Pronto Pizza Staten Island, NY USA

Pronto Pizza Staten Island, NY USA

Pronto Pizza has five locations in Staten Island, NY USA mainly at 1077 Bay Street, 337 New Dorp Lane, 3297 Richmond Ave., 738 Forest Ave and 2935 Veterans Rd West. Pronto Pizza is one of the top rated and favorite among the food lovers and the demand of pronto pizza is always high no matter where is it located. The speedy and discounted delivery service provided by the pronto pizza also makes it one of the top selling pizza brand all over the country and around the world.

Pronto pizza is located at five locations in the Staten Island NY USA providing quality food to the residents in their centers or through their home delivery service. At pronto pizza centre you can have quality pizza and other items n their menu at highly reasonable and cheap rates as well as you can order the pizza or other items on the menu through their web application as well the mobile application so the pronto pizza can be delivered to your door step.

Pronto Pizza Staten Island, NY USA

Pronto Pizza Staten Island, NY USA

The online order option available at the website of the pronto pizza also provides special discounts and coupons on various food items in order to make it more attractive for the people. The online application system is highly user friendly and easy to use by the common people. When an order is placed through the online application portal, the order is first confirmed by the representatives of the pronto pizza after which the work on the order is started by the workers at the pronto pizza. Once the order is prepared at the pronto pizza and ready to be sent to the customers, a text and Email is sent to the customer while the delivery is processed by the delivery staff of the pronto pizza. The delivery of the pizza is one of the fastest at pronto pizza and gets to the customers in usually no time. Customers have the option to either pay through their credit cards or through cash on delivery.
While the service of the pronto pizza is top notch and appreciated by the people who had the opportunity to experience it first hand, it is also known and loved by the quality and taste of food provided by them. On the top review sites on internet hundreds of thousands of people are expressing their love for the pronto pizza on daily basis.
The menu of the pronto pizza is rich and provides a wide range of fast food pizza eateries. A list of some of the items and appetizers on the menu of the pronto pizza is given below,
Menu Items of a Pronto Pizza
1. Appetizers
2. Salads
4. Entrees and Wraps
5. Rolls and Calzones
6. Pasta and Baked Dinners
7. Kids Corner

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All the items on the menu are further constituted into delicious and rich items a detail of which I given below,
1. Appetizers
 Baked Clams
Baked Clams are some of the most delicious clams found on the appetizer menu of the pronto pizza and can be ordered before having your rich meal at very cheap and reasonable prices

 Buffalo Wings
Buffalo wings are the tasty un-breaded wings in the cuisine of the pronto pizza. They can be order before the full meal as an appetizer.

 Bruschetta
Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer comprising of grilled bread rubber with oil and salt. It is one of the most sort out and loved appetizer at the restaurant.

 Caprese
Caprese is a marinated tomatoes and homemade mozzarella cheese at the pronto pizza and available as an appetizer at the pronto pizza.

 French Fries
 Fried Calamari
 Zeppoles
 Fried Shrimp
2. Salads
Salad is one of the must at the pronto pizza and can be customized by the customers according the predilections of the people as they can choose what they would like from the number of the options available. Some of the best options available are Antipasto, Buffalo, Balsamic Grilled Chicken, Caesar, Tossed, Calamari and Italiano.
Pizza is the main and the standard item on the menu of pronto pizza and the primary reason why people visit the pronto pizza. The pizza at pronto pizza are available in different sizes and toppings which range in a lot of numbers. The Pizza’s come in Full size 3.25 ea, Half size 1.75 ea, 10” full 1.50 ea and Half .85 ea Pizza. It is the choice of the customers to choose the size that they want to eat.

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On top of the delicious Pizza, toppings of various taste are available at pronto pizza. A list of toppings available at the pronto pizza are given below,
The toppings available are Sausage, Cheese, Extra-cheese, Onions, Spinach, Fresh Mozzarella, Olives, Broccoli, Meatball, Ham and Pepperoni.

The Pizza’s available are of various types i.e. Pan Pizza, Gourmet Pizza and stuffed Pizza. The Pizza is of various prices which are affordable for the customers. The customers can customize the Pizza’s as per their taste.

Pronto Pizza Staten Island, NY USA

Pronto Pizza Staten Island, NY USA

Types of Pizza

 10” Personal
10” Pizza is one of the basic and cheapest Pizza at the pronto pizza. It costs around $6.95.

 Pan Pizza (14” with Six Slices)
Pan Pizza is a 14” pizza available at the pronto pizza which can be made into six slices. The pizza costs around $19.50and can be made more delicious with number of other options available. The toppings available can be applied on the Pizza for the best taste and satisfaction of the customer. Some of the items commonly ordered with this Pizza are BBQ, Billy Cajun Buffalo, caprese, Fresco etc.

 Gourmet Pizza
The gourmet Pizza at the outlets of pronto pizza is available on whole wheat while the crust and toppings are up to the customer to decide. It costs around $17 while it can be made more delicious with more toppings and stuffing’s.

The feature which makes the Staten Island pronto pizza one of the best pizza outlets around the world is their working staff who are always there to give the best customer service and care about the satisfaction of their clients.

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