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New York Styled Pizza

Theories on the Uniqeness of the New York Styled Pizza

INTRODUCTION: It’s something in the water… or if nothing else that is the thing that they’ll have you accept. One of the most established hypotheses about New York City pizza is that the city’s faucet water is in charge of its predominant taste. Numerous Americans won’t not realize that here in the Big Apple, we’re nearly as glad for our water as we are of our pizza, and that the city has been adding fluoride to the water for over 50 years. Be that as it may, do fluoride and the other disintegrated solids and minerals truly have any kind of effect when pizza batter is being burnt at such high temperatures?

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New York Pizza

Some Places Where You Can Have a Good Slice of New York Pizza in New York

Introduction: New York has recently developed a good craving for the pizza, in the years after the 1950s, apart from the hamburgers and the hotdogs they are well known for since a century ago. Looking up to the demand for the pizza on the rise there have been many restaurants and eateries that have opened up in every nook and corner of New York. This has indeed made it difficult for locals and also the tourists, who would indeed like to have one of the best treats of their trip of the local cuisine, while here in the Big Apple as to where they would go to have it. So an international travel based website known as Tripsavvy based on their own research being done on various eateries in the New York City for the pizza-loving fellas have suggested some of the best restaurants in NYC.

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New York Pizza

What is New York Pizza Festival

What is New York Pizza Festival? New York Pizza Festival was an initiative taken by the local council to promote their traditional cuisine among the locals and tourists alike. It is a daylong celebration where there are various variations of pizzas are being served to the visitors to give them an insight into the rich tradition of New York in pizza making. Here you can also take part in the voting process to decide which city indeed makes the best pizza among the two primary contenders –New York and Chicago.

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New York Style Pizza vs Chicago Pizza –which one is better?

Introduction:  Both the cities of New York and Chicago have a long history that goes with pizza making and each of these cities hold on its own distinctive features with preparing the crusted pie. Even though the basic features of both the types are similar but there may be variations in the ingredients being used and to make the matters worst in differencing both the types, you might come along a pizza with a thin crust Chicago pizza and vice versa for the crust of the New York Pizza.

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