody is coming for it? It could be such a waste right? To avoid that, Sonic believe that it is better to share what they have with the public and make little constant profit. That is why they have constant specials to keep their food and drinks going.

7 Incredible Sonic Drive in Specials that you Should Try Out

If you are a frequent visitor of Sonic drive in, am sure you are aware of the offers. If not, it time for you to dine at an offer with Sonic derive in. With the list below, you are sure to have a dish or drink at a discounted price that you will love. The following are their main offers available;

Sonic Drive in Specials

Sonic Drive in Specials

  • Tuesday night specials

If you have a date or planning to take your family out on a stroll at night, Tuesday is the day to do so. With the Tuesday night offer, you will spend less and still get to enjoy some of the delicious food that they have on the menu. So, what do they have on Tuesday night?

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If you drive in for their Tuesday night special, you will get a cheeseburger at half the normal price. That is a whopping 50% off. Sounds incredible right? With the offer, you can drive in with your family and indulge yourself for half the price you could have spent. The offer starts at 5 pm until they close.

  • Half the price shakes

Are you into shakes?  If yes, their offer will startle you. They have an offer that runs from mid-march to late August for you to walk into their premises and enjoy their shakes. At half the price of a normal shake, you can have and enjoy a shake at their premises everyday from 8 pm.

It may not be the ideal time for you to have a shake but it is a wonderful time for you to explore and get to taste all the flavours that they have. That means with a little as $1-2, you can get a shake and enjoy while you evening pulls away.

  • Morning drink stop

Are you a morning person or do you go to work without a cup of coffee? With Sonic drive in, you don’t have to do that anymore. They have a morning special for you each day. When you drive in their premises in the morning, they will have a special way of greeting you.

Waking up early enough will get you a large soda, tea or slush for as low as €99 each before 10 am. If you are in the mood for a large drink, they have a speciality drink that they offer for a price of $1.49. That way, you have a sure way that you won’t go to the office without energizing your system.

  • Happy hours

Afternoons can be boring and at times tiring. You need a booster to keep your body active until the day ends. Sonic drive in has a special way of doing it, though offering drinks and slushes at a half price. If you are feeling hot and in the mood for some tasty drink, drive into any of Sonic drive in outlets.

From 2 pm to 4 pm, they will serve you your favourite drink or slush at a discounted price. Your afternoons don’t have to be hot and sweaty all the time. Drive in and cool yourself with a berry drink of your choice at 50% off your budget.

  • Snack time

Sometimes, you don’t need a heavy meal to feed yourself. On top of your drink that you get in a happy hour special, you can have a snack to have with it. A chicken sandwich or some onion rings are great snacks that you can wash away with your drink. You can even have a hot dog for only €99.

  • Holiday special

Holidays are a great day of relaxing and celebrating a certain event. Sonic drive in wants you to enjoy in style. That is hay they have the holiday specials. They have cheeseburgers, corn dogs, ice creams, and cones at a discounted price for you to enjoy.

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Therefore, if it is the world best friend day, a corn dog day, or ordinary back to school rush. Drive in any of their premises and see how much you can save during the celebrations. Go ahead and enjoy their dishes at a low budget that will wow you.

  • Digital deals

With advanced technology, you can have your favourite restaurant in the palm of your hand. Thanks to the innovation of the phone applications. With just a click, you can have a look at the menu, offers and even order before you come for it.

At Sonic drive in, they are taking it to the next level. That is by having an efficient application that you can order your drink and snack at the comfort of your phone. They also have the amazing offer of giving you a free flush or drink every time you download the app to your phone. You should be doing that right now.

Other ways of Sonic drive in marketing

Sonic drive in makes sure you don’t miss out on their delicious snacks and drinks. That is why they have many ways of making you come by to dine at their place. Apart from specials, they also use the following to bring customers into their premises;

  • Advertisements

They have posters and media advertisements all over. They want their word spread to everyone listening and reading of their amazing services. When you look at the press and billboards, you will see advertisements for their drinks and dishes. The pictures they use will surely drive you into having their food.

  • Social media

So many people are into social media nowadays. With the rise of technology, we have so many social Media applications. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social websites serve as a good tool when it comes to advertising goods and services that one has.

Sonic drive wants to make sure that people know about them. That is why they have active social media platforms where they engage, interact, and inform their followers of their dishes and amazing drinks. When people see them, they want to have a taste of what they have and that brings them more sales.

  • Grapevine

Have you ever been to a party where there was great food? You have to ask about where the food came from, right? You can also know more about Sonic drive in through word of mouth. Someone out there had an amazing experience with Sonic and would want you to have it too. As they say, gossip spread so fast.

Sonic drive in is a fast food joint that has been around for many years. Many come and go, but they have managed to stay in business by offering people a reason to visit them. Through Sonic Drive in Specials, you get to have a taste of their dishes and drinks at an affordable price.