Old Navy Shoes

Old Navy Shoes – How to Make Sure You Buy the Right Size

Do you have a collection of shoes in your shoe rack? How many pairs fit you?  Probably you bought the shoes in a hurry or online right? Well. If you are planning to go and buy your next pair of shoes, read this and learn how to do it correctly.

Old Navy Shoes

Old Navy Shoes

Shoes are necessary to have. They protect our feet from harmful sharp objects, keep bacterial from attacking our feet, and also keep them warm. It is hard to stay without a shoe, whether at home or hen working. That is why they are in our budget now and then.

Just like any other wear, it is hard to get the right size of a shoe to have. Sometimes it is because the stores you are don’t have the variety you can choose from, or you are not finding one that pleases you. One store that strikes out of the rest for having shoes you can rely on, that is the old navy.

Old Navy Shoes

If you are a frequent shopper at old navy, you know what you can find from the stalls. People know them because of the trend, fashionable clothes at an affordable price. Hat people don’t know is that you can also buy shoes from old navy, sounds good right?

Old Navy has every family wants to make a wardrobe complete. They have t-shirts, pant, jeans, denim, jackets, blouses, and tops and not to forget kids clothes. They also have cool pairs of shoes that you can complete a look with.

If you live in the USA, you have over 1200 stores to shop from. That gives you so many places and options to buy from. They are also available in China. Taiwan. Japan. Canada. Mexico. You also have a choice of buying online for w you want, and they ship to where you are.

If you already know about their clothes, it’s time to tell about the shoes they sell. How do you make sure you get the right size? Before all that, do you know that many people buy shoes from the old navy? Why do you think they do that? Read along and know.

Characteristics of Old Navy Shoes

When you walk into any old navy store looking for a pair of shoes to buy, you meet the skilled and helpful assistants ready to help you get the right pair of shoes. Why go for the Old Navy Shoes? The following are the critical characteristics of Old Navy Shoes:

  • Good looking

When it comes to complete a look, shoes play an integral role. That is why you need to look for beautiful shoes that make you look and feel good. Especially women, getting a cute pair of shoes is the first step to making sure you stand out from the crowd.

What strikes you first is how good looking the shoes are. They carefully arrange on the shelves, and it is hard to resist any of the pairs. If you don’t have one in mind, it can lead to an impulse buying due to how good-looking they are.

  • Variety
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Yes, it is something you notice when you walk in for a pair or two. They have a wide range of shoes for you to choose from. It makes it easier for you to sample many different looks before you decide what you want to have. They have shoes for women, men, and children.

Unlike men who may be satisfied with one or two pairs of shoes, women can go wild when choosing shoes at old navy. That is because they have many pairs of different designs and colors. If you are a type who buys many pairs at once, old navy is the place for you.

  • Durable

If there is one thing, you need to look for when buying a pair of shoes is the durability. Shoes are expensive to buy. It would help if you had something that serves you for a long time before your budget for another pair of shoes.

What is striking about Old Navy Shoes is that most of them are of leather. Whether the straps of entirely closed, you don’t have to worry about the shoes snapping on you when you are wearing them. The sole of the shoes is of good quality too.

  • Fashionable

Do you need shoes for your next red carpet event? Alternatively, a pair to wear to a friend’s wedding? Old Navy has all types of shoes. What makes them different is because of how they keep on changing their clothes and accessories to fit the current trend.

Walk into any old navy stores if you want the latest fashionable shoes. If you’re going to wear what most celebrities are earing at an affordable price, just walk into the old navy, and you will see the current trending pair of heels or office shoes at an affordable price.

  • Comfortable

For you to feel good in a pair of shoe, you must find a fitting, comfortable one. Getting a shoe that you are unease with makes your feet hurt and can lead to sore toes and aching feet. Old Navy has awesome shoes that keep your feet comfortable for you to feel and look beautiful

The key here is to get the right size for you. As you shall read below, buying the right shoes depends on how well you fit the shoes to feel its comfortability. Due to the many pairs, they have for you to choose from, the assistant aid you until you get a pair that you are comfortable with.

  • Affordable

As mentioned earlier, buying shoes are an expensive affair. Shoes make you spend a lot, especially if you want a good quality one. Old Navy knows that you have a lot to do with your hard-earned money, they are why they have shoes of different prices for you find one that fits your budget.

