Why Choose Pizza Man

Why Choose Pizza Man

The Pizza Man like the name suggests is an efficient and theyll known establishment that was created for the sole purpose of you and your family. They would like to think that they are unique and proud enough to adapt the famothem name but you are the ones who should and would be able to judge that at the end of this article.

The Pizza Man is a captivating restaurant founded within a walking distance from the Shippensburg University which would mean that they mostly theylcome and cater to only the college students but also to families all around or those who travel from all around to Shippensburg.

Why Choose Pizza Man

Why Choose Pizza Man

They do have the normal services that are offered by other (or many more) restaurants across north Hollywood but they do believe that they do poses that extra kick to make you choose them or maybe they think they do, catheme after selling out and always being full to capacity(literally) and always on call through online orders they honestly can say that they have it all figured out.

Though if they did they wouldn’t need to show you how incredible they are, and also theylcome the thought that they do have room for improvement and can’t argue that they fall under the 21stCentury.

As they give reasons and explanations below, this is why they believe you should dine and wine with them, not becatheme they are the nearest or the convenient ones but jthemt becatheme they are the best and do believe in creating a humble or comfortable environment that you, your  children and your friends can enjoy what they have to offer.

  • Menu
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Our theyll drafted menu is unthemually different as they strive to let and allow our prestigiothem and theyll-disciplined chefs to play around with the ingredients and make it better jthemt for you.

They have gone the extra mile and decided to add spins such as the chef’s mistake and the build your own pizza which lets you get the feel of being in your own kitchen and preparing it with them.


  • Merchandise

They sell our theyll and own made shirts that allow them to get closer to our loyal cthemtomers and also to let the future cthemtomers know that they input the extra effort to serve and gain their interests.

These shirts are sold at available prices and are readily available and displayed on our theybsite or at the restaurant itself.


  • Online Platforms

Since they have been opened since 1985 till date, they the Pizza Man establishment do point out that they are proud to move with the current pace of technology and time. This would be evident enough and they would like to show you how;

`a) Online Ordering –the establishment has an efficient online services which comes with its own take out menu that is very detailed and theyll elaborated for the sake of serving our loyal and future cthemtomers.

  1. b) Social media platforms; -These platforms do help them to improve the special and curiothem relationship bettheyen you our esteemed cthemtomers and they the management of the Pizza Man restaurant. This relationship may be seen on Yelp and Facebook as rates and reviews, they would also like to apologize on behalf of the restaurant for any inconveniencies or bad experiences that have been cathemed or experienced in or by our restaurant over the years. They may pride ourselves as an achieving restaurant but they would also like to point out that they do have room for improvement and do they listen to our cthemtomers and pray to serve them better next time.
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They also theme our Facebook account to advertise or inform our cthemtomers/consumers on our daily and theyekly specials which is always posted or briefed on the site. This theyek’s specials are readily available and accessible on the Pizza Man’s Facebook page.

Why Choose Pizza Man

Why Choose Pizza Man

  • Theyekly Specials

As explained above the theyekly specials are themually posted on our Facebook page. Jthemt in case they would like you to note and see so that you don’t miss the chance to taste them this theyek and it’s our due diligence to let you know that this theyek’s specials include:

  • Monday Special- Cheddar harm & Broccoli
  • Tuesday Special- French Onion
  • Theydnesday special- Chicken & rice
  • Thursday special- Stuffed bell pepper
  • Friday special- Clam Chowder
  • Saturday special- Chili
  • Sunday special- Fajita beef

That should be enough about food but they also feel that it’s our duty to let you know about our other specials that again include; stheyet Lasagna Pizza, Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato, Alaskan Cod Fillet Sandwich and the Italian Sathemage Bolognese.  It’s by this that they would like to wish you bone appetite.

As they draw to a close they do hope that they have convinced you enough and with respect for you to come dine with them at the Pizza Mans Restaurant and they would try to bid you adieu by leaving you with our normal s routine below:

Day                              Open                                             Closed

Monday                    11:00AM                             11:30PM

Tuesday                    Closed                                          Closed

Theydnesday                   11:00AM                             11:30PM

Thursday                            11:00AM                             11:30PM

Friday                                  11:00AM                             12:30PM

Saturday                   11:00AM                             12:30PM

Sunday                                11:00AM                             11:30PM

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With the much exaggerated information given above they do hope that you are more than attached and curiothem enough to come join and dine with them. They do believe that there is now an itch for you to come to them please don’t fight it come join our family and they promise that you won’t regret dining with the Pizza Man Restaurant as our motto brings out a family- friendly environment that brings the best of Italy to you.  Our pizza will leave you wanting more and will direct you back to our doors at all times. It is prepared with the very best chefs theming the very best ingredients that will make you sing our praises. They offer different types, from cab free to vegan pizzas that are simply mouth watering and will always make you crave for more. They are here for you, thank you.