6 Major Factors That Are Affecting Tokyo Grill Growth

6 Major Factors That Are Affecting Tokyo Grill Growth

Tokyo Grill has been operating for many years now. Ask everyone around, They will say we are the best in the industry. We have risen to be one of the most talked about the restaurant on the social media. We have great reviews on this platform. Customers come, enjoy our meals and take a picture that they later share on social media to showcase what we do.

Yes, these great reviews amount to the flow of new customers and old one come for more. we have managed to keep a share of the customer and have ensured that our operations are steady. There are emerging factors that affect us in the industry. These factors have made us;

6 Major Factors That Are Affecting Tokyo Grill Growth

6 Major Factors That Are Affecting Tokyo Grill Growth

  • Return to our pocket and invest more due to the changes in the industry.
  • Have made us not be able to achieve the goal we intend to.
  • Have made us change our strategy of doing things like introducing more of non-Japanese foods.
  • Have challenged us to be the best in what we do.
  • Grow and open new outlets worldwide.

These challenges have made us go to our drawing board. We must think of how we are going to overcome them and come out victorious and our profits intact. They may not affect us individually but rather the whole industry but they are worth a mention. Sometimes they affect us in a positive way as we can change for the better. The following are the challenges that we have been facing and how we have been overcoming them;

  1. Weaker Yen
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When the yen weaken, its brings a mixed reaction to manufacturers. To the one exporting things from Tokyo, it is again to them since their exchange rate is friendlier on their side. To those importing like us, the cost is too much. Yes, we import some of our products from outside and it comes at a higher cost when the yen is weak.


  • We understand that it is not our fault and sometimes the government tries hard to stabilize it. What we do at Tokyo grill is minimize imports and make use of the locally available goods.
  • We minimize our operational cost and invest a lot in branches out of Japan where the currency is not much affected.


  1. Redevelopment to replace older buildings

The government has an initiative of demolishing the older building and building new one. This creates an opportunity for investors to invest in an already ballooning industry. that brings more competitors to the field.


  • We are opening new branches everywhere. That is to make sure we remain the peoples favorite in the industry.
  • We equip our self with new technology, menu, and It makes sure we are still the best and remain up-to-date.


  1. Tax increase

With the economy, ballooning comes with the government trying to cope up with the increasing budget of the country. Since we are faithful taxpayers, we remain to complain after paying the tax. When tax increases, it leads to a high cost of food and utilities which can affect the number of customers flowing to our outlets. It can also lead to job loss.

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  • We come up with a vast menu to make sure we have a lot to offer at our outlets.
  • We make our employee aware of what is going on, and we make them understand the state of the economy.
  • In case of a job loss, we find an alternative to make sure nobody ends up losing in the process.


  1. Coming up with the chain of restaurants

It is a series of restaurants operating together to share the cost of production.  Since they are sharing, their cost of production tends to be less. It makes them able to appetize talented workers to their restaurant by offering better pay. It can be challenging and frustrating for us when one of us decides to take a job elsewhere.


  • We try our best to please our worker though paying them on time and paying them well.
  • We also try to reduce our operating cost so that we can have enough capital to run our outlets.


  1. Re-emergence of new restaurants

It can be a real challenge. The challenge can be a good one or a bad one depending on how we approach it. New restaurants tend to offer more and a wide variety of food. New hotels can be modernized and be advertised all over the news, and as always people tend to prefer modern new places.


  • We strive to be the best. We offer excellent services to our customers, and in return, they give great reviews to other customers. That makes customers flow steady.
  • We set money aside to buy modern tools to be used in our kitchens, washing, and even delivery.
  • We stick to tradition and make sure as much we are changing; the culture is still in our food and setting.
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  1. Tough government regulations

Tokyo is known to be the palace where food handling is taken with a lot of seriousness. This means the government has strict policies and rules that govern the food industry. The rules can be in the form of the kitchen setup, level of cleanliness, health standard of our workers and whether we have complied with all the regulation. Violation of this rules can lead to closure and that’s why every investor try their best to comply.


  • Comply with the government set rules and regulations.

Challenges come to make you better.  Here at Tokyo grill, we take challenges as a way of bettering our self and the services we offer. Some of the factors cannot be reversed. Many have been in the industry and fallen due to them being unable to stand the challenges. We chose them to be a stepping stone to success.

We learn from our founder who has a lot of experience to be the best in this industry. He treats each of the Tokyo branches as his babies. He feeds them, natures them and releases them to prosper once he is sure that it can withstand the trials. Thanks to him we are here growing and continuing strong.