7 Challenges that The Wok and Roll Have Faced Came out Strong

It sounds cool to have a restaurant, right? To start out small, and grow to become one of the most talked about eatery around. It is rewarding and encouraging to know that your business is up and running smoothly. It is a typical example of the Wok and Roll. The proprietors have come from owning one joint to having multiple of them within no time. One would think it is easy as it sounds.

The entrepreneurs have been able to master the market. They know that for them to have these many customers, they must;

  • Offer the best by hiring the best.
  • Have all-inclusive menu.
  • Cook delicious meals.
  • Have good management skills
  • Comply with the government directives.
  • Have enough money to start and back up the business.


The success story is encouraging and quite inspiring. Well, it also comes with its share of challenges. From a humble beginning to such a big name, many obstacles come along the way. Some come to make them better and some come from those who want to bring them down. The following are some of the challenges that the Wok and Roll have faced and came out strong;

  1. Government health rules

It is a tough one. It has been the main obstacle to investors investing in the restaurant business. For anyone who wants to open a hotel, government officials come and conduct an inspection to see if your eatery is fit to handle human food. It is done at the beginning and is continuously done over the years of operation.

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Wok and Roll are not left behind. There was a time they had to close due to allegations that health officials had found mold growing in the kitchen. It came as a blow to them since they always comply. The issue was then resolved and operation resumed back to normal. It has been hard for them to keep up with the standards but they must avoid closure.

  1. Negative reviews

It goes with the saying you cannot please all the people all the time. Some customers can post negative results on the social media platform which in turn may lead to a discouraged customer. Some may post a post of slow services, rude staff or even sometimes food cooked and served in an unappealing way.

It is hard to please all people, yes, but Wok and Roll have tried their best to make sure they give their customer the best. They cook food as to customer`s order, they present well and are always polite to customers. If an incident involving a staff and customer come to the manager`s attention, it is dealt with almost professions.

  1. Competition

It comes in both the healthy way and the unhealthy one. In this industry, competition is high. Every entrepreneur is fighting to have his or her piece of the pie by opening many restaurants. This can pose a serious challenge to an already existing business. it is because the will always strive to cope up with the competition and can be costly.

With the establishment of many eateries, Wok and Roll have maintained their standards. it includes investing in modern equipment and food. It helps them maintain the customers and their productivity too.

  1. Overwhelming customers
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When you walk in any Wok and Roll, you will find these many orders online. Sometimes they can overwhelm the staff and lead to under delivery. It is bad since it can lead to negative reviews from angry customers. At fast, they did not know what to do.  Eventually, they came up with the solution of opening as many outlets as possible and it was the most productive idea ever. Now customers have many choices of where to eat from.

  1. Getting on the wrong side of the law

Yes, sometimes it is inevitable. There was a time they were in the middle of a confrontation over their outlet in an airport. They were evicted since the owner had a dispute with the authority. Such allegations have hit Wok and Roll on various issues including the owner facing charges for allegedly jumping into a tunnel in front of one Wok and Roil in Montreal. It was to force the local government to work on the tunnels since customers were complaining.

  1. cooking the large menu

People love them for having almost everything that the public is craving for. From beef to chicken, shrimps, and noodles. you will find a dozen of your favorite food there. It is a good thing but can be challenging. it can be difficult getting the fresh ingredients.  some of these are grown with specific standards and getting them will be hard and expensive.

The menu is for pleasing the customer. To overcome this, they partner with local farmers to supply them with the ingredients and herbs. They have reliable suppliers who supply whatever they use in the hotel. It makes operations easier and less expensive.

  1. worn out staff
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It happens a lot. Imagine a staff who serves that large population of the customer for 5-8 hours. That chef that has been in the kitchen with all that heat, sounds exhausting, right? Worn out staff means there will be no energy to work for longer hours. Staff is made to work many hours because they are trusted to deliver. Worn out staff leads to slow services and complaining customers.

Wok and Roll overcome this by having many workers. They work in shifts to make their working hours less. This gives workers time to reenergize and do stuff that is not work-related. They also do team building activities which help them with the way they relate to each other.

it is true, success comes with challenges. An entrepreneur is made to sometime make hard decisions for the restaurant. challenges that Wok and Roll faces have made them stronger. They have come up with many ways to overcome the challenges and remain strong in the industry. From what we can see, Wok and Roll are here to stay.