New York Style Pizza vs Chicago Pizza –which one is better?

Introduction:  Both the cities of New York and Chicago have a long history that goes with pizza making and each of these cities hold on its own distinctive features with preparing the crusted pie. Even though the basic features of both the types are similar but there may be variations in the ingredients being used and to make the matters worst in differencing both the types, you might come along a pizza with a thin crust Chicago pizza and vice versa for the crust of the New York Pizza.

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Differentiating them on the type of crust is not so easy as it may seem as they are so totally different – it is as if comparing a chocolate cookie with a chocolate sweet tart as both of them are desserts but each of them does have their own distinctive features that make them two different foods.



Among the preferences it is usually personal but statistical numbers have shown that because the thin crust is the one well known hence that is one most preferred and another advantage that adds to its cap is that it can be savored without the knife and fork, unlike the thick crust ones.

The real differences:

Crust–  Even though the sauces and the toppings are similar for both the difference is however in the crust. The New York Pizza has a thin crispy crust while the Chicago style pizza does have a thick crust.

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Convenience–  While the New York Pizza due to its thin crust can be hand folded and be relished as a sandwich, the Chicago pizza would require you to have it using the utensils.

Toppings– NY pizza toppings are constrained to a layer of small toppings that hold to the flat top. Deep dish Chicago pizza will have several inches of depth bearing in mind many layers of well-sized toppings.

Serving–  NY pizza is historically reduced inaccessible triangles while the deep dish Chicago pizzas are cut and served in portions.

Cheese –  NY pizza contains a skinny layer of mozzarella cheese all around it while the Chicago pizzas are covered with numerous layers of a variety of cheeses.

Oil– NY pizzas are known to be oily but the Chicago pizzas are “drier”.

Researcher’s Opinion



Some of the pizza researchers have shared their opinion on both the type of pizza in a leading website and they have their own understanding of the same.

Pizza researcher Joanna Borns who was bought up in Chicago pledged her allegiance to the Chicago Pizza by stating that the New York Pizza looked like “liquid pizza” and cannot be considered a pizza after all as it is not a ‘solid’. Her first impression of the New York pizza was that of a “tomato sauce swimming pool”. After she had the New York Pizza, she was quite smitten by its taste and quoted it as “one of the best cheese pizzas she had ever had”. She clearly classifies it nothing less than a “fat pizza” and is strictly against the time consumes in the preparation.

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Another researcher Mackenzie Kruvant, however, had a different opinion to the former stating that the New York Pizza is the ‘holy grail for pizza’. She had tried out the Chicago Pizza on some recommendations but she would however still prefer the NY style over the Chicago style. Her first impression was that of an “edible sports stadium”. She, however, did not seem to like it so much as understood by her quote “one slice is maximum of it” but she liked the concept that she could have it without having to make her hands dirty. She is however confused and cannot reach any firm stand for either of them just mentioning that both of them do have the components of the pizza so both of them should be considered equal and instead not compared.


Overall, it could be seen that these two types of pizza do however depend on people’s preference for pizza and their individual tastes and it cannot be universally agreed upon which one of them is the clear winner of the two.