Shopko Survey

Shopko Survey ( to Win a Surprise Gift

If you are looking forward shopping more at Shopko, it’s time to enter their survey. This will provide you with the opportunity of winning $250 monthly gift grand prize. However, you will need to provide your feedback first and it can be seamlessly done on their survey website.

Needless to say, you can enter the survey via two means. These are online and via mobile phone whichever method that you choose, you will be guaranteed of providing feedback. Also, you will stand an equal chance of winning the survey grand prize.

However, you will need to enter the survey during the appropriate period. The survey is open as from January 1, 2017.ending in December 31, 2017. During this period, all the receipt that is issued at the Shopko will contain an invitation message to enter the survey.

More Info About Shopko.

Shopko Survey

Shopko Survey

Shopko is a premier store that sells different varieties of commodities.  Understandably, it sells home commodities, apparels, and more. Furthermore, it’s a cool place that you might want to visit with your friends, your date, and family for a shopping spree.

Shopko sells its commodities at an affordable price.  Besides its inside is perfect providing the much needed time for any sort of shopping adventure you may be looking for. With the provision of stealer customer services, you will enjoy your time at the enterprise.

Shopko was founded in 1962 and it’s headquartered in Chicago. However, it spread its wings opening up branches in multivariate locations. As per now, you won’t have much of a job locating some of its stores- they operate branches in multivariate States.

What Are The Shopko Survey Entry Requirements And Rules

It’s privy to ensure that you have all that is needed before you enter the survey. This way you will be able to complete this survey fast and accurately. To complete this survey, you will be required to have;

  1. Be A United States Legal Resident.

This survey is only open to the legal residents of the United States. There is no shortcut for that. If you are not one, save yourself the precious time doing something else rather than trying to enter this survey.

Understandably you should have documentation to prove your legality. And if you enter the survey ad you are selected as the survey winner, you will have to produce either your national identity card, driving licence, or military ID.

  1. Survey Is Open To Those That Are 18 Years of Age or Older.

Shopko survey is conducted in accordance to the United States and particular state rules. Therefore entrants need to be of the correct age to enter the survey. The set age limit is 18 years. And you must have attained the latter age during the survey entry period.

  1. Have A Shopko Receipt To Enter Survey
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The only way you can enter this survey online is by having a ShopKo receipt. The receipt is only issued at Shopko Outlets. It’s not just an ordinary receipt but contains an invitation message to enter the survey.

This invitation message will be inclusive of the Survey URL.It will also contain other necessary requirements to enter this survey. These are the survey code, the date and time of your visit, and store number.

Survey entrants will be required to input the latter credentials as they appear on the survey receipt. There will be an authentication process –that is programmed and later one will be allowed to continue the survey.

Shopko Employees Will Not Enter Survey.

To make the survey to be free, fair, and credible, Shopko employees are barred from entering this survey. Not only are the employees barred, but also Shopko Shareholders, the board of directors and ay party that is affiliated to Shopko in any working capacity.

Also, this limitation restricts Shopko employees close relatives and household members from entering the survey. This implies that Shopko employee’s parents, siblings, and grandparents will be barred from entering the survey.

Also if you reside in the same household with a Shopko employee, don’t even think of entering the survey? At last, your entry will be null and void.

You Can Only Enter Survey Four Times Monthly.

If you are looking forward to entering this survey, you will only have four survey entry chances. This account for those that are looking to enter survey via mail or online. Therefore, if you try to enter survey more than the recommended entries, your entry will be null and void.

Understand English And Spanish.

These are the predominant languages that will be in use. It’s therefore adamant to understand either of the two. This way you will be able to complete the survey quickly and supply appropriate answers.

But the splendid fact is that the survey uses the basic version of the language a. This way, you will have it easy completing this survey. You don’t have to worry about the complex Spanish and English jargons. They are not used here.

Have A Device That Can Connect To The Internet

Completing this survey online is superior when compared to using a phone. And to make you work to be much easier, you will need to have a stable internet connection as well as a device that can access the internet.

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It’s also vital understanding that, the loss in internet connection will need you to restart the whole process. Not only will this be time-consuming but it can be embarrassing. And needless to say, you may quit the entering this survey.

How To Enter Shopko Survey Online.

Now that you understand the survey rules and requirements, there is nothing that is stopping you from winning the survey grand prize. And without further adjure, let’s understand these processes in details.

Visit The Shopko Online Survey Site.

There are plenty of ways of doing this. And as previously stated, you will find the Shopko survey link on your receipt. Provided that it is official. Also, a simple Google search will land you on the correct survey page.

After all, you have a receipt that you could use to confirm the survey URL- If indeed it’s authentic. However, the official survey URL page is  After you have gained entry, you will receive a welcome note that provides additional survey requirements.

Also, the survey home page is inclusive of Sweepstakes official rules and survey official winners. There are links for the latter that even provides you with proof that you are on the correct page. You will just need to choose the survey language and continue.

Enter Shopko Receipts Credentials.

Now that you are in the official survey page and you have chosen correct survey language, you will need to enter the official Shopko Survey receipt credentials.  You are required to enter the time and date of your visit, survey number, and other credentials that are on your receipt.

You will be guided on what to enter. And your duty will be transferring data from the receipt to the official survey site. The key is to enter the correct details as they appear on your receipt. Minus that, you will not be able to continue.

And remember that all the required data are automated. They emancipated from the original Shopko survey computer. Therefore only correct data can authenticate the entire process. Therefore it’s sensible to stay away if you don’t have an authentic receipt.

Answer Shopko Survey Question.

Since the latter processes are logistically related, and only serve to ensure that correct entrants enter the survey, Shopko will need you to put you’re a game while answering these questions. They need you to provide an honest feedback.

This way this survey will be able to benefit you and company. Shopko will ask you some question and you will provide a suitable rating. These questions will address the general level of cleanliness of their store.

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Some will gauge the pricing of their products, the nature of their customer service, their location, and more about their services. However, these are easy questions to answer. You have to think of your last store visit and you will be good to go!

Provide A Comment.

After you have answered all the questions to your satisfaction, you can choose to proceed to the next step or provide a comment. This can be about anything in their enterprise. It doesn’t have to be good, but anything that you feels is inappropriate about their store will be welcomed.

However, it’s a matter of utmost importance to either agree or disagree politely. This way your feedback can be taken seriously and you don’t have to reach some of the sweepstake survey rules.

Choose If you Will Enter Sweepstake.

This is an optional step that will provide you with an opportunity of winning the survey grand prize. But if you are here I don’t see why you should omit these step. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost you a think clicking the enter sweepstake button – unless you are running shot of data.

Provide Your Contacts Information.

These contacts info will be used to reach out to you in case you are the survey grand prize winner. Therefore it’s paramount to provide contacts that you use frequently. Make sure that you provide your telephone number – both day and night, Date of birth as they appear on any government issued identification document. Click submit and you are done!

How To Reach Out To Shopko Survey Customer Desk.

There will come a time when you will need to reach out to the Shopko customer care. If you are having any sort of problems completing this survey, there are variant Shopko reach out methods. The easiest of all contact method is by clicking the contact us page

You will have various contact method and it will get down to you choosing the appropriate one. You could choose to send them an online message. Just fill your personal contacts and provide your query. You could also send them a mail.

Draft you query of a business paper and send it to 1401 Aspain Tower,

Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. You can still reach out via mobile +971-503146847 and email [email protected].

Shopko is also active on Social media channels. Understandably one can reach via this platform and get a much faster assistance. The live chat online link will provide you with plenty of customer contact methods.