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Chinese cuisines are spread throughout the world. Chinese cook their food in a certain special way and also they are famous for it, their cuisines have a unique taste that could only be found in the Chinese culture. Their cuisines are popular in the world because of their unique taste, smell and texture. The Chinese cuisines are a product of evolution and historical influences of different regimes that ruled China. Also the outspread of Chinese people around the world gave birth to Chinese culture outside of China. Chinese cuisines are appreciated around the world and people enjoy them mostly because of its distinctive nature. Different in different dishes are added in different parts of China, it is mainly due to availability of different items in different places so the making style of the Chinese dishes is also different in different regions, however outside China the dishes are made with different ingredients and people like to have these dishes around the whole world. With Chinese food, Chinese culture is also very unique. Their restaurants have their own aroma when anyone enters there the Chinese culture can be felt there, the Chinese ceramics are well known from the ancient times till today and are constantly having recognition around the globe. Chinese food adds its taste when eaten at a Chinese restaurant. The Chinese love their culture and love to preserve it too they are not affected by the western culture. Today the most popular food is the Asian food especially the Chinese food.

The China Garden is also a Chinese restaurant which is made with Chinese style where upon entrance one can feel the Chinese culture and traditions through the interior and dressing of the staff members and the welcoming tone of the staff makes the customers feel special when they enter there. It is situated at 21618 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, California. Its accurate location would be towards the South of Ventura Blvd that is between Canoga Ave and Topanga Canyon Blvd, on the opposite side of Lexus car dealership, there is the rear side for parking purposes. Their owner has a long experience of 30 years in making traditional Chinese and Szechwan cuisines. They give the best service to their clients. Quality wise food is checked thoroughly and critically by the staff of the restaurant and if anything unhealthy is detected in the ingredients, it is removed immediately. They take extra care about the cleanliness of their restaurant because nobody wants to go to a stinky food place and will prefer to go to a healthy environment.The most delicious traditional Chinese dishes are made here. The China Garden is famous for its tasty food and because of its unique taste customers are attracted to this specific restaurant. After about 30 years of hard work and effort, they have built their reputation and made their restaurant known throughout the world. Larry Lipson who is a famous restaurant critic also rated The China Garden in the top ten best restaurants because of the quality service and original taste of the Chinese dishes being served here.

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The customers have the liberty of choosing whether to eat there or pack things away and eat it a location of their desire and also the food items are delivered at the comfort of home by the home delivery service, the customers can either have this service through their phone or by ordering online from their menu.

Great variety of dishes and servings can be witnessed in The China Garden and it includes all types of foods and their special Chinese dishes are appreciable. The restaurant is never closed throughout the year except on national holidays, it daily opens at 11 a.m. and closes it at 9:30 p.m. but on weekends that is Friday and Saturday it closes half an hour later on 10 p.m. while the same pattern is followed throughout the year excluding national holidays.

They serve the best dishes and yet they are very sensible in their rates as compared to other restaurants. Discounts are also given on different occasions for example for plus 1 customers there are fewer rates as compared to an individual customer. A vast menu which includes a lot of dishes like soup, vegetables, appetizers, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, desserts etc. are available. variety of dishes are made and served in The China Garden and the number of dishes that are served here exceeds 380 which are listed on the menu. As mentioned above different categories of the dishes have further many different types of dishes in them and also some specialties of The China Garden which are also mentioned separately in the menu, they are quite a few in number and all of these specially made dishes have a taste of their own.

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Moo shu is a Chinese dish and it is in America known as Chinese Burrito because of its similarity with the burrito, it is served with a specially made sauce known as hoisin sauce which adds taste to the Moo shu. Egg Foo Young is another dish and it is served with special brown gravy. Fried rice is also available in different types two dollars are charged for brown fried rice. Noodles available there also have a variety in them.

Dieting people or people who are not allowed by their physician to eat anything which has salt sugar or oil in it, for them this restaurant makes steamed dishes in these dishes no salt, starch, oil or sugar is added. The customers who eat steamed food here can add spices to the taste of their tongues and it is served with the low-fat brown sauce.

The China Garden also provide Special family dinners for the families and it comes in two different deals. First deal charges 17.55 dollars for each individual person, it includes soup of choice from hot and sour soup or egg flower soup then it comes the appetizers which includes egg roll wrapped chicken in foil and fried wonton and then there comes the main food item which is made up of 7 different types of dishes and each person can choose one of it from them and all the dishes can be consumed with steamed rice. Second deal charges around 20.55 dollars for each person and it includes hot soup which is mixed wonton soup then appetizers include fried shrimp egg roll chicken wrapped in foil and cream cheese fountain it also has 7 different food items and each person can choose one of them from it and these are also served with steamed rice. No restrictions are on this deal except one that is there should be 2 or more people ordering the deal.

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Catering services also provided by the China Garden restaurant upon request. They cater all kinds of events and take total responsibility of the catering service they provide. Here also the only restriction is that it should be for a minimum of 10 people and not less. All of the services provided at the China Garden are exceptional and without any ambiguities in them.