BabiesRUs Customer Survey The BabiesRUs Customer Survey

Do you want a fun place to shop? Then Babies “R” is the place to visit. It becomes even funnier after entering the Rewards “R” Us. The potential customers receive 2 points for every dollar they spent at Babies “R” Us or Toys “R” Us. For the credit card of “R” Us, the customers are awarded two points.

Through the awarded points, the customers are going to expect a lot of benefits. A good example, in this case, is events like member-only shopping and discounts. Other benefits are like hassle-free returns, saving a lot of money with V.I.B and even earning a lot of profits when it comes to the registry awards.

Toys “R” Us, Inc. is known as the best retailer that deals with some juvenile and toy products. As a result, this company is the best one in the whole world. Through its number of brands, there are chances of getting access to a great shopping experience at this company.

BabiesRUs Customer Survey

BabiesRUs Customer Survey

Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us are currently operating around 874 stores within the United States and the state of Puerto Rico. They are more than 660 stores located internationally. There are also other licensed stores, 160 in total located in 35 states and jurisdictions.

Other than that, Toys “R” is the place where you are going to gain access to the brand commonly identified as legendary FAO Schwarz. Nevertheless, the company is at a forefront when it comes to the selling of the extraordinary toys. This can be located at the flagship store which is situated in New York City. The store is situated within the Fifth Avenue of this city.

How to Access the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Toys “R”

The potential customers of Toys “R” can access their customer satisfaction survey by visiting the link As an appreciation to those who participate in this survey, the company offers an incentive of 500 US dollars.

You can access the host website for the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” by visiting the link Finally, the marketing support for this customer satisfaction survey is identified as identified as TRUSTe.

The Rules to Observe before Participating in the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Babies “R”

  1. Do you have to purchase to participate?

No. Anyone has a chance to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies. Moreover, for you to emerge the winner of the promotion, there is no need of purchasing at the stores of Babies “R.”

  1. Single participation per receipt

When issued with a receipt, you are only permitted to use it only once in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us. After using this receipt, it is pronounced as invalid and cannot be used at any given time. Therefore, always confirm that the receipt for participation has not been used at any time before.

  1. Limitation per household

Another rule to be observed is that each household can only emerge the winner only once for the whole period of this promotion. This is done to ensure that every potential customer who participates in this customer satisfaction enjoys the benefits of participating. Therefore, this is an indication that Toys “R” company always values the loyal customers.

  1. The winner is held responsible for additional fees

After emerging the winner of the allocated gift, you are held responsible for any other additional costs. In this case, you are going to pay for the expected taxes, any other expense, cost or any fee that is directly related to the use or acceptance of the given prize.

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Therefore, all the potential customers who are after participating in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us are supposed to observe this rules. Obeying this is an assurance of completing the process successfully within the shortest possible time.

  1. Age limit

Are you 18 years old and below? If yes, you need not participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us. This is because the company only allows those who have attained the age of 18 years and above to share out their views in this survey.

The age limit is an indication that Babies “R” Us does not recognize or does not accept the feedback from the children.

Things that you need to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R.”

Do you want to finish the customer satisfaction survey of Babies within the shortest possible time? Worry anymore! This is possible as long as you keep some things in possession. These are discussed as follows:

  1. Internet Device

Do you know that the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us is carried through an online platform? Yeah, it is! Therefore, to make the participation successful, accessing an internet device is a must.

For the internet device, there are a variety of options to go for depending on your desires. Which are these? Here, we have a variety of options starting with a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop up to the computer. It is your wish to decide on the option to go for.

  1. Internet Connection

Are you aware that you can complete the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” within five minutes when you have a stable internet connection? Yeah, this is possible! Therefore, why go for an unstable internet connection and experience the loading effects which will make the process to take quite some time?

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Always avoid that! Ensure that you are ready to complete the process within the shortest possible time by checking that your internet connection is stable.

  1. Transaction Receipt

We had earlier indicated that you don’t need a transaction receipt to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us. Of course, you don’t need it! But in case you have visited the stores and made some purchase, it is quite essential to carry it along while proceeding to participate in this survey.

It is through this transaction receipt that you are going to get some essential details that are to be filled in the survey page before starting to answer the survey questions. The details include the survey code, the store number, the time and the date when you visited this store and many more.

  1. Language Option

Are you familiar with the English or Spanish language option? If yes, then you are the correct participant in this survey. However, if you are not familiar with the two, you are free to seek assistance from a friend or a relative in answering the survey questions.

You can select the desired language option directly from the survey page. This can be done by clicking on the language option after visiting the survey website.

Other Essential Information

If it chances that you make any purchase at a particular store of Babies “R” Us, you will receive an invitation message informing you to participate in their online customer satisfaction survey. It is always vital to participate in this survey from where you will have a chance of entering in the sweepstakes and win great rewards.

Entering on the sweepstakes is only permitted after successful participation in the customer satisfaction of Babies “R” Us.

After successful creation of a registry account with Babies “R,” an automatic email is sent to the customer’ account. This is normally done within 24 hours from the time of creating this account. The email is accompanied by invitation message to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us.

Have registered with Babies “R” Us? It is time to do so. This can be successful by visiting the survey’s website at Having visited the site, ensure that you have participated in this survey and have a chance of entering in the sweepstakes where you will win great rewards.

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Step by step guideline on how to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us.

Step one: Visit the Survey website

This can be accessed by following the link,

Step two: Entering the survey code.

The next step is entering the survey code. This can be directly accessed form the transaction receipt. As long as the receipt is valid, the code will be accepted. Other details to be entered in this section include the cashier number. Always be keen while entering this details to avoid making errors like interchanging or omitting some digits.

Step three: Answering the Survey Questions

After a successful entering of the survey code, you will be exposed to the survey questions. Here you will be required to show honest while answering them. The questions are very simple and can be completed within a short period as long as you observe all the requirements.

The questions are like, how were you served when you visited the stores of Babies “R” Us. You will be required to rate your satisfaction. Give honest feedback as it is going to determine how you will be treated the next time you will visit this store.

Another question will be related to how you can recommend the services offered by Babies “R” Us to a friend. Here you will be required to give an honest rating.

How was the quality of the product that you purchased at the stores of Babies “R” Us?  Did it meet your requirements? Which improvements are needed in this case? Your feedback will be highly appreciated by the company as it will determine their progress.

Finally, the company will appreciate you overall feedback. This will be like the areas that need improvement, what products need to be added in this store, how you would like to be treated in the next time you will visit the stores of Babies “R” Us.

Step Four: Personal Details

After successful completion of the survey process, you will be required to provide your details. These include things like personal email address, your name, and contact information. Always ensure that the email address is valid since it is the one that will be used for communication purposes in case you emerge the winner.

What next? Hope now you know all the information you need to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Babies “R” Us? Take a step to participate and enjoy the outstanding results.