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It is a Chinese style restaurant which is situated at 21618 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, California. It is towards the South side of Ventura Blvd that is between Canoga Ave and Topanga Canyon Blvd. It is on the opposite side of Lexus car dealership and its parking is on the rear side. The owner of China Garden has almost 30 years of experience in making Mandarin and Szechwan cuisines. They serve the healthiest food fresh from the garden. They have the most authentic Chinese gourmets. They take all the precautionary measures so their food is very hygienic in nature. The China Garden provides delicious food which leaves a soothing effect on the taste buds. They have been working since 1990 and till now they have built their reputation and made their restaurant known in the world through the hard work and the team effort of the staff. The restaurant critic Larry Lipson rated The China Garden in the top 10 best restaurants. They offer both dine in and take away. They have also introduced the service of home delivery where hot and fresh food is delivered to the desired location.

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The China Garden has also introduced the service of online ordering of food where customers can order food from the comfort of their homes. They offer a huge variety of servings which includes all types of foods and their specialty in Chinese food is outstanding. They are open throughout the year excluding major holidays, during weekdays they open it at 11 a.m. and close it on 9:30 p.m. but on weekends that is Friday and Saturday they close it half an hour later on 10 p.m. while they have the same routine throughout the year excluding holidays.

The China Garden charge their customers very sensibly they provide discounts when they have more than one customer. They provide delicious dishes to the customers at very sensible rates. They have a huge menu which includes a lot of dishes like soup, vegetables, appetizers, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, desserts etc.

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They also have some special dishes of China Garden which are also several in number. They also provide Chinese Burrito known as Moo shu which is a quickly fried onion in omelet and vegetables mixed together in a thin Chinese pancake which is served with hoisin sauce. Egg Foo Young is another dish which encumbers Chinese traditional dishes. It is also a pancake made up of fresh eggs and vegetables and it is served with their special brown gravy. They also offer different types of fried rice and for brown fried rice $2 extra is charged from the customers.

They also have variety in noodles, first of all, there are soft noodles which are made by frying Bean sprouts cabbage onion and broccoli together with noodles secondly they have Pan fried noodles which are crispy thin egg noodles thirdly they have Chow Fun which are noodles made up of rice and last but not the least there is noodle in bowl in which the customers can eat seafood with an extra 2.5 dollars charge.

For weight watchers that is people who are on strict diet or are not allowed clinically to eat anything which has salt sugar or oil in it, for them The China Garden provides steamed dishes which have low fats and no salt, starch, oil or sugar is added to the steamed food such that they can add it later when the food is served. Steamed food is served with the low fat brown sauce which does not affect the health of the affected customers.

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They also serve special family dinners which comes in two different deals number first deals charge 17.55 dollars for each person, it includes soup which may be hot and sour soup or egg flower soup then it comes the appetizers which includes egg roll wrapped chicken in foil and fried wonton and then there comes food which consists of 7 different choices and each person can choose one of it from them and all the options are served with steamed rice. Number second deal charges 20.55 dollars for each person and it includes soup which is mixed wonton soup then appetizers include fried shrimp egg roll chicken wrapped in foil and cream cheese fountain it also has 7 different food items and each person can have one of them from it and these are also served with steamed rice. For family meals, there should be at least two or more people having dinner.

They also give special lunch which is available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily it includes daily soup, appetizer, and choice of steamed or egg fried rice
China Garden Restaurant also provides catering services for events which maybe birthdays holidays or wedding parties. The catering service is available for a minimum of 10 persons or more and also for catering there are three different types of deals, a number first deal charges 8.55 dollars for each person which includes appetizers which are egg roll and food which includes for different types of food items. Second deal charges 10.55 dollars for each person and it includes appetizers which are egg roll and fried wonton and food which has 5 different items. Third deal charges 11.55 dollars for each person and in it, appetizers include egg roll, cream cheese wonton, Pan fried dumpling and food includes 5 different types of food items. The catering service of the China Garden Restaurant is well known because of their use of fresh ingredients and delicious food which has become the Hallmark of the China Garden. For events like birthday or holiday parties China Garden’s catering services will satisfy the customers and will give them a peace of mind that is they don’t have to make arrangements for anything and they do not have to tell the staff about the management because the staff of China Garden is highly organised and well educated about handling such events.

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