Pizza Man Feedback and Reviews

Pizza Man Feedback and Reviews

The Pizza man is a very unique and amazing place (so we say), it is a restaurant that accommodates both families and college kids in the area (so we think). Our family and home environment is a tone that you love and expect us to keep up with (so we improve), the restaurant gets a three star review on Yelp and we think we are doing a good job. The Pizza Man as you are thinking by now is a very wiered way of naming a restaurant considering the meaning of the said name as elaborated in the English common dictionary and our routine is just the same as the other or next pizza joint near or next to you.

As the number one pizza joint in Shippensburg as voted by you, we would like to believe that we as other pizza joints have our weaknesses but the same time our strengths create an environment for you to come dine with us. We are humbled and proud enough to highlight our strengths, improvements and weaknesses below then let you decide if yourstomachdeserves to be furnished by us.(no pun intended)

Pizza Man Feedback and Reviews

Pizza Man Feedback and Reviews

We as the Pizza Man establishment do include:

  • Online Reviews

(Figured it would be fair to start with the unique ones then travel down to the best ones), The online reviews were started a decade ago for the chances, space and allowancefor customers/ consumers to highlight their experiences with us. Our Yelp account is indeed booming with satisfaction (if we are allowed to boast, and pretend), but here is the twist that separates us from the other “normal pizza joints” in the area. We as an establishment born and or created to serve our esteemed customers and create nothing but the best for you do apologize for any and every inconvenience or bad experience caused to you while dining at the Pizza Man. We are gentle and mature enough as the management to offer our apologies and promise or hope to serve you better next time.

  • Merchandise
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We do offer one, that is shirts with our information on it, so far these shirts have been sold nonstop and are available at the restaurant or the restaurant’s website at an affordable price.

  • Routine

We do share a normal routine with other restaurants across the area, and again do apologize for not being available on Tuesdays but we also do need to create a conducive environment for our staff. This routine for the purpose of clarification is detailed as much as possible below;



Day Open Closed
Monday 11:00AM 11:30PM
Wednesday 11:00AM 11:30PM
Thursday 11:00AM 11:30PM
Friday 11:00AM 12:30 AM
Saturday 11:00AM 12;30 AM
Sunday 11:00AM 11:30PM

We do welcome you at the specified moments and hours stipulated above.

Ouronline ordering criteria comes with it’s own elaborate and well planned take out menu that enables you to make a choice from a variety of dishes and delicacies at affordable prices from a quick and efficient delivery mechanisms. Who wouldn’t enjoy a front door pizza delivery especially on the cold, windy and rainy days?

Presence: social Media is the pine and center of information on the internet and media today, it’s not only the fastest but also the quickest way to share ideas and link up with our customers/consumers. The Pizza Man has developed a Facebook page that leaves you updated and prepared. Facebook is not only a place for us to advertise the joint but also for our esteem customers to share their experiences with us. The restaurant usually uses this page to advertise the weekly specials on a menu (yea we do have that) they are randomly selected so as to invite and show you how invested we are inprotecting your health.

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This week’s special just to clarify (and also boast a little) is:

Soup Specials

  • Monday Special- Cheddar harm & Broccoli
  • Tuesday Special- French Onion
  • Wednesday special- Chicken & rice
  • Thursday special- Stuffed bell pepper
  • Friday special- Clam Chowder
  • Saturday special- Chili
  • Sunday special- Fajita beef
Pizza Man Feedback and Reviews

Pizza Man Feedback and Reviews

That is just the soup but other specials include the sweet Lasagna Pizza, Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato, Alaskan Cod Fillet Sandwich and the Italian Sausage Bolognese.  Now we know you are hungry please don’t be shy we are just a click away. The Pizza Man’s Facebook page is the Pizza Man please be free to join us as we revolutionize your taste buds.

  • Menu
  • Lastly, the most exciting thing is that we allow creativity from our chefs and this is what makes us unique from other restaurants. Our chefs create delicacies such as the Chef’s Mistake which is a combination of Canadian bacon, Pepperoni, sausage, onions, Black Olives, Green peppers, Mushrooms, Pineapples, Tomatoes, Jalapellos. Anchovies& Shrimp). (We intentionally allow our chefs mess up and you still love it and crave for us. ( we also wonder but we are happy to have you)


There is also the Build your own Pizza which we allow you to choose ingredients and make your own pizza from scratch with a variety of ingredients and tasty accompaniments. The only thing left by this is you stepping into the kitchen and making your own but we are here to serve you.

These and much more are on our unique and well established menu that would make you come back for more (not that we are chewing our own horn but we are usually full to capacity and being a

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restaurant well…)

The Pizza Man as the name again suggests is an efficient and well-adjusted person who is main duty and pride is to deliver nothing but the best to their consumers with no room for excuses, we are nothing but excited to incorporate that definition into our services and welcome you, your friends and your family to come dine with us and as explained above this is why you should dine with us!! Thank you.