Sonic Drive in Hotdog

Sonic Drive in Hotdog – How to eat it in a Healthy Way

Are you a frequent visitor to sonic drive in? Do you love their classic look and the items they have on the menu? What is your favourite one? Mine is the hot dog, what is yours? Most probably the hotdog too, right? Read along and know how you can have it the healthy way.


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I love the sonic drive in because of one thing, their amazing offers. I save a lot when I decide to dine during their offer hours. I keep track of the days that they have a lucrative offer to go and enjoy their delicious food. The good thing is that they have offers almost every day.

Sonic Drive in Hotdog

Sonic Drive in Hotdog

The reason why I love the hot dog is that it is not heavy. It is easily portable in the car and doesn’t live a messy car after you enjoy one. In addition, they offer it a discounted price making you want to eat every time they have a discount. So, what is the sonic drive in Chicago hotdog?

Sonic drive in Chicago hot dog

Sonic drive in will give you an amazing time while you dine with hem. Not only do they have carhops to deliver the food to your car, but also that they have many items on the menu for you to choose from. With many fast food joints all over, they must strive to be the best with the food they serve.

They have burritos, chicken sandwiches, onion rings, and the amazing slushes that they serve. With over 3 million hungry US state residents to serve, it is clear that people love that they serve. One of the dishes that are flying off the kitchen is the Chicago hotdog.

It is one of the types of hotdogs they serve. Very delicious, and is available for only $ 1.99 meaning it is affordable by almost everyone who drives in for a dish. With so many speculations on whether it is healthy or not, you need to read along to know ho you can ensure that you have it the healthier Way.

Sonic Drive in Chicago Hot dog nutritional content

If you are someone who is conscious of what you eat, the first thing you should know is the nutritional information of your food. The good thing with sonic drive in, they have the information in their menu. You can access their menu online or check it out while n their premises.

When you choose to go for the Chicago hot dog, you will intake the following;

  • Calories-440g
  • Sodium-2300mg
  • Fat-20g
  • Carbs-49g
  • Protein- 14g

As you can see from the above, it is clear that the number of calories and the sodium is a bit high. As a conscious person, you may choose to avoid the hotdog, right? Well, you don’t have to do that. That is because when you are done reading, you will have an idea of how to make it suit your dietary needs.

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How to Make Sonic Drive in Chicago Hotdog

It is the next thing you need to know. That is to give you an idea of how the hotdog is made. The Chicago hotdog does not have many ingredients. The main one is the all-beef dogs which make it called the Chicago hotdogs. They originate from Chicago.

Ingredients used to make Sonic drive in Chicago hotdog

  • 1 all beef dog
  • 1 poppy seed burn
  • 1 tablespoon yellow mustard
  • 1 tablespoon chopped white onion
  • 1 tablespoon bright green sweet pickle relish
  • 1 tablespoon dill pickle spear
  • 4 slices of tomato edges
  • 2 sport pepper
  • 1 dash celery salt
Sonic Drive in Hotdog

Sonic Drive in Hotdog

Steps on How to Make the Sonic Drive in Chicago Hotdogs

  • First, put water into a boiling pot and bring it to boil.
  • When the water boils, reduce the heat to low. Put the hotdog in the water and let them cook for 5 minutes. Don’t boil the hotdogs.
  • Remove the hotdogs and set them aside. Using the steam, arm the bun to have them warm. when you eat. Take the bun, cut into two halves and place the hotdog.
  • Next, place the yellow mustard and the bright green sweet pickle relish.
  • Place the onions next followed by the tomato wedges.
  • The sporty pepper next follows dill spear pickle.
  • Finish assembling by putting a dash of celery salt.
  • Serve with your favourite drink and enjoy.

Can you have the Sonic Drive in Chicago Hotdog at Home?

There were rumours that the Chicago hot dog has been removed from the menu. Most of the people who loved the snack were saddened by the decision. That is how I started making Chicago hotdogs at home. That way, I didn’t have to miss a great snack.

Yes, you can make it at home and enjoy. From the above information, the ingredients are readily available from your nearest grocery store and the procedure is easy. Make sure you have all the ingredients at home and enjoy making it with your family or friends.

10 Ways on How to Make Sure your Sonic Drive in Chicago is Healthy

Many fast foods have many calories, fast and even sodium. Chicago hot dog is one of them has a lot of carbohydrates and sodium, which exceed the normal daily intake. For you to enjoy the taste of the hotdog, you need to know how to make the calories and the sodium fewer.

