Why Wok and Roll is the People’s Favorite Place to Dine.

There I am walking from work tired and just don’t feel like going to cook at home. At once, I remember these great reviews of Wok and Roll and decide to try out. I am in DC and there is one around the corner. Hurriedly I walk in and I am surprised. Why? The amount of people in the restaurant is overwhelming.

Am in line waiting, and looking around. Questions came to my mind like what makes this place everyone’s favorite? Why is that everyone in the office always order food from Wok and Roll? Why is it that this place has got these great reviews? while I was dining there, I made my observation. They are the best because;

  • Their location is perfect.
  • They have good services.
  • The food is great.
  • Cost- friendly.
  • Have clean and spacious premises.
  • Always available to deliver.
  • Offer a wide range of food to choose from.
  • Have many branches.


Wok and Roll restaurant is in a place where everyone can access them. From DC to Opelika to Cambridge, you can easily have your order delivered to you within no time. For those in the offices, you can easily walk from your offices and eat your favorite meal and walk back to work. This makes Wok and Roll a one-stop favorite due to its perfect location.

Find them at railway stations, in the airport or down across a crowded street. Their goal is to serve their customers from wherever they are.

Good services

There is someone to say high at the door when you enter, a polite waiter to take your order, a polite cashier to receive your money and a chef who prepare just what you order. Who can resist this every day? The staff is polite, professionals and skilled to handle such a huge crowd of the customers from all walks of life. They know what the customers want and just how to deliver.

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Wok and Roll hire the best. From what I experienced, the staff value their customers and handle them with lots of respect. Nice food served by kind staff is a big deal to any customer, and they seem to know that very well.

Great food

You can say that again, after all, this is what I am here come for, right? The chef is competent. They mix ingredients carefully to produce healthy and nutritious food for their customers to enjoy. From sushi, noodles, beef, chicken and Lo Mein, everything is so delicious. It makes you want to come for more. With the kind of menu, they have, be sure to try out a new dish each time you walk in at Wok and Roll.

Did I mention they mind people’s diets? This is by serving healthier food such as;

  • Hot, sour and wonton soup.
  • Steamed spring rolls.
  • Chicken and shrimps that are steamed or boiled.
  • Steamed vegetables and more.

This makes them the best. People want to be served healthier tasty meals all the time.

Friendly cost

This is it. In this time of harsh economy, nobody wants to just spend a hard-earned dollar on food only. Wok and Roll understand this. That is why they price dishes well for everyone who wants to dine here. They make sure you don’t feel the pain of spending all you have just for a bowl of shrimps. The price is fair and affordable. We all want a place where a dollar is saved, that is why people find it convenient to dine at Wok and Roll.

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Clean and spacious premises

Clean is elegance. A clean restaurant is always a place to be. When you walk it at Wok and Roll you feel the warm and cozy atmosphere that catches your attention. The food is prepared in their clean kitchen, and you can just feel the clean air around. They understand the importance of hygiene and that is why they comply with all the health rules and regulations.

Always available to deliver

When you give them a call, and they are there to answer, Order some dish and it is delivered within no time. where else can you find this? While I was there I saw orders being dispatched. The call center is keen and listens to what you want and deliver. The working hours are awesome. All the meal times are covered making Wok and Roll just a call away.

A wide range of dishes to choose from

The menu is great. You can choose your dish from dozens of meals that they are serving in a day, is that not convenient? You don’t want to have the same kind of food, every day, right? At Wok and Roll, they have a variety to choose from. For those who have a certain preference like vegetarians, this is the place to be. They have vegetarian special meals, they have children plate menu and the chef special every day.

Have many branches

They are all over. We have Wok and Roll at;

  • China town.
  • Adams Morgan.
  • In DC.
  • Mc Lean and many more.

You will find a branch almost all over other towns. This is good for them and their customers because you can find their dish from wherever you are. This makes them the best. According to online reviewers, they find them convenient since there is always a Wok and Roll joint across the street.

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Finally, my turn is here. They serve my meal and it’s time to leave. Happy, my stomach is full and the experience, awesome. From their service, I can testify that they are the best. I walk out fulfilled, and sure that I can always come for another well-prepared meal. If this is what all the customer goes through, I understand why they come for more. I understand why they have won another people’s heart and become the best place to dine at.