Panda Express Chicken (Why People Love it)

Do you love chicken? Am sure you do. It is a dish that we take frequently at home. In my house, we love chicken and make sure we have a dish almost twice or thrice a week. If you love chicken as I do, we are sailing in the same boat.

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Chicken meat is delicious. Each time you have your chicken, you just cannot have enough of it. Grilled, roasted, baked, fried or in a salad, it is something you will enjoy having with your family. That explains why it is also available in the fast food joints.

Panda Express Chicken

Panda Express Chicken

If you are a fan of fast food, then you might have noticed that they offer chicken dishes a lot. Most fast food joints always serve their customers with a recipe for chicken meat. It is because people have become fond of chicken meet over beef.

So, what is the secret? Is it because chicken is easier to cook or is it readily available? Well, it is a matter of time before you know why. Read along and see. A good example of a fast food joint that offers chicken dishes is the panda express.

Panda express chicken

Panda Express has been in operation for over 25 years. All along they have been working hard to make sure they don’t disappoint. That is by providing delicious meals of the Asian origin. The founders, who are Asian have known very well that Americans love Chinese cuisine.

The cook at panda express do an incredible job of making sure everybody who walks in their premises walks out satisfied. That is by offering the best food which they cook using the carefully selected ingredients. That has seen them on top of the game in the hotel industry.

The thing that makes them stand out is the chicken dishes. If you have a look at their menu, it is evident that they serve a lot of chicken dishes. One would wonder why right? Well, it is they too understand the growth of demand for chicken dishes.

Since they started their operation, chicken has always been in their menu. They even came up with their signature meal, the orange chicken breast which is a chicken dish and it has been the top-selling dish in all their years of operation.

If you are to walk into any panda express and ask for a chicken dish, they will give you a variety to choose from. The following are the chicken dishes found in the panda express menu;

  • Orange chicken breast
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It is the most popular dish they have. It is also the most selling food in all panda express and is termed as their signature meal. They invented it and all years long and have been serving their faithful customers and they keep coming for more.

If you were to taste the dish, you will understand why. The chicken meal is super delicious. When you have a bite of it, your mouth burst with flavours due to the orange juice added in the dish. It adds a twist of the taste to the tender chicken meal.

When you ask people, they walk in panda express to have the orange chicken breast. From all walks of life, they have always loved the way panda express cooks make the chicken. If you master the recipe, am sure you too will enjoy making the dish at home just like the panda express does.

  • String bean chicken

If you love your chicken with some veggies. It is the meal to have. if you are watching your weight or trying to lose it, food with vegetables is a meal you will enjoy without guilt. Panda express knows customers want something with vegetables.

The chicken meal is considered healthy. With 190 calories, it is a meal you can squeeze in in your calorie count right? The cooking time is also short and that keeps your veggies fresh and crunchy. It is a great option if you want to have some chicken but remains healthy.

  • Black pepper chicken

If you love your chicken spicy and with a punch of spiciness, you need to order the dish. The chef uses the ingredients to make the chicken so delicious that you will love to have more. The unique thing about the meal is the punch of the grounded black pepper that people love and feel when they eat.

It is also considered healthy. A good option if you don’t have the string bean chicken breast. Low in calories and cooked with little oil, it is a good choice of the chicken dish if you are on a diet. Well, if you don’t like spices much, go for the one below.

  • Mushroom chicken

Yes, if you love mushrooms, you will enjoy the dish. Panda express knows how to mix vegetables and chicken to come up with a delicious dish like it. The good thing about the dish is that it is low in calories and faster to cook, thus you won’t have to wait for the dish.

If you love your family to have a healthy dish, go for the mushroom chicken dish. The serving is full enough for them to be full and still enjoy. It is affordable and the chef will make it so delicious just like you want it to be.

  • Grilled teriyaki chicken

Sometimes you want to treat yourself with something super delicious, go for the chicken dish. For the teriyaki chicken, the meat which is chicken is marinated with teriyaki sauce and grilled. The good thing with grilled chicken is that there is no added oil so it remains healthy.

If you love a mixture of sauce and some roasted meat, order the grilled teriyaki chicken and you will not regret. What makes the chicken sweet is the margination. It makes it tender and adds flavour to it making it the best to have when you are in for a flavour-filled dish.

  • Other chicken dishes
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They have other chicken dishes that they make for their customers. Each has its own distinct ingredients that lead to different flavours. The dishes include;

  • Kung pao chicken.
  • Mandarin chicken.
  • Firecracker chicken sauce.

