Pizza Man Reviews, Ratings and Strengths

Pizza Man Reviews, Ratings and Strengths

The Pizza Man is an established craft that was designed and created in the year 1985 (even our forefathers had you mind) for the sole purpose of servicing and catering for our esteemed customers though the Pizza Man is recently under new management since October 2010, the goals and sole purpose has remained nothing but the same. Our restaurant is conveniently and uniqly named the pizza man to show how efficient we are when serving you.

Like every other restaurant we have the same policies when it comes to serving you but what makes it interesting is that we are ready to listen   not only to you but also our potential or future customers. Pizza man has an elaborate and efficient by standards of listening to our customers’ demands. We give you the opportunity to review and rate us through websites and social media such as Facebook and yelp.

Pizza Man Reviews, Ratings and Strengths

Pizza Man Reviews, Ratings and Strengths

Facebook is a platform we the Pizza Man use to create a special bond with our customers/consumers, we take the opportunity or the pleasure to share our passionate specials of the week but also an informal ground for us to listen to you and know your experiences during your stay with us at any time and place. It is also like an invitation from us to you the public and also any future consumer/customer to feast at our restaurant. We may sound as overrated by now but we are at least trying to drive home is that we got you, through food, merchandise and or relations.

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Yelp may be at times a bit challenging for our consumers but we do thank you and God for awarding us a three star rating cause we not only take pride in that as will be explained below but it is also good and commendable for us to  remind  ourselves that we are here for you and to serve you. We the Pizza Man establishment is basically admitting that you are our employers and we are at your command (as we will explain or exaggerate more and more below)

We are unique in all our efforts and try our level best to serve and this is why you should choose us for the best and nothing but the best Italian delicacies and pizzas. The Pizza Man listens to our clientele and try as much as possible to improve on the weaknesses pointed out during our ratings and reviews.

As we apologize for not reaching most expectations we also do apologize for patting ourselves too much because of our recommendations (that’s really a thing now). With that said we would like to again point out that in as much as we agree and appreciate the good ones we also do listen to the disappointing reviews and put in enforcements to satisfy the enforcement of our motto which is- a family- friendly Pizza restaurant with the best homemade Italian delicacies.

We may not have the most adaptable management- customer/consumer relationship or the most effective human resource arrangement and at times we may agree that we chew our own horns and declare that we are nothing but the best but we also register ourselves with nothing but the finest and furnished people that make us hit, target or meet our end game ( for the pleasure of satisfying you via our mouthwatering Italian delicacies and Pizzas).

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If you would also like to review our services/restaurant please do log on to yelp or our Facebook page and let us know where to improve and help you in return. Though it might be hard and a disadvantage to let some of the bad reviews remain online, we opt to do this so as to remind you that we are a humble organization who are ready to learn from you and for you. To us the bad reviews are a way for us to listen and adapt to our people and also remind ourselves that we are again here to serve you.

Our customer relation is on peak though still improving but like we have repetitively said we are here to serve you.

Merchandise- The Pizza man also ensures better customer relations by selling merchandise to our customers and others, our merchandise do include: Pizza Man Shirts that are sold at the restaurant at affordable prices such as $10.00 and $15.00 (dollars) and they are also accessible to all. We also do promise and concur that in time there will more than enough merchandise from our proud establishment to you.

Since we are located next to the Shippensburg University and have been serving both college students and families around the area and campus. It is because of this that we have a better established and enhanced online ordering services. The online service has a known and familiar contact that allows you to order from the restaurant, there is also an online take out menu (which is more expounded and elaborated) that allows you as our customers to get in touch with us and order online and free choices. Our contact information for anyone who would like to order online is  and will always be:

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Pizza Man

201 North Seneca Street

Shippensburg, PA 17257

Phone No. (717) 530-1607 – (717) 530- 1609

The Pizza Man not only establishes the best client -customer but we have also improved to the point that we were voted the best local pizza joint in Shippensburg this is because we emphasize on fresh, quality food and speedy deliveries.

Pizza Man Reviews, Ratings and Strengths

Pizza Man Reviews, Ratings and Strengths

We as the your favorite local pizza and Italian  joint want you our esteemed customers to the experience the best we have to offer in terms of food, services and interests and we do believe that it starts with a perfect or clear description of the management –customer relationship. We are here to serve you and your family/friends so please log on to our facebook page or yelp and give us a review of our time with us we will appreciate and cover your concerns, thank you.