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Sheetz Listens is the identity given to the customer satisfaction survey of Sheetz Company. The Sheetz Listens customer satisfaction survey is conducted with an aim of getting the feedback from the customers about the services offered by the Sheetz Company.

Moreover, the Sheetz Listens Customer satisfaction survey has an aim of determining how the potential customers of Sheetz Company are satisfied with the kind of services they offer. As a result, the customers are given a chance of expressing out their opinions concerning the offers of this company.

Thus, taking part in this survey is a big step to ensuring that the Sheetz Company is making a positive improvement. Through the survey, the company is capable of knowing the areas that need improvement in their business

Customers are in a position of receiving high-quality goods and services as result of taking part in this survey. This will make Sheetz company to receive positive recommendations from these customers which will, in turn, attract a large number of customers.

To appreciate those who take part in the survey, the company gives the customers an opportunity of winning a gift card that is worth 250 US dollars by participating in the survey sweepstakes of Sheetz.

The History of Sheetz Company

Sheetz Survey

Sheetz Survey

Sheetz Company is a brand of chain restaurant located in American that is very famous for its convenient stores, fuel stations, and the fast food restaurants.

Sheetz Company was introduced by Bob Sheetz in the year 1952. Currently, Sheetz Company is situated in a place known as Altoona which is found at Pennsylvania State. As per latest records, the company is running store that is exceeding 500 in number.

The total number of staffs employed by this company are exceeding 17, 000 in number. You can its stores at the places like The Northern Carolina State, Maryland State, West Virginia State, Ohio State, and the Pennsylvania State.

The frequent visitors to this stores are the travelers since they need rest places for the cases where they under a long trip. As a result, Sheetz Stores is highly recognized for offering good resting places that are accompanied by complete facilities.

Enjoy a Variety of Food at Sheetz Chain Restaurant

Sheetz chain restaurant cannot have a meaning without including the menu it offers in this article. The company has to further step of coming up with a marketing strategy that names its food products using the initials, ‘Sh’ for the case of the first letters and using ‘Z’ at their end.

This is considered as one of the creative strategy implemented by this company. A good case is where it names a food product like Nachos as Nachoz. In this case, you encounter a number of food products that they have named using this marketing strategy.

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When it comes to their breakfast, you will find a wide variety of meals to choose from. Here you will food products like fries, pizza, the burger salads, fish, and many more. Moreover, in this place you will spend a lot of time sharing with friends without any disturbance.

When it comes to the customers who are on with their trips, Sheetz Company provides the best for them. There is a fuel station where they fuel their vehicles while enjoying favorite meals at their restaurants. Also, there are automotive parts sold at their stores in case of any repair needed.

Visit Sheetz’s Website www.sheetzlistens.com for more Details

Other than offering the best meals, there a lot of services you can enjoy at Sheetz Company Stores. Learn more by visiting their website at www.sheetzlistens.com. For the case of addressing, the customer is free for loading www.sheetz.com

Having visited the website page of Sheetz chain restaurant, you will be in a position of doing a number of things since many of Sheetz’s services are provided digitally. The only thing you are required to do is to come up with a Sheetz account.

Through the Sheetz account, the customer is capable of enjoying the meals offered by Sheetz chain restaurant without having to pay them a visit. This means that a customer is in a position of making an order via online and get the menu delivered to his/her premises.

To Locate the Nearest Sheetz Store

Customers can determine the nearest Sheetz Store by visiting their online webpage. It is at this point that the customers are given a chance of searching the nearest store for Sheetz that they make an order for their desired menu.

Moreover, through the online webpage, the customers are capable of requesting the coupon of Sheetz using the created account. Having done that, Sheetz chain restaurant will have no otherwise other than sending the coupon to your place.

Furthermore, the Sheetz online account gives you a chance of checking the balance of your Sheetz gift card. However, checking it requires you to fill the number of that particular gift card in the given blank space.

