Sweet Aromas That Are Always Provided By The Pizza Man

Sweet Aromas That Are Always Provided By The Pizza Man

The Pizza Man was born for the main privilege or courtesy to warm up your taste buds. We are not different than any other pizza establishment across the continent or area but we take great pride in uniting families and common age groups through amazing Italian dishes with a rich and satisfying menu that has you coming back for more.

The duty to please our esteemed customers has been catered for by our diverse menu which is shown and creatively presented below:

  • The Pizza & Calzone Menu

This part of the menu takes care of the sweetest and mouthwatering pizzas known to man. To establish a fair competition with other establishments we have the normal combos such as the Barbeque Chicken and the vegetarian with our own twist of course. To convince you why you should choose us, our creative chefs made the perfect mistake that will leave you wondering and happy and it is termed the Chef’s Mistake can only be convincing by tasting a mouthwatering and vengeful piece.  That shouldn’t be enough to convince you that we are the best, we let you create your own (Build your own Pizza) with a choice ingredients that only you can control, exciting right? We also incorporate the perfect combinations of specials that we promise will have you coming back for more.

Sweet Aromas That Are Always Provided By The Pizza Man

Sweet Aromas That Are Always Provided By The Pizza Man

  • Lunch specials, subs and Salad Menu

We wouldn’t leave it at that but to show you how much we can cater for your health needs. I mean we even have the perfect and dreamy salad bar for our customers to enjoy. Our lunch specials are accompanied by a fountain drink and one trip to the salad bar or hot soup. Our menu gladly and practically enforces our motto and purpose.

  • Dinner, Appetizers & Extras Menu
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Our appetizers are mostly enjoyable and tasty at dinner time; I mean who thought chicken wings would make appetizers? That’s how good we are that we allow the good to be the on-core while the best to be witnessed and sold only as the best that you deserve. The dinner menu also encompassesthe children menu that allows us to take care of your family while with us.

  • Beers on Tap

Amen, for our esteemed customers who are beer fans we welcome you to our famous luxurious beer taps systems. Some of our delicacies include:

  1. Non-craft beers
  2. Craft beers
  3. Blonde
  4. Wes Goldie
  5. Samuel Adams Cold snap
  6. Belgian White
  7. Quilter’s Irish Death
  8. Fat tire
  9. Vanilla Porter

The above and many more are types of the profanedand pure beers that we the  Pizza man offer you as the precious customers that you are and deserve to be.

Sweet Aromas That Are Always Provided By The Pizza Man

Sweet Aromas That Are Always Provided By The Pizza Man

  • Weekly specials

We improve us through creating the perfect combinationof food with the day, perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner is the perfect foundation of your day.


  • Take out Menu

Our take out menu is not only the best part but at least unique to you our customers and also the world we allow you to place efficient orders online through our own detailed and progressed menu. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are here to serve and satisfy our employers who are you our faithful and loyal customers.


We would also like to invite you to realize that our prices are friendly and affordable for every esteemed and future customer who want to join our family of feast.

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Every restaurant has their own advertising method but since we are on the topic of food, it’s our solemn duty to invite you to our Facebook page where we invite you to check our treats for the week such as soups, pizzas and salads. The Facebook page is only a clickaway from you and shows you  what our chefs have in store for you in our encrusted  kitchens.

The soup’s for the week this round are:

  • Monday Special- Cheddar harm & Broccoli
  • Tuesday Special- French Onion
  • Wednesday special- Chicken & rice
  • Thursday special- Stuffed bell pepper
  • Friday special- Clam Chowder
  • Saturday special-Chili
  • Sunday special- Fajita beef

Other salivating weekly specials include the sweet Lasagna Pizza, Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato, Alaskan Cod Fillet Sandwich and the ItalianSausage Bolognese

The soups are usually available till they sell out which is usual or until 4pm, cause the next day is usually a fresh day.

Like I had earlier on apologized for talking too much, I now do apologize for exaggerating how perfect and good the restaurant is.  If you don’t believe our truth version then please walk into our sweet restaurant which is also located by the Eagle River in Alaska (I know the perfect spot right?) Welcome today, tomorrow and or next week to the most comfortable andspot on restaurant of the century. Our pizza is made from the very best by the very best. We choose high quality fresh foods and toppings to go on the pizza and most importantly we include a wide menu. The dough is perfectly lined from the best wheat, the cheese is made from the finest dairy product from the freshest of highlands. Our pizza is then made by the best chefs who prepare it with love for different occasions. They are nutritious for you and your family, the best food for the perfect first date and more importantly for anyone at any time of the day or night. We also offer night deliveries for the one who loves a midnight snack or for the worker who works late into the night and arises very early in the morning. We take pride in the work that goes into the end result of the pizza because our expertise is simply the very best.  We also take pride in eth different delicacies and we highly appreciate our esteemed customers and highly value loyalty.   Thank you and hope to see you soon, we will be waiting with that special smile.

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