Pizza Man Collection

Pizza Man Collection

The Pizza Man is one of the known pizza joints in North Hollywood (or so we think), but we are certainly one of the known pizza joints in Shippensburg. We have a three and a half star rating on Yelp, but again that won’t be that much interesting since we are probably not the only ones. We have the normal opening days and routines just as any other restaurant that is:



Day Open Closed
Monday 11:00AM 11:30PM
Wednesday 11:00AM 11:30PM
Thursday 11:00AM 11:30PM
Friday 11:00AM 12:30 AM
Saturday 11:00AM 12;30 AM
Sunday 11:00AM 11:30PM


The routine above can also be found on Google or on our website, just decided to save you the trouble. One unique thing about us is that we are located next to Shippensburg University, we decided to serve the college students and families so we probably had to adapt to a perfect environment that brings out that home environment (family-friendly) so as to offer the classic dishes that have been and will forever be your favorite.

The Pizza Man establishment offers menus just like any other establishment, I mean when they serve spaghettiand meat balls as Italian delicacies we actually go the extra mile to serve you, your friends and your families. Our Menus even include the Chef’s mistake! I mean if that isn’t creativity for the sake of making you our customer/consumer contented then we don’t know what else can and if you can’t find it with us no one else can duplicate our crazy.

Pizza Man Collection

Pizza Man Collection

If you may allow us to get into the meaning or the length of our creativity let us take you through the means or our very popular menu that we are sure you haven’t seen it anywhere ( if you have then we will try wheeling you to our doors with something else that is too interesting to avoid concentrating on)

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As the highlighted sub heading has now captured your attention allow us to take you through our pizza menu but please do note that we will only explain the creative and unique choices that we as a restaurant of the 21stcentury do have. They exponentially include:

  • Chef’s Mistake-this is a famous combination of Canadian bacon, Pepperoni, sausage, onions, Black Olives, Green peppers, Mushrooms, Pineapples, Tomatoes, Jalapellos. Anchovies& Shrimp)I mean we intentionally allow our chefs mess up and you still love it and crave for us. ( we also wonder but we are happy to have you)
  • Build your own Pizza- We really and very seriously doubt  that there are others with this similar trend, I mean we let you choose ingredients and make your own pizza from scratch with a variety of ingredients and tasty accompaniments.
  • Dinner, Appetizers & Extras-Our appetizers are mostly enjoyable and tasty(we prepare so it’s for you judge and let us know, but we are seriously confident that your taste buds want more from us)who actually thought that  chicken wings would make appetizers? That’s how good  and crazy we are and go so  that we allow the good to be the on-core while the best to be witnessed and presented only as the best that we know you deserve.
  • Beers on tap- Most of our consumers might not know this but we are really and honestly here to serve your appetites and your response makes us prep for more each and every day. Ome of the unique beers we offer include (arranged in a sarcastic order)
  1. Quilter’s Irish Death
  2. Fat tire
  3. Vanilla Porter
  4. Samuel Adams Cold snap
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There are so many and other different types of Beers than the ones given / auctioned above, but we honestly can’t use our last bullet right now, you will just have to walk through our doors.

We apologize for talking too much about food but we are now more than and seriously excited to give you a taste of what we are about and what we think we can offer. Before we seriously get you hitched and hungry let us give you a hint of our weekly specials.

Each week our chefs get crazy enough to come up with new and amazing specials that can only be enlisted during the amazing week ahead. This week’s special include:

Soup Specials

  • Monday Special- Cheddar harm & Broccoli
  • Tuesday Special- French Onion
  • Wednesday special- Chicken & rice
  • Thursday special- Stuffed bell pepper
  • Friday special- Clam Chowder
  • Saturday special- Chili
  • Sunday special- Fajita beef
Pizza Man Collection

Pizza Man Collection

We can’t stop there yet, there are also other weekly specials that can top the chart as we speak, I doubt that you are ready for this but just to convince you enough here we go again. Our interesting and special pizza orders include sweet Lasagna Pizza, Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato, Alaskan Cod Fillet Sandwich and the Italian Sausage Bolognese.

Are you hooked yet? If not then please log onto our facebook page or website to see how serious we are, I mean even the online orders have a takeout menu!

The facebook page if we are going to be a bit serious is a way for you to communicate with us and review our services and here is the best part your reviews aren’t deleted nor neglected because we take pride in admitting that we are here to serve you and you are basically our employers.(indirectly that is) the reviews make us grow and keep up with currents and time but if we are this crazy and creative enough to have you hooked then we believe that we are in the right track and industry.

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Our prayer/plea is that you give us a chance, our doors are opened and we are waiting, yes we are waiting for you, your family and friends. Come enjoy and review, yes you who is reading this amazing journal/exaggeration the door knobs and chairs are itching and waiting for your presence!!