Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey

Participating in this survey could help food lion revamp its operations. And Food Lion invites you to enter the survey, candidly providing your feedback. This will be about their operations, customer services, your overall rate of satisfaction, and more.

Noteworthy, by them revamping their operations, you will definitely receive awesome customer care services. This could mean a lot for your next visit to the Food Lion. It could mean, you will be served well, charged a reasonable price, and relax in a cool place.

I bet you will want to be accorded with the latter services. Isn’t it? And due to the need to improve customer services, Food Lion has set survey rules and regulations. This will ensure that those who enter the sweepstake, are only eligible participants.

About Food Lion

This is a premier grocery chain store, headquartered in Sainsbury North Carolina. It was founded in 1957 and to date, it has managed to open 1100 new stores, employing 63,000 employees. Food Lion offers great customer services, selling some incredible groceries.

The company has always been consumer-oriented and are targeting to even improve the stealer services they offer. That’s the reason they organised the survey, to fix all the issues their customer’s face.

Requirements To Participate In The Survey.

Just as another survey, there is requirement needed to ensure only those that are eligible enter the survey. Minus these prerequisites, you cannot enter the survey, nor submit your feedback.  To enter the survey, you will need;

  1. Food Lion Receipt.

Having a food lion receipt will enable you to enter this survey online. If you enter this survey online, you will have the opportunity to enter the sweepstake. Where you will win the survey grand prize. However, the receipt doesn’t only give you online survey access.

It has certain survey credentials that will ensure only those that shopped at the food lion enter this survey. The receipts contain the date and time of your visit, survey code, and more details that will enable you to proceed further with this survey.

It’s also vital to understand that you can get your hands on this receipt if you shopped at the food lions. This should be within the survey period- starting on the first day of 2018, ending on the last date of 2018. Therefore mind keeping your receipt safe, if you wish to participate in this survey.

  1. Computer and Internet Connectivity.

If you are to complete this survey online, you will need to have internet connectivity, same as a device that can connect to the internet. This will facilitate you to complete this survey quickly and accurately.

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Furthermore, being online will enable you to read survey sweepstakes rules. This way you will understand how to complete this survey, avoiding doing things that could compromise your chances of winning the survey grand prize.

Furthermore, there is other vital survey information that one could access online.You could be able to receive survey help if needed.

  1. Understand Either English or Spanish Language.

This is a key requirement as you can complete this survey using either of the languages. If you are good at Spanish, you can navigate to the Food Lion survey Spanish page. You just have to click the Spanish link that is found at the bottom of your receipt.

The good news is that the Food Lion uses the basic version of either language. There are no complex Spanish and English jargons which are used. Therefore every eligible participant with basic Spanish and English understanding can easily complete the survey.

TalktoFoodLion Sweepstakes Rules.

There are survey rules that govern the entire process. These rules see into it that only eligible survey participants can participate in this survey.  Some of the survey rules include;

1.Entry Survey Rules.

One must enter this survey within the provided framework by the Food Lion. This survey will commence at 10; 00 am E.S.T on July 2018, and the sweepstakes closure period will be at 11; 59 PM E.S.T, on September 30, 2018.

You are required to enter the survey within the stipulated period. This should not be even a minute or second less. If you do, you will be locked out from entering this survey, as it is automated.

  1. Food Lion Survey Is Open To Legal United States Residents.

This survey is open to the Legal United States residents; those that emancipate from the following states, DE, GA, DC, MD, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA and WV. Make sure you are from the mention states, otherwise your survey entry will be null and avoid.

3. Legal Resident of Correct Age.

Besides emancipating from the above United States, you must be of the correct legal age of 18years and above, at the time of survey entry. The survey is governed by the survey laws of the given states that requires a survey participant to have attained a minimum age of 18 years.

4. Food Lion Employees Cannot Enter Survey.

If you work at the Food Lion, you will not enter this survey. This requirement aims to make this survey fee and fair, avoiding anything that could compromise the entire process. Furthermore, the Food Lion employee’s relatives and household members will not enter the survey.

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Furthermore, if you are a Food Lion shareholder, the board of director or you have once done business with the Food Lion, you are not an eligible survey participant. The survey restrictions also limits, advertisers, related companies, dealers, advertising agent and more parties from competing for this survey.

Food Lion Survey Grand Prize.

After understating the survey requirements, and the sweepstake rules, it’s vital to be knowledgeable about the survey grand price, and see if it’s worth your while. First, there is the survey grand draw price that is the $500 survey gift car price.

Furthermore, there is a redeemable coupon code that will reduce the amount you will spend at their store. Also, it’s vital to understand that Food Lion survey will conduct a draw choosing the survey winner.

The daw will be conducted on October 12, 2018, and there is ten prize winner that will be contacted and announced by the survey organiser.

How to Enter the Food Lion Survey.

You can enter this survey using two means. You can choose to enter via mail or online. Whichever method seems appropriate and reachable to you, will grant you entry to this survey. Remember, you have the opportunity to enter this survey13 times.

To enter the survey via mail where you don’t need to have a receipt or be online, you will be required to write down your personal credentials. This will be inclusive of your full name, your mailing addresses,, and no P.0.Box will be accepted, your telephone number, both day and night, make sure to include your state code, and your birthday date.

Wrap all these credentials on a plain business envelope of the required size thereafter send this to “Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610. . However, there is only one accepted entry per envelope.

Also submitting multivariate entries in one envelope will render your entry null and void. Not to mention that sending mechanical reproductions, e.g. photocopies will be accepted. And be sure to send this within the survey entry period.

How To Enter The Food Lion Survey Online.

I would recommend this method. First, you get to enter sweepstakes that provide you with an opportunity to win the survey grand price. Also, you will be able to receive different information that will enable you to complete this survey effectively. To enter the survey online;

  1. Visit The Survey Home Page.
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This is the only venue that one could use to complete this survey online. The Food Lion survey home page is A similar link can be found on your Food Lion receipt. It’s a matter of utmost importance to ensure you are completing the survey on the correct platform.

Always do check the survey URL page, and confirm if it’s the one mentioned above. This way, you will not fall victim to the dozen copycat surveys that target to populate their websites and get your credentials for their selfish gains.

  1. Enter The Food Lion Pin

Your Food lion receipt is inclusive of this pin, as well as other receipt credentials. This pin will enable you to proceed to the next step. This pin is one of the same as the survey code that will ensure you gain survey entry. Remember the pin is automated and there is no way you can complete this survey minus entering the correct one.

Enter the Particulars Of Your Last Visit.

After you have entered the Food Lions pin, you will proceed to mention the Food Lon store that you visited. You will also be required to state the date and time of your visit. All these credential are found in your Food Lion receipt.

Your duty will be transferring the latter credentials to the survey home page.  Alter you have entered the correct details, you can proceed with this survey, clicking the net button.

Answer The Food Lion Survey Questions.

This is the vital survey part to the food lion, as it will help them get to know the nature of the services that they offer. It’s vital for you to answer these questions candidly, submitting correct credentials. If you’re dissatisfied with the nature of the services that are rendered to your on your last visit, proceed to comment exactly that you are not okay with.

The questions will aim to receive feedback about the nature of their store, your overall rate of satisfaction, the nature of their pricing, and more. The key is to submit nothing more but a candid feedback.

After you have answered all the survey questions, you will proceed to provide your comment. There is the comment section where you can lament about anything; whether positively or negatively. Proceed to enter sweepstakes.

If you have chosen to enter Sweepstake, make sure to provide your personal contact details. Food Lion will use it to reach out to you, in case you are the survey winner. That’s it. You are done with the Food Lion survey!