Fresh Market Survey

Fresh Market Survey to Win $500 –

You may ask yourself why to spend quality time to complete the fresh market survey. Not to mention this will have to cost data charges. But, if you agree to enter the survey, you have the chance to win the grand prize of $ 500 gift card.

This is exclusive of the coupon code you will receive which can be converted to a discount with the visit to their outlet. And if as per now, you haven’t entered the survey, there is still time to grab the gift card price. Furthermore, you need to enter the survey to provide your true feedback that’s very important.

And if you shopped at the Fresh market from some quality fresh products from all road the globe, this is the one chance you have to enter the survey. And without further adjure, let’s jump into the survey as there is no reason to keep you away from $500 gift card.

About The Fresh Market

Fresh Market Survey

Fresh Market Survey

The fresh market has been supplying grocery store for over 35 years. Opened in 1982, the creators aimed to supply fresh grocery shopping that was uncommon and unpopular in those days.

As per now Fresh market operates more than 170 stores in the United States. They indeed sell fresh products and their fresh market isn’t, a copycat name. The fresh market also sells its products online.  You can order for their fresh items rest be assured it will be delivered.

Their customer service, pricing, quality and quantity of goods are top rated and the Fresh market has always wanted to improve customer services event further. That why they organize the survey and increase the time to enter to 12 times and the survey period to run up to 2019.

How To Enter Survey without Receipt

As not everyone keeps paper receipts especially in the techie world, you don’t have to panic if you lost one. You still have the chance to participate in the survey.

However you will have to write your name, night and day telephone number complete email address, age and send the details in a business envelope addressed to The Fresh Market Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 16349, Rochester, NY 14616.

Therefore don’t fail to enter the survey as the method makes the survey free to a lot of people.

More About The Fresh Market Survey

Fresh Market Survey reward              $500 gift card

Fresh Market Survey begins on                   1st May 2018

Fresh Market Survey Ends on              3o April 2019

Fresh Market Survey Locale           50 U.S and Washington District of Colombia.

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Fresh Market Survey Age Limit                   18 and over

Fresh Market Survey Prize                           One per household

Fresh Market Survey Entry Limit               12


The Fresh Market Survey Rules.    

These survey rules are set to streamline the whole survey process. Furthermore they ensure there is the free and fair participation and only eligible candidates enter the survey.  Some of the fresh market survey rules include:

  • One doesn’t necessary need to purchase at the Fresh market to enter the survey. However if you do, your chances to win the fresh market survey reward would be higher.
  • Only the residents from the 50 unites states with the inclusion of District of Columbia will be eligible to enter.Furhermore, they must be 18 years of age or over.
  • If you choose to enter using the fresh market receipt, the latter can be used only once and would expire after 30 days.
  • Fresh marker workers, household family members and directors would be barred to participate in the survey.
  • The $500 Fresh market gift car is cannot be assigned to another person nor transferred
  • The Fresh market survey sponsor will use your survey contact to address you where applicable
  • Your contact would not be shared with anyone else

What You Need In Order To Participate In The Survey?

The survey will take you at most five minutes. However, it could take longer if you are unprepared and you are using unstable internet connections. To be safe you will need:

  • A device that can connect to the internet.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • The Fresh Market receipt
  • Basic Understanding of English and Spanish language
  • Legal residents from Unites states or District of Columbia.

How To Complete The Fresh Market Survey


  • Visit The Fresh Market survey portal The portal is available online .Furthermore the login URL is available on your receipt.
  • Select your preferred language. This can be either English or Spanish.
  • Enter the Fresh Market survey code. The code are on your receipt. You just have to copy from receipt to survey portal
  • Proceed to enter date and time of visit. This are just additional authenticity question.
  • Answer all fresh market survey questions. It’s of utmost importance to submit genuine feedback. This will help you and company.
  • Enter your personal details. Your email, phone number, zip code among others. The sponsor – who runs the survey on behalf of fresh market may use the personal info to contact where necessary
  • Choose whether you can enter in the sweepstakes.
  • Receive your validation code. You can redeem the code for discount on your next visit.
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The Fresh Market Survey Question.

