How Tokyo Grill is Giving Back to the Community

How Tokyo Grill is Giving Back to the Community

We as Tokyo grills have come a long way into building an empire. In this competitive industry where every investor is trying to make it happen, it can be hard and many don’t make it. We have played part in giving the people our services. This includes excellently prepared meals by our qualified employees and that makes them come for more each day.

We have built a strong and healthy bond with the community. We understand it is through bonding with them that we can run smoothly. In Tokyo grill, we know that when we give back to the society;

How Tokyo Grill is Giving Back to the Community

How Tokyo Grill is Giving Back to the Community

  • The society gets to know more about us and our services.
  • We build a relationship with the community hence they will trust our services.
  • We get to help the poor and the needy in the society.
  • We are securing our self a place in that community. When you mingle with a community you become one of them.

As a way of giving back, we come up with;

  • A timetable of events.
  • We allocate fund every year.
  • We give time.

 We give back to the community through;

Offering employment to the locals

Our businesses rely on the services the locals are willing to offer. We take advantage of that and employ people from the community to help us in the smooth running of our outlets. Being the friendliest people, we have in the world, it is good you give them a chance to serve local people and foreigner and in the process, earn a living

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For us to offer Japanese cuisines and other foods, we seek services of the best chef in the community to help us in preparing the meals. For new employees, we train them using the experienced one and with this, the community around us benefits from us.

We pay tax to the government

One may ask how this is contributing to the community. Here is the fact. It is through paying tax to the government build infrastructures such as roads, schools, and hospitals. We are faithful taxpayers and this goes a long way in improving the community`s way of leaving through better roads, equipped hospitals, and schools.

We also give back directly occasionally. We allocate fund that goes towards improving the lives of people around us. This can be through piping water, helping children home or take up a community project.

Promotion of culture

We have successfully done this. Our Tokyo grills all over the world have been showcasing Japanese culture. Our setting is done in such a way you feel the warmth of the Japanese culture. This happens in and out of Tokyo. A good example is recently we have outlets in California and Memphis. This is ensuring we promote the rich culture of the Japanese people.

Our food is largely Japanese with some burgers and fries here and there We ensure we promote the culture that we value so much through the sushi, hibachi meats and other traditional delicacies dominating the menu. our waiters also ware traditional clothing and lobes. they use traditional bowls and other utensils all in the aim of making our customer feel the full warmth of the Japanese culture.

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Enable saving

Tokyo grills are the most visited place for food in all the food outlets available. This is because we are cheap and the amount we serve is huge. In this harsh economy, nobody wants to spend more on food than it should be. That’s why we have a menu that is pocket-friendly and can accommodate people from all walks of life. We make sure there are some dollars left in your pocket.

Buy locally

We love promoting our community in the best way possible. We buy paintings, wall hangings and other cultural arts from the best in the community. Our food is freshly made. This means we use freshly picked ingredients from our local farmers. we get herbs and other vegetable supplies from local community farmers who grow them.

what about the meat and fish? Tokyo has the largest open-air seafood market. We get our supply fresh from that market making what we serve as fresh as possible.

Bring foreign income

Tourists are a source of foreign income. When we accommodate them, they come to Tokyo and spend here. Through what they buy and the services they reach out for, an income is generated. They too buy from communities and since they value the culture, they pay a lot for the goods and services. We have branches that operate in different countries and we are pleased that tourist always looks for our joints since they know we offer the best.

Take part in charity events

We started an initiative of sponsoring local events. This includes events like cultural festivals, local traditional dances, and competitions. We understand the only way we can bond with the community and understand them is through participating in an event in which they are involved. We also encourage and support our workers, in any event, they want to take part in.

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We donate our knowledge

We understand we might be experts today but we need someone to stand in our place tomorrow. That is why we have young youth with energy in our premises to mentor. We put some in the kitchen where they work hand in hand with the chef.  some are also found in the delivering services and we do all that to make sure we never lack the best in our employees. If we train them and they decide to work somewhere else, we always know that we played a role in sharpening them to be whom they are.

At Tokyo grill, we understand you cultivate a relationship. As much as we strive to excel, we must also mind the people around us. We want to grow with the community we operate in. we might offer excellent services and delicious food, but we know we must go an extra mile in bringing a positive impact to the community. That’s why we give back what we have.