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China is a vast country in every way. It is very large in its territorial size and also it is the most populous nation in the world. Its humongous nature has affected the world at large by their culture, traditions, and cuisines. The Chinese people have migrated in almost every country of the world and made settlements there, with them they also brought the Chinese culture there. The Chinese food and dishes are distinct in their nature and can be differentiated by their look and smell. They have special techniques to prepare the Chinese dishes. Chinese cuisines are famous throughout the world and they are now getting appreciation and recognition from the young people because of the variety that can be seen in the Chinese dishes. Sushi and chow mein have been popular for years and some of the Chinese dishes are also adopted by other cultures.

The Chinese noodles and soups are also known in almost every country of the world. The way the noodles are eaten by the chopsticks is also being adopted by people other than Chinese. Chinese food is now loved throughout the world and people enjoy having it. It is made up of soups, grilled items, steamed food, freshly fried dishes and many more. Due to the recognition of Chinese dishes, the demand for Chinese food has also increased in the world. For this many Chinese restaurants are opened in different regions. The China Garden is also a Chinese restaurant which serves premium quality Chinese food and it is made on Chinese style that is the interior is made according to the Chinese architecture and on entrance, the Chinese culture and traditions through the interior and dressing of the staff members can be seen and felt. The staff of the China Garden is well dressed and welcome the customers with the warmth of their hearts. located at 21618 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, California. Traditional Chinese and Szechwan cuisines have been made by their owner for about 30 years and over that time they have gained experience in making Chinese dishes. Quality service is provided to their clients, in case of any complaint action is taken immediately to compensate for the complaint. Quality control of food is ensured by the staff members of the restaurant and the chefs are highly trained professionals who care about the cleanliness of the place and also of the food that they are making for the customers. Extra care is taken about the cleanliness of the restaurant and no stink or trash can be found because the staff is all the time vigilant to ensure a clean environment for the clients.

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The China Garden is known for the delicious dishes that are made there daily so they attract a lot of customers on daily basis from different regions and different professions to come and have a meal there. Since 1990 the restaurant management is doing the effort in giving quality service and they have earned their name as one of the best restaurants of the state, it is mainly because of the hard work and quality of the food they are providing to the customers and their outclass service which is error free. A restaurant critic Larry Lipson also rated The China Garden restaurant in the top ten best restaurants because of the quality service and original taste of the Chinese dishes being served here. One can come eat at the restaurant and also can pack the food and eat some other place, they also have the service of home delivery where the customers can either have this service through their phone or by ordering online from their menu.

A huge diversity of the dishes can be seen in the China Garden. It has one of the biggest menus where huge diversity can be witnessed by the customers. Some special Chinese dishes are also available there which are considered as the specialties of the China Garden restaurant The restaurant is never closed throughout the year except on national holidays, it daily opens at 11 a.m. and closes it at 9:30 p.m. but on weekends that is Friday and Saturday it closes half an hour later on 10 p.m. while the same pattern is followed throughout the year excluding national holidays.

They serve the best dishes and yet they are very sensible in their rates as compared to other restaurants. Discounts are also given on different occasions for example for plus 1 customers they offer lesser rates as compared to an individual customer. The China Garden provides a wide range of food items in the menu and it includes almost all type of dishes like soup, vegetables, appetizers, beef, chicken, pork, seafood and desserts the number of dishes that are served here exceeds 380 which are listed on the menu. Each type of food had had further many more different types of dishes in it, they also have some special dishes which are known as specialties of The China Garden. China Garden Deluxe is a special dish made by the chef, this dish is made up of scallop, shrimp, chicken, beef and roasted pork which is mixed with vegetables and it is served with crispy wontons. Another specialty of China Garden is the New York style Chow Mein, customers love to have this dish in their meals. Just like these two dishes other 19 more specialties of China Garden are also available in the menu. These dishes are well known among the customers and they enjoy eating these dishes everytime they visit the restaurant.

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Customers who are on a strict diet or those people who are prescribed by their doctor to eat boiled food or are advised to restrict the use of oil in their diet, The China Garden also facilitates such clients and provides steamed food and in these dishes, no salt, starch, oil or sugar is added. The customers who eat steamed food here can add spices to the taste of their tongues and it is served with the low-fat brown sauce.

Special family dinners for the families are also provided here and it comes in two different deals. They are charged by per person and a difference of 3 dollars is between the two deals available there and both the deals include soup appetizers and a dish which can be taken from any of the 7 available dishes.

The China Garden Catering services are now becoming popular in the city and people book their service for most of the events which can be of any type or kind because they can cater every event from family reunions to house or birthday parties. The only rule for catering service is that it should be for a minimum of 10 people and not less.
The China Garden is now a brand which provides quality food and an enjoyable environment to the citizens to come and have a meal there.