The fresh market takes the survey feedback seriously. They will review each and every survey question to come up with the solutions that could change operations in their supermarket.

However, the fresh market has several departmental and you will submit your feedback per each. You can provide a suitable rate that is based on your level of consumer satisfaction. These are the fresh market survey questions

 The Fresh Market Customer Satisfaction Questions.

  • You will have to choose among of these rating parameters: you disagree strongly, Disagree somewhat, Neutral, agree somewhat, Agree strongly.
  • You will be asked whether the store was clean and inviting.
  • Did you like the music features in the store. Was it making unnecessary noise?
  • Is it easy to navigate in the store?
  • If you are here for a long time would you save the time looking at the stores another department?
  • Did you like the production description? Was is adequate and necessary and it helped you understand the product more?
  • Were the staff candid and greeted you while you visited the store
  • You will be asked if you are aware of the fresh market Tuesday Saturday special among more information.

Below, you will have the option to click on the previous and next questions or clear.  Whether you strongly agree or disagree, you will just need to click on the necessary tab.

Fresh Market Customer Survey Departmental Questions

Besides the general satisfaction level, you will need to answer the Fresh market survey departmental question that will assess other salient issues about their store.

You will either rate the produce department and other services as less than expected as expected, more than expected and Consistency more invalid input. Furthermore, you will have the comment section, where you can express further dissatisfaction.

For the produce department, you will comment on

The quality and freshness of other products


Employee’s service

This will be similar to the other department like Bakery, Cashier department, grocery department and meat among other departments.


Fresh Market Survey Winner Notification And Random Drawing

All participants who enter the survey via mail and online will automatically enter into the grand draw. The draw will be conducted by applying the survey terms and conditions, which have been highlighted prior

Furthermore, the winners will receive the price at most 6 weeks after the draw is held. The will be contacted via telephone, email using the personal contacts supplies when completing the survey.

For each entry period, only one gift card will be won and your chances of winning will depend on the number of times you participate in the survey. Remember you have the chance to participate 12 times.

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How To Contact The Fresh Market

Now that you understand how to enter the Fresh market survey, it’s sensible to also know, how you will get fresh market contact. This contact can be beneficial in different ways. You could ask questions about the survey or related.

And since technology has made things easy, you will have the wide variety of ways to contact fresh market. You could do this via phone, email, mail, online and on the store.

How To Contact Fresh Market Via Mail.

Thought the method is slow, it will get the job done. Understandably, it provides a better platform to write long queries, comments or dissatisfaction. However keep in mind that you have to be considerate with any comment, suggestion or query.

If you are disappointed to the point of pulling off your own ceiling, cool down and write that you don’t like disagreeing politely.

And after drafting our query, post to this mail address.A ttn: Guest Care Team 628 Green Valley Road Suite 500 Greensboro, NC, 27408-7041. Be rest assured to receive feedback on time.

Contacting The Fresh Market Via Phone.

This is among the fastest methodology one can use to contact the fresh market. Their call is operational for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

However, there are certain cases that you will not get direct contact with the Fresh Market. This is due to call traffic as the Fresh market receives a lot of calls. Their contact numbers are 866-817-4367 and 336-389-5795.

Different Ways To Contact Fresh Market Online.

If you are internet understanding you will have the easy task when you need to contact the fresh market. The fresh market online portal will provide the variant contact method. First, there is the live chart version available online.

You can click and get customer support from the live customer agent. The method will provide immediate feedback and you will have the chance to ask an additional question until you are satisfied.

Furthermore,  there is the online contact form, where one can fill the personal details,  write down your query and submit this online.L mostly the social media channels provide the better way to contact the Fresh Market. You will have to follow the Fresh market on their different social media handles. You will receive Fresh market notifications and be able to post queries too.