Is panda express chicken healthy?

Panda Express Chicken

Panda Express Chicken

That is a question you would ask yourself before you have a meal, right? If you are a person cautious of what you eat, you might want to ask yourself it will have a positive or negative impact.

Among all the meat that e consume, chicken is considered healthy. Many people from all walks of life have been preferring to consume chicken over any other meat. Research shows it is lean, filling and has a lot of nutrients that can be of benefit to your body.

Compared to red meat, white meat which chicken is is considered healthy to consume and good for your body. It has less cholesterol and full of amino acids. To answer your bothering question, read below why panda express prefer chicken dishes;

Reason Why Panda Express serves chicken dishes

Like you have read above, panda express serves a lot of chicken dishes. They also have a chicken serving as their signature dish. They must have a reason for that right.? here is the reason why panda express serve chicken recipe;

  • Source of protein

E all know protein is essential for our body. It is called bodybuilding food hence beneficial to our body when you consume. They help the body repair and recover from illness in a quick way. it also helps in building important elements in our body.

Being a source of nutrients also meals it is lean in fat. Low in cholesterol means that you can consume and be full without the worries of extra fat. Full of amino acids means you will gain essential elements that will help in your body mechanism.

  • Nutrients

Yes, like said above, consuming chicken will add your body with necessary elements. The elements help in the metabolism and normal functioning of your body. The elements include;

  • Iron.
  • Phosphorous.
  • Selenium.
  • Vitamin A.
  •  Zinc.
  • Vitamin B2 B3 B5 B6 B7 and B12.
  • Low in calories

I know it is good news to you if you are watching your weight. Chicken meat is a protein that is lean and low in calories. That means it can fit in your diet and still count your calories in a safe way. that explains why a protein meal is used as a way of losing weight in the keto diet.

For you to lose weight, you must watch the number of calories you consume in a day. It means you need to consume less than what your body needs. Protein dishes will help you keep your calories down enough for the day. Chicken is also low in sodium and fat.

  • Easy to digest

Yes, for your bowel movement, you need a dish that will be easy on your stomach. A meal that when you consume will not stay for long n your tummy without being digested. Chicken is the most recommended meat to consume.

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A chicken dish will be digested faster than any other meat dish you order. That means you will not be bloated and with a lot of gas once you have the dish. That keeps your mind at ease, right? there is nothing painful than having bloat after eating food.

  • Convenient

Yes, it is also convenient to have a chicken meal. Whether at home or at panda express, chicken is readily available. A walk into any store, you will find chicken for you to buy and cook. Panda express too knows that chicken is convenient to cook for their customers.

How is panda express chicken cooked

For your chicken to be healthy and good for you, it must be prepared and cooked in the right way. that is to reduce the risk of it turning out to be a source of anything else other than good nutrients. It is therefore good to understand ho panda express does their chicken.

  • Preparation

Preparation goes a long way in making sure the chicken serves the purpose of being beneficial to your body. That is hay you need to understand how it is done. Once they have bought the chicken, panda express makes sure the chicken is skinless and cut into small pieces.

Being skinless means less fat and calories. That is because fat and cholesterol are found in the chicken skin. When they remove them, they reduce the number of fat and cholesterol making the chicken more fit for consumption. Cutting into smaller pieces makes sure it cooks in the inside.

  • The cooking

Cooking your chicken goes a long way in determining whether it is healthier for you or not. That is because it involves a lot of additional ingredients that may make the chicken unfit. It should be cooked with no additional harm and if you were to add, add vegetables and favourable spices

The chef at panda express knows how to cook the chicken recipe into what you want within minutes. That means they understand how the chicken is supposed to be cooked. The following are the cooking methods that they use;

  • Shallow fry.
  • They grill.
  • Bake.
  • Deep fry with the right kind of oil.
  • Add a lot of good spices and vegetables when cooking.

By doing that, they make sure what is cooked is healthy for consumption. They go an extra mile in making sure the oil they use is low in calories and enhance chicken flavour. With that, the customer enjoys the chicken with no worries of adding additional weight.

So, on whether the chicken at panda express is healthy and good to consume, the answer is yes. You can go ahead and enjoy a delicious meal full of flavour and in the right quantity without the fear of whether it is good or not.

Panda express chicken has been peoples favourite. With a lot in the menu to choose from, they have made it in a way that the customer will enjoy and remain healthy. They understand chicken is a good meat to consume and serve it in different dishes that are full of flavour and taste.