Golden China Buffet

Golden China Buffet

The Golden China Buffet is the largest Kentucky China Buffet franchise that exists today. It is in various places including, 597 West Lincoln Trail in heart of Boulevard, North Dakota, Marshfield, among many more places especially in the United States. It has been recognized with Readers’ Choice Awards, for being the best place for a buffet over the years. Its great features include the friendly and courteous staff, great, friendly and prompt customer service and more so flavor filled, fresh and delicious foods.

The Golden China Buffet is an ‘all you can eat ‘kind of buffet at friendly and favorable prices. Just like the term China is used in the title of the restaurant, just is the kind of cuisine served in the restaurant; Chinese food. These foods include fried rice, vegetables, sea foods, beef, soups, pork, chicken and a variety of appetizers such as shrimp, egg rolls, wontons among many more. Other special cuisines properly know include the famous Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan cuisines as well as flavorful sauces that go very well with meat, sea food, chicken, vegetables.

The prices of the buffet vary depending on the type and age of customer as well as the location of the franchise. The type of customer is either a customer who dines in the restaurant or the customer that makes orders and wants the food delivered to them. The dinning in customers tend to enjoy relatively low prices, with great ambiance, and more value for their money than other kinds of customers.

Golden China Buffet is open mostly from Tuesday all through to Sunday where lunch is offered from 11am to 4pm while dinner is served from 4pm to 9pm. Buffet prices are discounted for senior diners 65 years and above, children 3 to 5 years as well children 6 to 10 years. Moreover, children 2 years and under have a pass to eat for free. For the diners that choose to make orders and ask for deliveries have their lunch and dinner times the same as those that dine in the restaurant the only difference is that there are no discounts available for them.

The Golden China Buffet is made up of various bar sections containing salads, desert, Chinese cuisines, Mongolian grill among others. Apon entry to the restaurant, the diners are welcomed by the friendly, diverse and courteous staff to be made aware of the different bars and the prices that exists for the buffet at the specified time. After that the clients go to the different buffet sections that are entirely modern to ensure that the foods are maintained as fresh and hot as can be. The ‘all you can eat ‘buffet has a self-service system for all the diners to fill their plates, with over 100 food items to choose from, to their satisfaction. At the Mongolian bar, the diners, can pick a variety of sauces and meat dishes that are directly prepared by the chefs within minutes where a suitable meal is created. Once the serving is done, the diners head to the spacious and comfortable sitting areas to wine and dine. For customers who prefer to order food deliveries, all they have to do is to go the Golden China website and click on make order, and then receive in within a few moments.

Another competitive advantage that Golden China Buffet has is the presence of everyday and chef specials. For instance, the Golden China Buffet in North Dakota, has the chef specials bearing the diners favorite food combinations such as salt and pepper shrimp, coconut shrimp, orange and sesame beef and chicken as well as mystery food combinations that leave the customers yearning for more. The everyday specials diners’ favorite dishes liked sweet and sour chicken, chicken and broccoli, pork and sauce, shrimp, Mongolian beef, hot and spicy dishes among many other meals like vegetable, avocado and cucumber rolls.

The customer service that exists in the Golden China Buffet is out of this world since every staff in the restaurant strives to ensure that the customer’s satisfaction is achieved in every way possible. For instance, when a customer makes an order above certain amounts, the Golden China buffet is able to offer free delivery for the customer to make sure they are appreciated and encourage more similar orders. The delivery times are estimated to roughly 15 minutes such that the client doesn’t have to wait for so long to get their order, whether you are at home or working at the office. The orders can also be made at any time of the day until 9pm hence very time friendly for all the customers. More so, when a customer has a special occasion such as a birthday, cooperate and business event, Golden China Buffet offers special deals and discounts as well as open and customized rooms to hold the events at ease. Even with the diners needing a Chinese based theme, Golden China is able to host the events off-site like anniversaries, weddings, showers, graduation parties among many more.

Seafood is among the most preferred Chinese cuisine desired and ordered by diners, the Golden China Buffet in Radcliff for instance, developed a competitive advantage of having all Fridays have an ‘all you can eat’ seafood buffet special for its diners. More so, Golden China Buffet tries to help its customers save money even when enjoy great meals by introducing the use of coupons to pay for meals at the restaurant. The daily meals, on the other hand, are always different and diverse thereby ensuring that customers always come back and are welcomed with a great and wonderful surprise.

Having existed since 1983, the great experience that Golden China Buffet has in the culinary field is evidently more profound and well diverse, making it a huge competitor in the Chinese cuisine industry and is likely to grow and become even more competitive in the years to come. Most diners have the best and most memorable experience at the Golden China Buffet and thereby leave positive reviews online thereby making even other potential diners want to go and try the place to experience the restaurant for themselves and they always get more than they expect at any Golden China Buffet restaurant.