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www.talktoihop.com Ihop Survey to Win Free Pancake Coupons

This is the customer survey made by the IHOP restaurant. The survey provides the platform for the customers to raise their feedback. And with each guest having the different dining experience at the joint, it’s expected that the diverse feedback can propose the better way to amend the customer services.

And the latter is the main reason why the restaurant puts much effort into the survey. Besides, this survey measures other factors and you would have to answer the question about the overall satisfaction, the pricing, their menu and if you could refer the restaurant to close family and friends.

At the end of the survey, the restaurant will be happy to reward you for your effort. And you better not miss out on the free pack coupon. Also, the IHOP has the other reward for which you must enter the IHOP international passport promotional contest.

If you are lucky, you will be spoilt with the free pancake for breakfast for the whole year. Churning that into cash, the reward could be greater than $1000

The IHOP restaurants.

Ihop Survey

Ihop Survey

You may wonder why the restaurant rewards are pancake based. But if you have never been to the restaurant before, it would be sensible to explain what the I.H.O.P initials stand for. This is the International House of Pancake Restaurant.

You see!! The speciality is a pancake and there are no much of the Burritos, fried chicken and Pizza here. Furthermore, the restaurant offers breakfast dishes and if you would love to visit the IHOP for breakfast, better keep your receipt.

The restaurant offers casual dining and it has the many outlets in the states. As per now, there are greater than 165O of the restaurant chains stores. And the IHOP restaurant ambience is just Wow!! The inside and outside the restaurant is great and the decorations are awesome.

Its mother restaurant is in California and has outlets all over the states. Don’t get surprised to find one that is near you. And t locate one won’t be a big task. For more info about their menu visit their official site. Check your receipt, and you would be directed to the official site.

Guiding Principles For Participation In The Survey

Visit The IHOP Survey Portal

First, you have to visit the IHOP survey portal. And to pull that you would need an internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet. Furthermore, you must have the IHOP receipt and there is no way you could receive this without dining at the restaurant.

And this calls for the utmost care with the IHOP receipts.  If you are fond of tossing the receipts on your dustbin, tweak the habit as you could be throwing away breakfast pancake for the whole year.

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And before we proceed, don’t forget to browse the IHOP survey rules. This help determines who is eligible to participate in the survey.

Be A Legal Resident From The US and District Of Colombia

I found it odd that the survey is restructured for the residents from the above states. But to my understanding, everyone who dines at the restaurant is not from the two states. However, if you have the receipt, you can participate in the survey.

Don’t Take More Than Three Days To Participate In The Survey.

To begin with, the survey would need a valid receipt and one should not take more than three days to participate in the survey. If you do, your receipt would be invalid and you would have to search for the new receipt that calls for you to arrange for a dine at their restaurant.

Furthermore, when you complete the survey and receive the coupon code, one can redeem for the free pancake by showing the receipt for your last purchase. These should guide you before you participate in the survey.

However, there are detailed survey guidelines and information from the IHOP official page and be sure to browse to understand other survey terms and conditions.

How To Participate In The Survey

The survey has the six major steps but it’s easy to complete and it should not take more than 5 minutes. Have your IHOP receipt ready. And if you are completing the survey via phone or PC, be sure your internet connection is stable.

And it would be vital to note that there are a lot of data to input and with the unstable internet connection, you would have to begin afresh which could be costly.

1. Visit The IHOP Website.

The survey can be completed from the official website. The website URL can be retrieved from the official IHOP receipt but a Google search can work too. Furthermore, there are the affiliated sites which would direct one to the official site.

However, there are guys who would choose to complete the survey via mail. It’s possible but visiting the official site provide additional information that could be helpful. For instance, one can understand that the IHOP receipt is valid for three days from the time of purchase.

2. Enter The IHOP Survey Code.

This is a kind of password that confirms if indeed you have the valid receipt. This code is derived from your survey receipt and it can be vividly seen.  And your duty would be to transfer the code from the receipt to the IHOP survey portal.

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To be specific the IHOP code is on the base of your receipt. And it is a 13 digit code. Furthermore, the IHOP portal has the 13 digits empty boxes for one to seamlessly transfer the 13 digits to the empty boxes. And if you miss one, you will have the empty box. And you would just understand one need to redo the process again.

3. Enter Time Of Visit

The time of visit act as the second secure password. Of course, you could guess your time of visiting the survey code or get it through whatever means one has at the disposal but you would have to pull a lot of strings to get the time of visit right.

For these, you would have to choose the correct hour, minutes and the meristem. This can be easily be done from their website and all of the latter details are present in your receipt.

4. Provide The Server ID.

These are just the additional verification steps to make sure that any party with the invalid receipt doesn’t enter into the survey.  The IHOP server ID has seven digits that must be input to the survey server.

And after you are sure you have done the right thing, you will receive the green light to proceed with the remaining steps. And for easier location, the ID is just beneath the IHOP address.

5. Answer The Survey Questions

These quizzes provide the opportunity to air your feedback and in fact, the IHOP would be more interested in these section than the previous ones are just logistics related. The questions will be simple to answer and would determine how you were served with the visit to the restaurant.

The questions will be about the IHOP staff.  And this is the time to lament on whether you were treated accordingly. Did the staff do the better job and went some mile further to offer top-rated customer service. Just ponder the experience with your IHOP last visit.

Furthermore, It would be unkind to fail to comment on the IHOP menu. Provide your candid opinion about the pricing and the menu items. Is their menu wide and what about the food is it tasty or crunchy or the ingredients are below standards.

These are just the many questions you will be expected to answer and for the benefit of the restaurant and yours, provide honest answers and don’t plagiarise just because the customer attendant was cute and blonde.

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6. Receive The Validation Code.

You should expect the reward when you provide the splendid feedback. And this starts with the IHOP survey validation code. This code will pop up on your screen and better write is somewhere safe its one time. Furthermore, you would need it with your next visit to the site.

That’s all required for the survey and it would be sensible to have the IHOP Customer contacts for you to ask for help just in case you could need one.

IHOP Customer Contacts.

Arguably, there are the different methodologies for one to reach out to the IHOP customer care desk. If you prefer to make a call, better have these contacts on your speed dial 800 650083330 or 1-855-550-6799. The staff are super friendly and you will enjoy the service.

You could also send them a message but the process is rather long but visit the official IHOP site, fill the contact form and submit your query. However, the IPOA have their mobile application which could really be helpful to get customer support.

The mobile App would provide other restaurant features making it easy for you to search for other information which would pop up as notifications on the application. Besides, if you internet –savvy, you won’t have to bank on their mobile application but would rather follow the IHOP on respective social media sites.

The IHOP websites pages could also assist in getting help. Their FAQ page has the solution to almost every survey and other queries and you could learn on the different coupons that run on the different occasions.

The IHOP Customer Survey Questions.

Having the idea of about the IHOP survey question can really help complete the survey process ASAP. The survey questions will gauge the level of satisfaction and you could rate this with the visit to the locale. This could be one to the five-star rating.

Furthermore, other question will need your candid feedback about the IHOP servers. The feedback varies from one to ten scale and you would know where to place your bet. You will also rate their dining area and their menu and pricing.

If you are not okay with their menu and pricing be sure to submit your candid feedback and these would be highly appreciated. These are just some of the question which you would be expected to answer and your participation would be highly appreciated and rewarded.