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What is Regal Survey? Why do Regal Survey? How to do Regal Survey on Read this article carefully, and then you will have the opportunity to win $100.

Do you love the Regal Entertainment Group? Regal welcomes you to participate in their survey. The entertainment group will appreciate your candid feedback and will reward your time and effort.

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Furthermore when you complete the survey, you stand the chance to win $100 grand price and have the opportunity to enter the Regal entertainment group sweepstakes. Of course, when you enter the Regal sweepstakes you will be in the better chance to win more regal goodies.

That said, the Regal Entertainment Group survey is not only a platform to submit your feedback, but one where the entertainment group could use the feedback to tweak some of their services. This will have the duo benefit. You will benefit from the better services, same as companies.

About The Regal Entertainment Group.

Regal Survey

Regal Survey

The Regal is a renowned entertainment group in United States. They run one of the largest entertainment theatre circuit. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Tennessee, the company expanded it operation to other states. And as per now they are all over.

Their growth led to the formation of other brands like the Edward theatres, the united arts theatres and the regal cinemas.  If you are in the USA, I would recommend a hang out or a date experience at the elegant entertainment group.

Their cinemas have the perfect ambience for a date. The seating arrangement are classis and there is nothing like a bad seat in their arena. Furthermore they charge an affordable price and have the stealer customer service.

The Regal Entertainment Group Survey Reward.

When you enter and complete the survey, you will have the opportunity to get the regal coupon. You could redeem for a discount on your next visit. Furthermore, those who will complete the survey online, they will have the chance to enter the regal entertainment group sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes provides the chance to win the 100 dollar grand price. And if you are lucky, the latter could mean more movies, more time out with your friends.  Admittedly $100 is worth a lot at the Regal Entertainment.

How To Enter The Regal Entertainment Group Survey

There are two ways to enter the survey. You can enter via mail or online. However, the methodology one uses to enter the survey matters. If you enter the survey via mail, you will not have the chance to enter the survey sweepstakes that has $100 prize up for grabs.

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To enter via mail, you have to submit these personal details of your full name, date of birth, complete address, telephone number –day and night and your zip code. Procced to mail the details to Regal Entertainment Group, 7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, TN 37918, Attn: Marketing (“Mail-in Entry”).

To enter via online means –which will be discussed in details, you will have to visit the Regal Entertainment Group survey portal. Fill all the required receipt credentials and process to complete the survey, receive the coupon code and enter the sweepstakes,

The two methods will gain you entry to participate in the survey. However entering the survey online is superior as it provides you with the opportunity to enter the sweepstake and understand other survey details.

The Regal Entertainment Group Survey Requirements.

Have The Legal Receipt.

The receipt will put you on the better place to win more rewards one you visit the regal entertainment group, keep your receipt. Bu first check to see if you are invited to participate in the survey. Only receipts issued during the survey period will have the invitation message

This invitation message will have the survey link and other credential that will really prove to the regal department that you indeed own the receipt. Remember every Regal Entertainment group receipt credentials are computer automated and you have to submit the correct receipt details to enter survey.

Only United States Residents Are Invited To Participate

The promotion is open to the legal United States residents and who are above 13year of age. This way don’t want your time participating in the survey is you are not from the United States and don’t have legal proof that you are a legal resident of one of the United States. Minors would use their guardians or parent documentation who will receive the survey reward in their account.

However residents from the following states will be barred from entering the survey Alaska, Puertorico, Maine, Hawaii among other territories which are prohibited by law to apply

Rages Employees and Other Affiliated Groups Win Not Enter Survey.

If you are employed by the Rages entertainment company  or you are an immediate family member siling , child , grandmother , grandfather or household member , you will barred to participate in the survey.

Furthermore the Rages directors, agencies, companies sponsor among other party that is linked to the entertainment group in business will not be able to win or enter the survey. This survey rule intend to make the process free and fair to all. And nothing else could determine who or doesn’t win the survey reward.

Have The Understanding Of English And Spanish.

The Regal Entertainment group survey can be completed using two languages, English and Spanish. There will be no complex use of the respective language rather the survey questions and other information will be express is the normal layman’s language.

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You will therefore have the understanding of what is required and you won’t look like a moron while you write the survey comment and answer the questions.

Have A Device That Can Connect To Internet.

Regardless of the method you choose to complete the survey, you will need a device that can connect to the interment. This could be a mobile phone or a computer. Furthermore, you need a stable internet connection to complete the survey in time

These are some of the Survey requirements. It will be of utmost important to have the necessary survey requirements if you are to first complete the survey and in time. Remember unstable internet connection will not work well and at times you may be forced to restart the whole survey process.

How To Complete The Survey Online

To complete the survey via the web, visit the survey official site. These are two sites  or

These are official and if you use other means to land on the latter sites check your survey receipt for clarification. If you are to use the internet means to enter the survey , you have to submit your entry prior to the last day of each month as the later would grand you entry to the monthly survey draw.

Furthermore, the survey home page has excellent instruction and suggestion that will make your work easier when you complete the survey.

Enter The Regal Access Code

The access code will enable you to proceed with the survey process. This code is present on the Regal Entertainment Group receipt and all that you have to do is to copy the code from the receipt and paste it on the survey home page

You should have no problem doing that as the Regal Access code is boldly printed on the legal receipt and it’s unique.  This is a four digit code, one of the shortest survey code. Other surveys have the code running up to 18 digits.

Procced to enter other details that will enable you to start the survey. These are the station number, the survey date and time. The latter are all inclusive in the survey receipt and are used to authenticate the survey process.

However for the guys who had their receipt printed at home, the store number may differ from that of printed at the Regal store. It will be last three digits on the Regal confirmation or access code.

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Answer The Regal Question.

If you have the valid receipt and you have input all the necessary details, you can start the survey and the first part will entail you to answer the Regal Survey questions. These question will gauge you on the lot of parameters.

Regal will want to understand your rate satisfaction with your last visit to their premises.  You will provide your overall rating using the subtle rating scale available at their online portal.  You will express if you are highly satisfied, just satisfied, dissatisfied or disappointed.

Furthermore , you will answer the survey questions that gauge the  friendliness of the cashier , how comfortable their seats are , how fast were you able to purchase  ticket , the friendliness of the ticket seller and the how excellent the movie quality was.

These are just some of the questions which you will be expected to answer. But, you have to submit our honest feedback and furthermore these are typical to res or no questions and you could express if yes you were happy or no, you were disappointed.

Fill In The Regal Personal Information

These will be used by the survey sponsor to contact you.  Submit all personal details necessary like, your name, day, telephone number, night telephone number, address, zip code among other necessary information.

However it will be vital to understand that the survey personal information cannot be used for other non-survey purposes.  Near the survey end, you will be asked if you are willing to join the sweepstakes. Why not join if you have gotten this far. Furthermore the sweepstake provides the chance to win $100.

How To Contact The Regal Survey Customer Care?

As you may need to clarify on some matters, more or less ask If you have won the survey gift prize, you will need to understand the different ways to get contact with them. First there is lot of useful connect information on their official page.

Furthermore social media platforms form some of the best way to receive customer contact. The Regal Entertainment group are active on the different social media channel and you will be doing a good job if you could subscribe to their notification. You will receive first hand info.

The online live link chat on their website is the best way you could use to contact the Regal Entertainment Group. Their call contact is 1-877-TELL-REGAL (1-877-835-5734) or 1-865-922-1123. You could also write them an email at Regal Entertainment Group, 7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, TN 37918.

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