With whatever you are willing to spend, the old navy has shoes for different prices. Some are expensive, while some are affordable. Depending on the material, you will find shoes for varying costs at old navy. Buy what you can afford, and you are good to go.

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Types Many
Gender Both male and female
Prices Affordable
Where to shop Both online and in store
Comfort Very comfortable


How to Buy Old Navy Shoes in Stores

Now that you want to have a new pair of shoe in your wardrobe, do you have fears that it might not fit? It happens a lot when you are buying shoes. You walk into the store and buy a pair of shoes only to wear to your function, and you feel it does not fit you well.

How do you make sure you get the right pair of shoes? Before you invest heftily on the pair of shoes, follow the following guideline:

  • The size

Do you know the size of your feet? What size is right for you to buy? Many customers don’t know their size and end up getting the wrong size of the shoes. You need to measure yourself and see the size range that you want to purchase.

The advantage of buying shoes in the store is that you get to fit the shoes, it means when you take time and fit all the shoes you want to buy, you end up with the right size. Have the store assistants help you in fitting and getting the right size for you.

  • Quality

Since you are spending a lot in the shoes, you need to check the quality. What material is the shoe of? The right quality determines ether the shoe lasts or not. If you buy shoes a lot, you can tell a good one from one that is not.

You don’t have to worry much about the quality of Old Navy Shoes. They are the best when it comes to clothing and accessories. Many have bought the shoes and at testify that they are of good quality and long lasting hence giving you the confidence in purchasing the shoes.

  • The sole

When buying shoes at old navy, you should pay attention to the sole. What is it made of, and how flat and thick is it. It is the part of the shoe that is direct to the ground. It acts as a shock absorber hence should be of good quality material and thick.

At old navy, they want to make sure your feet are safe from any harm. That is why the shoes have soles that of good quality. Are thick and protect your feet from any damage. With the shoe, you are comfortable with no damage on your feet.

  • Comfort

Every shoe you buy should make you comfortable to be in. No matter how much you spend on shoes if you are not pleased, it loses all the beauty and purpose. How do you make sure the shoe is comfortable enough to wear and stay with?

Fit! Fit! Fit! Before you walk out with any pair of shoes, make sure you fit, walk around, and feel the comfort. If possible, wear both shoes and walk around the stores to make sure they fit well. Once you are confident, pay the shoe and walk away with it comfortably.

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How to Buy Old Navy Shoes Online

What if you don’t have a store near you, what do you do? OldNavy gives shoppers a choice of shopping online. They have all the clothing and shoes just as you could find in a store. Does that make it easier for you? Yes, but it is tricky, right?

Buying shoes online is tricky and challenging. Unlike in a store where you can fit, in the online store, you rely on the size chart, so, how do you make sure you buy the right size. Follow the following guideline to make sure you get the right size:

  • Size

Size matters a lot. Measure your size and have it before you go ahead and shop. To measure, walk into any cobbler and have him or her measure your actual size. Once you have the size, log in into your online account, and choose the shoe you want to buy.

Size matters depending on the country you are. When buying in a store, it doesn’t matter because you fit the shoes but when it comes to buying online, be keen on the sizes in the country you are in to get it right on the size chart.

  • Read through

When you are buying stuff online, you rely on what the prescriptions say. It is Important for you to read through the product information to get as much as you can about what you are about to buy, in this case, read to know more about the shoes.

What is it of in terms of material, the return policy in case the shoe does not please you and also the customer review. Take time and open to see all there is about the shoe you are about to buy. Old Navy provides you with all the information you need to know.

  • Check comfort

Yes, though you may not be able to fit the shoe, you can know the support by checking the heel, ho closed or open it is and the material it is of. Shoes are to keep you comfortable when running your errands. Check to see the inside of the shoes if there are added pads.

Though five or six inches look good by looking at it in terms of comfort, it might be not what you want to the office. Added pads to the shoes make sure your foot is supported on the inside. All this information is readily available in old navy shops online.

Shoes are necessary to have in your wardrobe. They not only complete the look but also keep your feet warm and safe. Buying a pair can be expensive, that is why you need to buy from the best stores available. An old navy shoe guarantees you safety, durability, and saves your money since they are affordable.