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China is the most populous country in the world and due to its large population, Chinese people could be seen throughout the world. Chinese people migrated in almost every country of the world and it is a known fact that wherever they go they take their culture and traditions with them. With the outburst of Chinese people, the world also got acquainted with the Chinese culture and traditions. Chinese edibles are now available in every part of the world and it is getting popular among the people day by day because of its unique nature and taste which is different from other edibles. Chinese cuisines are getting famous and their demand in the market is increasing day by day and so the need of Chinese restaurants have increased over the period of time. Chinese restaurants are available in almost every country of the world and in America who migrated from China introduced the Chinese culture, traditions, and cuisines in the American continent. The China Garden Restaurant is also Chinese restaurant where top quality Chinese food is provided and it is famous for the freshness of dishes and unique taste.

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It is located at 21618 Ventura Blvd in the city Woodlands of the state California. It is situated right across the Lexus car dealership and its parking is at the rear side of the building. In the very interest of the restaurant, the customers can feel the Chinese culture and traditions in the interior of the restaurant. The attitude of staff members at the very entrance is very welcoming and it freshens up the minds of customers who come to have a meal there. The China Garden Restaurant serves the best quality food and delicious dishes. The owner of China Garden has almost 30 years of experience in the restaurant business. They understand the need for people and what they desire. The food items are fresh and come directly from the forms and into the day. They take extra care about the quality of food and the cleanliness of the kitchen and if anything unhealthy is found in the ingredients it is removed immediately and replaced with the healthy food item. They have experienced chefs who make the food so delicious that whoever visits here once becomes a permanent customer of the China Garden Restaurant. Larry Lipson a restaurant critic who ranks the restaurants very critically and gives ratings for the restaurants rated the China Garden among the top 10 restaurants.

They provide a lot of dishes in their menu and estimate of about 380 dishes are available at the restaurant. The restaurant remains open throughout the year accept the national holidays and in weekdays it opens at 11 a.m. in the morning and closes at 9:30 p.m. in the evening but on weekends It closes half an hour later that is on 10 p.m. and this routine is followed throughout the year. They also provide the facility of valet parking without any expectations of tips from the customers.

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There are a variety of dishes available in the restaurant and all of them are served there without any exceptions. The restaurant is famous for some specially made dishes by the Chefs and they are considered as the specialties of The China Garden Restaurant. Various kinds of appetizers and soups are presented. before the dinner or lunch. Seafood hair is very delicious and a variety of seafood dishes are available. Pork, beef, mutton, and chicken are also made and presented here and all these categories have further different dishes in them. Chinese Tofu that is vegetables are also provided in the restaurant and in the desert ice cream and other different items are given. And for those people who are on strict diet or they are allowed certain food items and restricted from eating certain other food items steamed food is available in which no salt sugar or oil is added and it is served with brown sauce which is a low fat sauce and the customers can add salt sugar of their own taste. Beverages including beer and cocktails are also available here and can be presented on demand by the customers. As to prices and charges The China Garden Restaurant is very sensible in charging the customers they often give discounts to the customers on different occasions for example if more than one person come together to have a meal at the restaurant they are charged lesser as compared to when an individual person comes.  Gift cards of minimum $20 are also accepted here.

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This restaurant also provides different family deals which a family of two or more can have it and it includes appetizers soups and a dish which is served with rice. There are two different types of family deals available with a difference of only $3. The China Garden Restaurant also provides catering services for the customers. The only rule for catering service is that it should be for 10 people and more. Decatur all types of events whether it is a birthday party or a family reunion or house party. When the China Garden is asked to Cater the event the burden of responsibility is shifted from the shoulders of customer towards the staff of the China Garden and they take full responsibility of all the event and the client can enjoy the event like the other people and he does not have to worry about anything. It is a type of buffet system where the client is charged per person and it is also available in 2 deals and the first deal charges 8.55 dollars per person and the second deal charges 10.55 dollars per person.

It is the best Chinese restaurant in the city and its competitors are nowhere to be seen beside it. It is due to the team effort and quality services they provide to their customers. The China Garden Restaurant made its name because of the tireless efforts of the staff who try their best in providing best quality service and satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers.