Barrie Pizza Plus

Barrie Pizza Plus and Subs

The Barrie Pizza Plus is highly re-known for providing pitas and pizzas and subs that are of high quality and so delicious to the businesses operators and the esteemed customers who reside in this area. This company has come up with a strong reputation associated  with the production pizza products that are high quality, efficiency operations, excellence in their services which will make them to create a sense of pride as a result of high satisfaction of the customers, with a believe that the esteemed customers are the one who will market them.

This makes pizza plus to create a sense of pride in the society with a goodwill gesture associated with a giving back spirit to the respective community.  As a result of making this process a successful one, the make regular contributions to the community organizations like the schools for the purpose of supporting their events connected to fundraising. The pizza plus business as achieved a reputation that is positive in the community as they have an aim of providing the customers with food of high quality and highly rated services. The pizza plus business is well known in the community for its practice of providing pizzas, the subs and the pitas that are affordable price applying only the ingredients of the premium quality. A good illustration of this is the case where they use their freshly and readymade bread in addition of the meat of the premium quality, vegetables that are fresh including other ingredients to prepare the pizzas, the subs and the pitas. They have a strict rule of following the health and the nutrition guidelines of Canada.

Barrie Pizza Plus

Barrie Pizza Plus

The pizza plus restaurant love the services they offer and have a strong belief that the process of satisfying the customers originates from a point where are capable of offering quality pizzas, subs and pitas, highly rated services, and the prices that are affordable to the customers. Through the fact of them being the members of the community who are active, they are not only involved in working, but they have a further role of living in the community with an aim of emerging to be a business that deals with pizza having a name of the household.

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Their Menu

The pizza plus business offers a menu consisting of a variety of dishes to choose from. For the case of the pizzas, they come in 4 categories that are the small-sized pizza, the medium sized-pizza, the large-sized pizza, the x-large pizza and the party pizza. 2 small-sized pizzas are sold at $20.95. 2 medium-sized pizzas are sold at $24.95. 2- large-sized pizzas are sold at $28.95. 2 x-large-sized pizzas are sold at $32.95. 2 party pizzas are sold at $42.95. Accompanying the above sales are four toppings in each case, four dipping sauces in each case and four pops.

For the triple deal of the pizzas, the medium one is sold at $26.99, the large one is sold at $32.99 and the x-large are sold at $35.99. In addition to buying the offers, you will get three pizzas and three toppings in each case.

The couples deal is sold at a price of $18.95. Accompanying them is two small-sized pizzas, three toppings in each case, two dipping sauces and two pops.

The pizza plus offers the panzerotti deal at a price of $17.99 for the one-sized.  Accompanying them is two panzerottis, three toppings in the respective case, two dipping sauces and two pops.

Barrie Pizza Plus

Barrie Pizza Plus

There are the pizza and the wings that are of different sizes that are medium, large and x-large. The medium sized pizza is sold at $22.95, the large size is sold at $26.95 and the x-large size is sold at 29.95. Accompanying them is one pizza that comes with three toppings, fifteen wings, two pops, one dropping that is offered free of charge and a garlic bread.

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There is the pickup deal that goes at $10.99. This is mainly accompanied by the x-large sized pepperoni pizza.

Another category is the spinach pizza. It comes in different categories that are the medium-sized, large sized and the x-large pizza. The medium sized pizza is sold at $11.99. The large sized pizza is sold at $13.99 while the x-large sized pizza is sold at $15.99. Accompanying the spinach pizza is the mozzarella and the feta cheese blend that is so delicious having spinach amount that is perfect. There is also an accompaniment of two pop.

There is the pizza boat. This comes in three categories that include the medium sized pizza boat, the large-sized pizza boat, and the x-large pizza boat. The medium sized pizza boat is sold at $7.95. The large-sized pizza boat is sold at $9.95 as the x-large pizza boat is sold at 11.95. Accompanying each category is the special sauce of cheese and toppings that you prefer.

Also, we have the panzerotti. The largely sized panzerotti is the only option available as opposed to other foods. This goes at $8.99. Accompanying it is the extra topping that is sold at $1.oo.

Finally, we have the party deal. This is sold at a price of $22.oo. Accompanying it we have the square party type of pizza, two toppings, two pops and one dipping that is given at a free price.


The promotions they offer include pizza of any size, that is medium, small or large accompanied by 3 toppings together with four cans of pop, ten wings, cheese bread and two dipping sauces. Another promotion is two medium sized pizzas that are accompanied by two toppings in each case in addition to ten wings, two dipping sauces, four cans and cheese bread. Finally, there is the promotion of the buying three extra-large sized pizzas accompanied by three toppings in addition to two dipping sauces and three cans pop.

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The pizza plus company offers catering services to the school events and catering in the fundraising practices associated with the community. They are in a position of providing pizzas, pitas, and subs that are high quality, fresh and delicious to any school or the organization at affordable rates.