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If you‘re needing to enter the Michelin survey, you better start by visiting their official site. From there, you will be updated on the survey requirements and what’s needed to kick-start the campaign.

First, you will receive a welcoming message to participate in the survey “ Welcome to TireRewardCenter.com Thanks for your recent purchase! To get started, select the brand of tires you purchased.’’

Afterwards, you will be able to start the survey. There are two methods to use. You could enter the survey online, or via mail. And just as other surveys, each entrant stand an equal chance of winning the survey grand price, regardless of the survey entry method used.



On the left side of your page, you will see the two methods that could be used to enter the survey. You will be needed to click either “ enter survey via mail, or enter survey online.’’ This’s your choice that you’ll make depending on how fast you need to get this done.

However, it’s vital to understand that this survey is open to any person that shopped at the Michelin’s. And do so, you‘ll be needing to have created an account with them. But if you had shopped on the store you could still enter the survey. But you’ll be needing to register first

Tirecentre.com Survey Necessities.

To begin the process, you must visit the official tire centre site. Conducting a simple search engine search could land you in the latter site. Of course, you’ll be needing to have some credential handy, if you need to complete this survey on time. Make sure you have

An Official Tire centre Receipt.

There is some receipt credential that will be needed to set up your account. If you’re an official tire centre receipt, this should not be an upheaval task. The drill will be simple. You will just transfer some data from the receipt to their online survey page.

There’s one way you could get this receipt; making purchases at the at the Michelin or BF- Goodrich. Also, you‘ll be needing to purchase and get a receipt on one of the tire brands that is featured in the survey.

There are three brands that are found on the official survey portal. They‘re the Uniroyal Michelin or BF Goodrich. Therefore, if you‘re thinking of entering this survey using a fake receipt, be informed that you‘ll enter the survey.

An Internet Connective Device.

Whatever device you use to surf the internet, you better use it here. Besides having the latter device, check you internet connective making sure that it’s fast. This way, you will be able to complete the survey fast and easily.

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English or Spanish Understanding.

These are the two languages that you will use to enter the survey. You‘ll be needing to understand how to answer questions efficiently in one of the languages. But the splendid thing is that all the survey question are addressed using simple language which everybody can understand.

Needless to say, it‘ll be a matter of utmost importance if you’ll create the tire centre .com account on your personal computer, phone, or secure device. This way you will be sure that nothing can jeopardise your chance of winning the grand prize and your data.

Some Minutes Of Your Time.

If your internet connection is up-to-date, you have a valid receipt, and you‘re already online, you‘ll just be needing some 10 minutes of your time, to enter and complete the survey and walk away with the $70 gift card.

These are some of the survey requirements. I surfed the internet, on their official site, and could get their official survey rules. Therefore, it’s sensible to say that they are a bit lenient with which people will enter the survey. But there‘re some oblivious survey rules that apply to all surveys.

Its employees can provide feedback but they can enter the survey and win the survey grad price. Also, one cannot sell the survey rewards, or exchange it for cash. It can only be used at the store; not online.

How To Complete This Survey Online.

One of the bonus points with the entering this survey online is that you will have a wide range of survey pages that you could visit for help, also you can get done with the process easily.  Without further Adjure, begin by

Visiting the Survey Official Site.

Whichever way you‘ll use get to the official site, make sure that’s official. This way you won’t waste your time, data, and chance of winning the survey grand prize on the official site. The official survey link is www.tirerewardcenter.com

When you’re in, you will commence by reading the welcome messages, proceed to choose the specific tyre that you purchase, clicking on the “ enter survey online’’ link.

Pick Your Tire Brand.

There are three brands that you’re expected to select. And you should have bought one of them, for you to enter and stand the chance of winning the gift card survey grand prize. Even if you had bought, two, you‘ll be expected to pick one. This’s the only way one can enter the survey.

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Sign Up / Log-in.

After you have selected the preferred tire brand, you could proceed to sign up or logging in. You’ll be needed to sign up if you don’t have a Tire Centre .com account. This means you bought one of the tyres in the store, not online.

If you already have an account, you could proceed with to log in. There‘ll be no need to create an account, as your details are already on their system. To create an account with them, for new timers to the site, isn’t an upheaval task. You could commence by providing some little information about yourself first. You will need to enter personal details

Proceed to input all your contact info. This includes your name, both first and last name, and as they appear on any of your identification documents. Provide your email address, confirm it, and proceed to create a password, of course, a strong one.

The second step will need you to input your address, city, zip code, in an area, prefix, and extension order, Apt /suite number, and your sate. Complete by selecting the preferred method of contact.

Completing The Sign –up/ log-in Process.

Be sure to choose a method that you use frequently, as this will be used to reach out to you, in case of anything, and all of your personal info and contact shared will not be used by any other third party.

After you choose the contact method, you have input all the prerequisites data, and they ‘re proved to be factually correct, you could proceed to input your vehicle and tire information, then click submit button, and you will have your Tire Centre account.

Providing Your Tire And Vehicle Information.

In this online step, you’ll be needed to provide details about your tire and vehicle. This‘ll be inclusive of the tire quantity, which ones you’re joyful to promote, and provide some of its advantages, among others.

When it comes to giving your automobile info, you‘ll have to provide its model, date of purchase, its mileage, among others.

Remember this is a vital step that will let the company understand more about their products. Therefore it’s a matter of utmost importance to provide information with utmost good faith. No need to plagiarise feedback!

After you’ve done the latter, proceed and submitting your data. You will receive your redemption gift card

How To Reach Out To The Tire Centre Customer Service.

If you‘re needing help, there’re multivariate ways that you could use to reach out. The superb thing is that the Tire centre, and its affiliates, take the last time to respond, therefore, you won’t have to wait for a longer time to be attended to.Some of the reach out methods include

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Sending A Mail.

One of the slower methods, but an accurate one of reaching out. When you’ve any query, and you need help, you ‘old. draft the information on the sheet of paper, proceed sending it to BFGoodrich Fulfilment Center PO Box 289, Milan IL 61264…

This will, of course, take some time to receive feedback, but it’s a suitable method when you have a long query. Similar to sending a mail, you ‘old. fill the contact us form on their website.

Though you’ll have to do it online, unlike sending a mail, it will still get the job done. Also, it’s fast, and with a same day response time, unlike mail. However, It‘ll depend on which one you like.

Calling …

This‘s the fastest of all methods of reaching out, but there should not be call traffic. If the line isn’t busy, you’ll have to wait for a maximum time of one minute. Some of the contacts numbers you’d use include 1-800-233-5961 function able for 5 days a week (Monday – Friday)

8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. ET


If you are an online geek, this’s your method. It’s the best of all methods of reaching out, provided you have a stable internet connection, and you‘re indeed online. However, the chat live link is available from Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M.

Also if you are unable to live chart, you don’t want to visit their official survey page, clicking the contact us button, you can follow Tire centre on their social media holes, this way you will be kept up to speed with anything new, offers, promotions, among others.

These’re some of the methods that one could use to reach out. However, patience is a virtue when you’re needing to get customer help. At times it takes more than expected time to receive help, and their system may fail too.

However, be sure to check their FAQ page. They have a library of questions and answers to them. I’m certain if you do so, you’ll be needing none of this methods, unless if it’s a technical issue.

The above methods would get you help unless it isn’t your lucky day. It’s also adamant to understanding that you could comment on anything you like besides asking for help, and your feedback will be noted.