searsfeedback Customer Feedback Survey to win a $500 Gift Card

What is sears survey? Why do sears survey? How to do sears survey on Read this article carefully, and then you will have the opportunity to win a $500 gift card.

Are you such an individual who is becoming sick as a result of visiting the nearby stores for the special necessities? Or is there something unique that you want to purchase for your home at a favourably cheap price? Or are you such an individual who recently moved to a new apartment and you want to put every necessity into place at an affordable budget?

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If you are such an individual, worry no more! The only thing you are required to do is paying a visit to a good retail store that promises of all the needed necessities. These necessities include any other given merchandise. As a result, Sears has come into place to make all of this success.

It is at Sears that you are going to locate a number of products including the general merchandise that is scratched in a little manner and going at favourably cheap prices and at a discounted rates. After undertaking a shopping at Sears, you can contribute at a greater in their improvement by taking part in their customer satisfaction survey.

The esteemed customers can access this survey by visiting its website at From this website, you let Sears store to know how you are likely to recommend it to a friend in terms of their services and their quality of products.

Essential Information about Sears



Sears is a departmental chain store that is located in America. This store was established in the year 1886. Its headquarters are situated Hoffman Estates located in Illinois, United States. The store deals with a number of products starting with the jewellery, the beauty products, clothing, electronics, bedding, tools, and many more.

Providing these range of products to the loyal customers, Sears is also after ensuring that the esteemed customers are encountering a great shopping experience at any given they visit their stores. This is also facilitated by a quite number of articles through which the loyal customers will have an option of selecting their best products.

Sears always value their loyal customers which explain the main reason why they are after ensuring these customers are receiving high customer satisfaction services in addition to enjoying high-quality products.

As a result, the company has come up with a customer satisfaction through which these customers are going to share their feedback relating to the stores and the nature experiences they encountered during their visit.

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Accessing the Customer Satisfaction of Sears

The potential customers of Sears can participate in their customer satisfaction survey by visiting the survey website at This is a very simple survey that is specifically meant for the needs of the potential customers.

The customers can share their views relating to the nature of the services they received, the quality of the products they purchased, the overall satisfaction they received, and the general behaviour of the Sear’s staff. All these can be done by logging to the online survey of Sears.

Sears value any given feedback from the esteemed customers be it negative or positive. It is through this feedback that it is going to record a positive improvement in ensuring that the overall customer satisfaction is highly rated, quality products are provided and the general behaviour of the staff is good.

As an appreciation for those who take part in this survey, Sears offers a gift card that is going at 500 US dollars. Therefore, Sears compensates those who take their time to provide a view relating to the last experiences in the store they visited.

Sears started as a mail order type of business and it has now grown up to an extent of operating more 2,500 stores within the world. All these stores deal with a quite range of products running from the automotive equipment, hardware equipment up to the household appliances.

Why do you need to take the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Sears?

It is very vital for every customer of Sears to take part in their customer satisfaction survey. Their feedback has a great impact on the progress of this chain store. The first reason for participating in this survey is that through it, Sears is going to record a positive improvement in their quality and the services they provide.

Another reason why customers need to participate in this survey is that they are in a position of emerging the winners of a number of rewards. A good example is a gift card that is going at a price worth 500 US dollars. This is an appreciation by this store to those participating in their survey.

Also, those customers who take part in the customer satisfaction of Sears are in a position of getting free food discounts. These are normally accounted for during their next visit to the stores of Sears.

Furthermore, Sears appreciates those who participate in this survey by offering the winners a gift card that has a worth ranging from 50 to 1000 US dollars or more than this. This is normally for those who provide honest feedback be it positive or negative.

Finally, you need to take part in this survey so that you can provide genuine views relating to the last experience on your last visit to Sears. All customers are encouraged to display honesty while answering while answering the questions since they greatly determine the nature of experiences of their next visit to Sears.

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Requirements before participating in the survey

  1. An Internet Device

An internet device is an essential device for accessing the customer satisfaction survey of Sears. This is because the survey program is offered via online. Therefore, you should have an internet device that will offer a good display of the survey platform.

There are a number of internet devices that you can select from depending on your desires. The commonly used include a laptop, a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.

  1. Internet Connection

This is another unavoidable thing to have before accessing the customer satisfaction survey of Sears. A stable internet connection is preferred in this case. A stable internet connection is going to ensure that you complete the survey process within a few minutes.

Unstable internet connection will cause effects like loading effects which will make the process to consume quite some time. Therefore, if you want to avoid these issues, always go for a stable internet connection.

  1. Age Limit

You are supposed to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Sears if you are 21 years old or more than this. This is an indication that Sears does not value the feedback of the children.

  1. An Email Address

Also, for you take part in this survey, always ensure that your email address is valid. This is because Sears is going to use the respective email to contact you in case you emerge a winner. Therefore, always counter check to ensure that the email you are providing is valid.

  1. Participants

This survey is restricted to only some specific residents which is an indication not everyone can participate. It is only the residents from the United States of America who is supposed to take part in the survey.

  1. A Transaction Receipt

For you to participate in this survey, a receipt is an essential requirement. This is normally issued at the time of making a purchase from one of the stores of Sears. It contains essential details that need to be entered in the customer satisfaction page of Sears.

  1. Basic English Knowledge

Finally, the customer satisfaction survey of Sears is offered in English. Therefore, to participate in it you must have a basic understanding of the English language in addition to common sense.

Rules to Observe before Participating in the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Sears

  1. A Transaction Receipt is Used Once at a Time

You cannot use the transaction issued from the stores of Sears more than once. The available survey code can only be used to participate in a single survey. Therefore, after a single participation in the customer satisfaction of Sears, the receipt is announced to be invalid.

  1. Employees, Sponsors, and the Close Colleagues cannot Participate
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The Customer satisfaction of Sears is specifically meant for the loyal customers. Therefore, the staff and the sponsors, and their family members, their friends and any other relatives are not supposed to take part in this survey. This is one way of ensuring that are only the esteemed customers are getting rewarded.

  1. Only Residents from the United States of America Can participate

The customer satisfaction survey of Sears is specifically meant for the loyal customers from the United States of America. This is an Indication that the residents outside the USA are not permitted to participate.

  1. You Must be 21 years Old and Above

Sears does not recognize the feedback of the children. As a result, those who have the age of 21 years and above are the only ones who are supposed to participate.

  1. Take the Survey within the Specified Time

You can only participate in the survey within the specified time from the time of purchase. Normally, you are given a period of one week after which the receipt is announced invalid and you cannot take anymore survey with it.

How to Take the Survey

Step 1: Visiting the Survey Website

The first step to undertaking the customer satisfaction survey of Sears is visiting their online website at

Step 2: Reading the Survey Rules

On the survey page, you will be exposed to the survey rules that you need to read before proceeding further.

Step 3: Language Option

Here you need to select the well-understood language. However, Sears offers their survey English language option. Therefore, you must have the basic understanding of the English language.

Step 4: Entering the Survey Number

The next step is entering the survey number. This is directly noted from the transaction receipt. In this case, it is always advisable to use the transaction receipt of the latest visit.

Step 5: Answering the Survey Questions

Having entered the survey number, you will be exposed to the survey questions. Here you will rate the experiences you encountered, how satisfied you were, the behaviour of the staff, and the nature of the services you received.

Step 6: Email Address

Here you will be asked to enter a valid email address.

Step 7: Validation Code

You will then be issued with a validation that you will need to present on your next visit.

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