Murphy USA Survey Murphy USA Survey to Win $100 Gas card

Murphy wants you to tell your experience at their fuel station. And if you visited the station lately, be sure to check your receipt for the survey invitation message. The message will give you the heads to enter the survey.

Entering the survey will provide you with the opportunity to submit your candid feedback. Murphy needs this to change a few things in their store. Your feedback will address the different Murphy department and you will an easy time to submit your feedback.

Murphy has set two platforms where one could complete the survey The survey could be completed online or via mail.

About The Murphy

Murphy USA Survey

Murphy USA Survey

This is a renowned fuel station in the United States, founded in 1966. It’s one of the many gas stations, which operates the gas chain stores and don’t be surprised to find one near you. And with the need to grow their station’s services and market, Murphy partnered with Walmart in 2016.

Afterwards, most of the Murphy gas station is located close to the Walmart. And this provides their customers with the opportunity to refuel, also purchase some merchandise at the store. As per now, there are over 1300 Murphy gas stations.

Notably, Murphy opened another petrol station, referred to as Murphy express and there are plans underway to open other stations in the United States.  With the increase in its operation, Murphy also wants to provide the best customer service, and that’s why they run this survey.

Murphy Survey Requirement.

In order to enter the survey, you should meet all the survey requirement set. Murphy has drafted some of this, and you better understand if you qualify to participate in the survey or not before you enter the survey. Some of the Murphy survey requirements include

Have The Murphy Receipt.

The receipt has the invitation message to participate in the survey. This is needed if you are to complete the survey online.  The only method you could get your hand on the murphy receipt is if you shopped for gasoline or fuel at their outlet.

And once you have the legal receipt, there is nothing that will stop you to enter the survey. However, not all the receipt have the Murphy invitation survey message. The only receipt which is issued within the survey period will have the message.

Must Have Attained Minimum of 18 Years.

The survey is run by the Murphy and it sponsor and all the survey procedures are guided in accordance to the United States Survey law. The law requires the survey participants to adults and the minimum age be 18 years old.

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Murphy is keen on the age requirement. And if you happen to win the survey grand price, you will not receive your survey reward unless you meet the latter threshold. Also, you have to be a legal United States resident. The survey is open to residents of the 50 United States region.

Internet Accessibility

If you will enter the Murphy survey online, make sure to have a stable internet connection. Have a device that can connect to the internet too. This will ease your work when completing the survey.

Understand Either English Or Spanish.

If you are not a superb Spanish speaker, you will complete the survey using the English language and vice versa. The survey home page will display content in English. And to switch to the Spanish language survey home page, you will click the Española link on the bottom page.

You should not be a Murphy Employee

If you are Murphy employee, director or in any other close association with the Murphy employees you will not be allowed to enter the survey. This move anticipates making the Murphy survey open to all participants.

There are a lot of other conditions and rules that govern the Murphy survey. You better visit the Murphy official site for more details.

How To Enter The Murphy Survey.

One can enter the Murphy survey online or via mail.  To enter the survey online, you will have to write your personal details that include your name, telephone number, date of birth and address.

Mail the latter personal contacts to Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes, PMI Station, and PO Box 3516, Southbury, CT 06488-3516.

However, it’s vital to note that one has to supply all the necessary contacts that would be used to gauge your eligibility to participate in the survey. Incomplete contact would mean that Murphy cannot verify your eligibility furthermore, they cannot get in touch if you are a survey winner.

How to Enter the Murphy Survey Online.

 Visit The Murphy Official Site.

When you have the survey receipt handy, visit the Murphey official site ( With the click of the latter link, you will land on the Murphy official homepage. Here, you will find additional information, which will help kick-start the survey

Also, the official site is envisaged on your Murphy receipt. Check to be sure that you are completing the survey on the correct page. However, the survey link shared above is authentic but there is no harm to confirm if it is.

The Home page contains the welcome survey message that will provide you with the heads up why you are participating in the survey. You will be requested to tell Murphy about your visit, and also to enter the survey in order to win the grand prize of $100 in free gas.

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And if you are still doubting the authenticity of the survey, you could click on the winner’s list to see for yourself the survey previous winners. Also, there are other links for the sweepstakes survey rules and for a change of the survey message to espaniol language.

Choose The Suitable Language

There are the two languages you could use to complete the survey. These are English and Spanish.  Once, you are on the survey official page, you will have the opportunity to choose your preferred language.

If you are okay completing the survey using the English language, you could complete the survey using Spanish and vice versa.

Enter the Survey Code and Time of Your Visit

The Murphy receipt has the date and time you visited their outlet. Since the details are on your receipt, all you have to do is to copy the details and paste. There are four boxes where you will enter the survey code.

Below the survey code, there are the boxes where you will input the time of your visit. You will have to click and enter the appropriate time as it on your receipt. The details will enable you to proceed with the survey.

Answering The Murphy Survey Questions.

If you have once participated in any survey, you will understand how completing this one could be much easy. These question will need to gauge the different parameters with your visit to their outlet

The question will touch on the location of their outlet, pricing, the quality of their service and products among more. Also, you will be requested to give your candid rating on the same, which is easily done.

However, it would be vital to understand that you need to answer the questions with utmost good faith. Provide the answer as it should be as this will be beneficial to you and the company.

Provide Your Survey Comment.

After you have answered all the questions, basically by providing a suitable rating, the Murphy will welcome you to provide the survey comment. This is the best way you could air out something you feel wasn’t featured in the survey questions

Also, you could proceed here to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their services and goods. However, it will be okay if you mind your feedback. Avoid insults but disagree politely. This way Murphy will take your comment seriously.

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Provide Your Personal Contacts.

These are to be used for survey process only. These contacts will be used to contact you just in case you are the winner of the$100 grand prices. Furthermore, they will be used for authentication purposes to determine if you are of the correct legal age to enter the survey.

Choose if You Want To Join The Sweepstakes.

This is optional. After you have submitted all the necessary questions, you have the options to join the sweepstake or not. However joining the sweepstake will not cost you a thing and once you agree or disagree, you will have to wait for Murphy to contact you.

Murphy Survey Questions.

Some of the Murphy survey questions will need your candid feedback about how satisfied you are with the Murphy services. Of course, you will have to submit a suitable rating for the latter. Also, some will need you to provide the transaction details.

Also, you will need to provide your feedback about the unfolding of the different activities with your visit and these are the locale to comment if you had to wait for long to refill gas. Other questions will address the cleanliness of their outlets, restrooms, pricing among more.

Remember that Murphy needs your candid report on how the different events unfolded with your visit.

The Different Methods To Get In Contact With Murphy.

With the in-depth understanding of the need to improve the customer service, Murphy has set the different methodologies that would be used to contact them. Their customer support is always ready to listen to your query.

You can give them a call using the number 1 800 843 4298… However, it would be appropriate to call during the business hours as the latter is their business number. Also, you can reach out to Murphy using mail

Write your query, proceed to send it to Murphy USA, 422 N Washington, PO BOX 7300, El Dorado AR 71731. However, this would take some time to receive feedback. And it would be appropriate to send the mail a week earlier, if applicable.

You can also write them an email, which is somehow fast. Their working email address is customer care

Contacting Murphy Online.

If you are online-savvy, you could contact Murphy online, using their online contact form. Visit their official site and click to contact us the link. You will get a lot of other ways to reach out. Murphy has active social media contacts channels too.