Canadian Pizza Plus

Canadian Pizza Plus

This is a restaurant that is run by a small family and supported by the community. At this restaurant, things are carried out differently as compared to other pizza plus restaurants. Despite them believing that making money is a thing that is vital, they prioritize their customers at a greater deal. This is due to the fact that they are supposed to learn and as a result, they make a further step towards asking their esteemed customers about the things that they like and those things that they dislike. This is a great proof that their customers form a vital guide towards their success. They normally carry out their things in a way that can be identified to be old-fashioned. They don’t prefer cooking in bulk in addition to serving the food that has frozen or the one that has been overheated.

As compared to their competitors in the big box, Canadian Pizza Plus do not employ the use of the food automated systems or any technology in their kitchen for the purpose of speeding the time for cooking or the time of serving. You will realize that all the tasks are conducted by hands in addition to using blenders. Thus, due to the use of blenders, their times of waiting are normally long every time when serving a single customer at a time. This is because the food is mainly prepared for only one individual which consumes a lot of time.

Canadian Pizza Plus

Canadian Pizza Plus

The History Of The Canadian Pizza Plus

The restaurant was formerly identified as the Canadian pizza delight. The business came into the market in the year 1984 and it has been active ever since then. It is in the year 2013, the month of March when it changed the hands to become an operation that is run by a small family. This change has made the restaurant to change from being a corner pizzeria that is typical to a business of the community that is focused. This is as a result of creating partnerships with the locally available schools, boys club, girls club and another gardening club of those who have finished school that is controlled by the sprouting chief. Thus, the restaurant has established a project that has a focus on creating a thriving and a living program that is sustainable and the one that is aimed to towards reaching the community members and the students for the purpose of connecting and engaging them.

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The restaurant also engages the young children up to those who are 5 years of age. These children do more up to the extent where they sweat, their hands turning dirty, but eventually, the fruits are sweet and they become proud seeing the nature of the salad or the tomato that they contributed towards its growth.  Depending on how available the resources are, they get access of the oregano and the veggies that are grown organically which they use in their kitchen for the purpose of making pizzas that are delicious, delicious salads and even the Indian curries that are awesome. From the profit that the restaurant gets, they allocate 10% of it to the garden program for the funding its processes.  This makes the Canadian pizza plus to be recognized as a true win restaurant. This is one indication of the restaurant’s committed to coming up with a Forest Grove.

The restaurant is working towards seeing the club of the school garden emerging on the top line in partnership with the community. The restaurant is having a policy of living, working and schooling in the community in addition to giving back to this respective community.

The Owners Of The Canadian Pizza Plus

Zakir Somani

Zakir grew up in the society located in a rural part of his country. In this society, the type of education offered was the luxury one. Making money in this area was a game recognized to be fair. This made Zakir start making money while still a kid of 4 years.  The thing that was identified to be of much importance was bringing of food on the table.  Zakir received the kind education that can be ranked to low when compared to his friends. This made him avoid the sweatshop associated with the factories.

Canadian Pizza Plus

Canadian Pizza Plus

Zakir and his family by the help of their father, they were lucky enough to change their area of residence to Canada. This was a great thing to Zakir. It was the fulfillment of his dream which was always disturbing his mind.  The first job that he got engaged with was food-related business and catering services by his family. This made him get exposed to the real meaning of customer service and also food service. His knowledge even grew wider when he came up with brands franchises of the various global food.

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By the time the trip was over, Zakir had gained a lot of knowledge. This is the time when he came across a beautiful woman on his way back. They shared a lot while on the airplane and Zakir was meant to realize that she was the respective type that he was after. The sharing made him realize how successful he will be by falling in love and marrying such woman.


This is the woman that Zakir met on the airplane on his way back to home. This woman is the best one when it comes to cooking. This is one of the traits that made Zakir to like her.  This woman has aided a great deal of the success of the Canadian Pizza Plus. She one of the reasons why the customers appreciate the restaurant. The nature of the Indian food she prepares for the customers is fresh. The kind of the pizza she prepares is delicious. The respective pizza is covered using toppings amounts that are generous with combinations that are delicious in addition to the dishes and samosas of the Indian curry that is of great selection. The smoky flavor of the samosas is what makes a number of customers to love it.