Rules for Participating in the Sheetz Sweepstakes

As stated earlier, anyone who emerges a winner of Sheetz Sweepstakes is promised a gift card that is worth 250 US dollars. However, taking part in this sweepstakes does not require you to incur any payments. But, there are strict rules you need to follow.

Breaking the sweepstakes rules will make you get disqualified from participating in it. This means you will not have a chance of winning the gift card that is worth 250 US dollars. The following are the man rules that you need keep in mind before engaging in the challenge.

  1. The Eligibility of those to Participate
  2. A Minimum Age of 18 Years Old
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Sheetz requires you to be 18 years old and above in order to participate in this sweepstakes. This is an indication those who are under 18 years are required to take part in this sweepstakes. They are not categorized as the one in a position of making the right decisions.

Other than the age limit, you are required to be a legal citizen of United States in order to take part in this sweepstakes. However, there are other residents who are allowed to take part in this sweepstakes. These are the Virginia residents, the Pennsylvania Residents, Ohio residents, Maryland residents, North Carolina residents, New York residents, and the residents of Columbia District.

  • Employees of Sheetz Should not take Part

Those working with Sheetz Company are supposed to take in this sweepstake. Moreover, the immediate families and the friends of these employees are not supposed to take part in this sweepstakes. This is the same case for those having Sheetz partnership. Only customers should participate!

  • Methods of Participating

There are two methods that can be used to take part in this sweepstakes. There is the mailing method and the online method. All those participating are given the freedom of deciding on their best methods.

Rules for Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey

Taking part in the survey of Sheetz chain restaurant should not worry anymore. You only need to set aside your 10 minutes and participate in this survey. This is the minutes that will dictate a winner of 250 US dollars free gift card. However, you need to observe rules such as;

  1. You Should be 18 years Old or Above

Those taking part in the answering of the survey questions are required to have attained an age of 18 years or more. Only mature individuals are needed to take part in this survey so that the can be held responsible for any problem that may arise.

Therefore, it is advisable for those who have not attained the age of 18 years to wait for their right time to avoid any inconveniences.

  1. Only Legal Citizens of United States to Take Part

Keeping in mind that this is a national brand, it is always advisable only the residents of the United States who are legally recognized to take part in this survey. Thus, those who are illegally living in the United States are not supposed to take part in the survey.

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The Requirements of the Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey

The first thing to keep in mind while taking part in this survey is having a valid receipt. This means you should ensure that the receipt is not expired. The receipt contains the date and the time when you visited Sheetz chain restaurant together with the survey code.

Moreover, you need to have a stable internet connection. This is vital in ensuring that there are no loading effects during the process of undertaking the survey. Also, a slow internet will mean that you will have to use more time to finish the survey process.

Therefore, you should ensure that your internet devices are efficient enough for this process. This will allow you to complete the process in less than 10 minutes. Here you need a device like a smartphone or a laptop or a tablet.

Finally, you are required to have a clear understanding of English. The survey questions of Sheets are offered in the English language which means you need to understand the questions clearly before answering them. However, a deep understanding of the language is not needed in this case.

A Guide to Taking Part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Step One

The first step requires you to visit the online portal of Sheetz chain restaurant. You will access it by clicking the link www.sheetslistens.com or www.rufeelinit.com.

Step Two

Having entered their official website, the next thing is providing the needed details. All the needed details are available on the receipt offered by Sheetz chain restaurant. This includes the date of visit, time of visit, and the invitation code. Then press the start button.

Step Three

Having clicked the start button, you will be exposed to simple questions related to your last visit to this chain restaurant. You need honesty while answering them since they will dictate the nature of services you will receive on your next visit to these chain restaurant.

Step Four

Upon the completion of answering the survey questions, the next thing is classifying the questions. The details needed are your background. Annual income, gender, and age. Then click next.

Step Five

This requires you to decide if you are entering the sweepstakes. Select yes if you want to join.

Step Six

Having decided to enter the sweepstakes, you are required now to provide your personal information. Then, click next to leave the page.