What Makes Wok and Roll Menu the Best

You are at work, and you decide with your friends to have lunch. You walk into a restaurant hungry, and in a mood for a delicious meal only to find there is no variety on the menu? disappointing, right? Are you a vegetarian wondering which is the one place that is minding your choice? Worry no more, read along as I tell you more.

Wok and Roll know what you want. We have been in the industry long enough to identify what our customers crave for. Our chefs are the best. They carefully mix fresh natural ingredients to come up with delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals for everyone to enjoy. We work at our level best to make sure our visitors have the most memorable dining experience each time they walk on our premises.

We are in various parts of the country. Our restaurants are designed to offer an atmosphere that is cozy and warm. Since we offer the best, our customers keep on coming for more. We want all our clients to have a taste of our delicious meals wherever they are. That is why our management works hard to make sure we have as many branches as possible.

Our menu has various categories. This is according to the chef ability to cook different dishes. Here are some of the menu categories you will find in almost all the Wok and Roll branches;


There is nothing that is fulfilling like a nicely cooked beef, right? At Wok and roll, we make sure you come for more of that deliciously cooked steak you love so much. Our chef cooks it well and serves it with brown or white rice, broccoli or with garlic source. Be sure that you will find finely cooked beef served with your preferred dish.

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Who does not love chicken? I mean, it is a source of white meat and is always a good choice. Wok and Roll chef knows how to prepare it just like the way you want it. Whether with curry source, garlic source or with cashew nuts, you can never go wrong with us. Come for kung pao chicken and sweet or sour chicken with vegetable. We have all that on our menu.


The appetizer is a small food or drinks used to boost your need for eating. We want you to enjoy our food, and what a better way to do it than to serve an appetizer to boost that urge you have. We appetizers made of eggs, vegetables, shrimps, chicken wings, dumplings and many more delicious one.

Leave it to us to take care of your appetite. Walk in at any Wok and Roll joint and ask for the menu, and you will find what you want.


Soup is a liquid food. It can be a clear or thick soup. You can have it hot or warm. Our chef makes this delicious food by combining ingredients such as vegetable and meat. It can be made of eggs, wanton, vegetables or velvet corn? You can have it hot or cold, it’s your choice.

So, you want to have that favorite bowl of soup that you love so much? Come and our chef will make it just the way you like it. All this at Wok and roll.

Fried rice

Did you know rice is most popular in the Asian community? It is a staple food for many people around the world, especially in Asia. Well, we want to be part of that experience. Wok and roll chef prepare rice to go with other types accompaniment. Whether white or brown, we make rice and serve it with;

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Yes, I said pineapple. Wondering how? Come see for yourself how it is done at any of our branches. Our chef will make your experience worth a visit. Our chef will surprise you with his culinary skills. He is best at what he does.

Lo Mein or Cho Mein

It is a fried egg noodle dish and is considered one of the healthy meal in the Chinese food. Our chef does not just make food, they make healthy food. Therefore, we are highly recommended by people who are diet conscious. Come have some of lo Mein with vegetables, chicken, pork, shrimps, pork, or with seafood.


This is anything edible from the sea. It can be fish, oyster shrimps and many more. At Wok and Roll, we specialize in shrimps. We get many great reviews on shrimps. Come have them with broccoli, mixed vegetables or with chili source at any of our branches.


Well, I told you we have something for vegans. If you are a strict vegetable person, read this. In our menu, we have meals you can enjoy like;

  • Sautéed broccoli.
  • Mixed Chinese vegetables.
  • Ma Po To Fo
  • Eggplant in garlic source.
  • Sautéed fresh veggies.
  • Mushroom delight and many more.

We mind people of all kind of preferences. That is why we do not want to leave vegetarians out. Come or call for your kind of vegetables and enjoy your choice.

Child plate

I know you are thinking, what! Yes, we have something for your kid. This is good news for parents, right? We don’t want your kid to be left out in this amazing experience. We have;

  • Chicken wings.
  • Beef or chicken sticks.
  • Chicken fingers.
  • Fried jumbo shrimps.
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You see, I told you we have a lot to offer. Wok and Roll want to make sure you dine with us without regrets. From beef, chicken, rice, shrimps not forgetting every day chef’s favorite meal, our list is endless. All you should do is walk in one of our Wok and Roll branches or call to order your meal. Our chef will make sure you have just what you order with a touch of class and lots of love. Come and enjoy.