If you are conscious and still want to enjoy Sonic drive in Chicago hotdog, there are some changes you can make when making the hotdogs. You still get to keep the taste but make it healthier to enjoy without feeling guilty. While making the hotdog, remember the following:

  • How to choose your hotdog

They are the main ingredients of making the Chicago hotdog. That means you need to be careful and make sure you choose the best for your hotdog at home. How do you make sure it is healthier and good for your health? Here is how.

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When you are buying the hotdog, go for the all-beef one. Look at the ingredients to make sure the preservatives and ingredients are right. Most of the sodium is found in the hotdog. You need to ensure that it has minimal ingredients and the sodium content is low.

  • Swap poppy with whole grain

There is nothing great about the poppy seeds bun that the sonic drive in use to make the Chicago hotdog. A white one meaning it is full of calories is what you don’t want. When you are making it at home, you can switch the poppy bun with the whole grain one. That is because you gain a lot from the bun.

With the whole grain one, you get fibres from it. Fibre is good for your health. They aid in digestion meaning healthier colon and the entire digestive system. If you still need the poppy seeds in your hotdog, you can go ahead and sprinkle them on top of it to enjoy.

  • About yellow mustard

You need it in your hotdog for flavour and nutrition. It might surprise you to know that the mustard if full of nutrition. It is full of protein, fibre, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Having it has more benefits that you may not imagine.

Go for the original one, the one with a glowing yellow to have all the benefits. With it, it means ease of bowel movement, more bodybuilding elements, and healthy bowel for you. Since you have to purchase it yourself from the grocery store, ask the assistant to get the right one.

  • Pickle spear

For you to enjoy the hotdog, you need to make sure you lower the calories in it. That is by making sure the additional ingredients are low in calories while still supplying you with the healthy elements. Pickles are good to have. It means you can have more to get full benefits.

Pickle spear is full of antioxidants, which helps in detoxifying the body. They are low in calories and fat hence lowering the number of calories you will consume with it. It is also a good source of probiotic making it the perfect ingredients to have in your Chicago hotdog.

  • Onions are good

Yes, you can have the onion in the Chicago hotdog. You gain a lot from the onions. They are a good source of vitamin C, flavouring and other nutrients. When you have them, you reduce the risk of Parkinson disease, cardiovascular diseases including stroke.

In the sonic drive in Chicago hotdog, they recommend the use of the white onion. That is because they have a good flavour and are crispy to have raw. All you have to do is wash it and cut it finely then you can put it in your hotdog with the other ingredients and enjoy.

  • Onions

The fact that you can grab a tomato and eat it raw means that it is delicious to have anywhere. I love it when it is red and hard, I just ash it in the sink and enjoy. You too will enjoy having the tomatoes in the hotdog. What do you gain from them?

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They are full of vitamins and minerals. When you have them in the hotdogs, it will be healthy for you. Make sure you have a ripe, red beefsteak and cut it in wedges. Put 3-4 wedges so as not to overwhelm the whole hotdog.

  • Go slow on the sport pepper

You add it as part of your hotdog. You might think of going slow on it because of its hotness. If you plan to have the hotdog with your kids, ask them first before you go ahead and include it. You do not want to make them uncomfortable while taking the hotdog.

Yes, the spot pepper is healthy to have. They have nutrients that you can gain from it. What you don’t want is have a situation where one of you will not enjoy the hotdog due to the hotness. Be moderate with it for everyone sake.

  • Tone down the relish

In any Chicago hotdog, the relish is fundamental for you to have the distinctive taste. What you might not know is that it is full of preservatives, sugar, and additives, which may not favour your diet. So since the relish is necessary, what do you do?

While buying it, go through the ingredients. Go for the one with fewer ingredients and avoid ingredients that may be harmful or not favour your dietary plan. While on it, go for the dill pickle relish intend of the sweet pickle to avoid the calories that come with the sweetness.

  • Celery salt

Celery salt is like the normal table salt just that it adds flavour when you use it. For that reason, you can go without using it while making your hotdog. That is because the hotdogs themselves have salt and adding it means having more of the halt in your snack. Is salt bad?

One of the components found in the salt is sodium. A small pinch of raw salt contains a large amount of sodium that may exceed your daily intake. Too much sodium in your body is harmful so here you can, try to avoid it like in the case of the Chicago hotdog.

  • Have less of it

Yes, it may sound unfair but if you are conscious of what you eat, it is good for you to have the hotdog less often. Make it a once in a week thing to limit the amount of everything that comes with the hotdog. At Sonic drive in, you have many items on the menu that you can enjoy too.

Sonic drive in Chicago hotdog in one of people’s favourite item in the menu. Through it is known to have many calories and sodium, making at home will give you a chance to keep everything low and add what is right to make it healthier for you to have.