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I bet you’ve visited Racetrac to purchase gas or dine. And with the purchase, one can enrol in to the TellRactrac survey. This is a normal survey that targets to improve consumer service delivery. The latter implies that Racetrac will use your feedback and tweak some key operational areas.

Your feedback may lament on the level of happiness with their services. But, there’re a lot of areas that deserve your candid feedback. Not only the customer service desk but the cleanliness of their joint, pricing, coupons and speed of delivery.

Now that you understand why your feedback – negative or positive is vital, it would be candid to understand more about Racetrac.

About Racetrac

Racetrac Survey

Racetrac Survey

Racetrac is an American company. It’s also referred to as Racetrac Petroleum, Inc.  But the viral name is the former. The car company was founded in 1934 by Sr.Carl Bosch. By then the company was referred as Carl Bolch latter to become popular as Racetrac.

The company operates in the different parts of U.S. And as per now, it has established 600   Racetrack stores at12 different states. The company has employed more than 7450 people with its headquarters being in Georgia, Atlanta.

The company supplies gasoline at their stations and operates restaurants. And while you run short of gasoline, you can stop by their outlet, refill and enjoy their vast restaurant menu. They serve some of the best American cuisines offering wide drink selections.

Preparing To Take The Survey.

Before you start, you need to have some of the survey necessities. Remember the survey is open to Racetrac joint Shoppers. More so those who worry to keep shopping receipts. Still, you need to prepare for the survey in advance.

The process is consequential and if you can’t have all the prior step credentials you’ll be inhibited to proceed to the next step. This can be so embarrassing and if you aren’t keen one can postpone this for other day. Some of the survey necessities include

The Racetrac Receipt.

This’s the first green card to unlock the Tellracetrac survey.  The Racetrac receipt is mandatory to have. The receipt doesn’t have to be necessarily from their gasoline joint. The receipt can emancipate from the racetrack fuel pump or store. Whichever suits, the better.

The sole reason why you need the receipt is because it has the invitation to participate in the survey. This is displayed through the survey invitation code. And with the code, one can unlock the first step of the survey.

Remember the code emancipated from the Tell race track system and it cannot be bypassed. You just need to have the original survey code. Don’t take too long to participate in the survey. Remember the code is valid for specific period. And you can’t use it if the period has expired.

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An Internet Device

Have a device that can access the internet. This can be a mobile, computer, Tablet or smartphone. Choose one you’re comfortable to use. However a laptop or personal computer will be better. Not so many people access the latter devices unlike the mobile phone which can be stolen and jeopardise survey data. However the survey portal is customised in the way to display pages on the mobile or desktop version. And with every choice, you can complete the survey with ease. However the Desktop version will make work to be much easier than mobile version.

The Internet Connection.

Having the device minus internet connection will not help. You need a stable internet connection. If your internet keeps buffering, you restart the whole survey process repeatedly. This can be time consuming and annoying.

With the stable internet connection, you can access the survey portal of the Tellrac trac company, take less than 5 minutes to get done.

Have Basic English And Spanish Understanding.

These’re two primarily languages in use. However you need to understand the basic version of these languages. The survey questions use basic language to get feedback. No complex English or Spanish similes, jargons and colloquialism.

The official page displays the survey content in English. Thus the Spaniards will have to switch to the Spanish page. The Spanish page can be accessed with the click of the Spanish link. The link location is conspicuous this makes the conversion from the English to Spanish page to be seamless.

How To Complete The Racetrac Survey

With the understanding of the necessities, it sensible to commence the survey. The process is as easy and you need to take each step at a time.

Begin By Visiting the TellRacetrac.com

You can locate the TellRacetrac.com by either doing the Google search or being redirected to the official site. Once you log in to the official site, which is the racetrack home page, read the survey question and proceed to the next page

For the next step, you will input your preferred language. Choose between English and Spanish. Now that you have selected the preferred language, you will repeatedly click the next button each time you fill a page.

Proceed to Input the store number which is conspicuously located at the top of your receipt. This is accessible on the top of corner of your receipt. Input further receipts details to complete the survey. For the next step, input the date and time of your visit.  This should be the copycat of what’s in the receipt.

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Complete the last step answering all the Tell Racetac survey questions. In the section, the list of questions will pop up. These question will address the different salient issues about their services. You will answer the single question. And this shouldn’t take long.

However it will be prudent to provide the candid feedback. No need to plagiarise answers. The feedback will be beneficial to you and company. Do remember your shopping experience. Was the customer service splendid? Was the price competitive? These are some of the questions you will ponder about.

Get The Retrac Validation Code.

With the last step after you’re done with the questionnaire list, you will receive the validation code. It’s privy to write the validation code. The writing of the code on the receipt paper will be beneficial. You will have to use the code to receive the TellRac discount. Be sure to bring the code with the visit to your store.

Understanding The Tell RaceTrac Survey Question.

To complete the process at an electric speed, it will be privy to understand the survey questions. Don’t forget on the need to answer survey questions with the utmost faith. Some of the survey questions include:

Question of the customer satisfaction level. The satisfaction level should be of all the store aspects. Begin from the products specs, the staff service and the price of products. This should be anything you should feel with the visit to the Race Trac.

The second question will address the Racetrac services. There’re a lot of racetrc services and you will address the ones which are given to you. Or the ones you feel necessary.  The next question will be about the Racetrac services.

Did you find them professional? Is their service excellent or they need to app their game? This are some of the questions that will need to be addressed. This is among the vital part of the survey.

Other Survey Question Services.

Comment on the speed of the service. With the visit to the store, comment on the time it took to receive the services. Further survey questions to comment on include: the level of satisfaction on your last visit, the staff behaviour and any other issues encountered with the last visit.

How To Contact The RaceTrac Customer Service.

Its adamant to have the RaceTrac customer service contacts. This will help get aid when you’re unable to complete the survey. Not only do the customer service help with the survey question but assist to get aid with the other services. Some of the options one can use to contact the Racetrac customer service include:

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Using The Racetrac Customer Service Phone Number.

To make a call, is the easiest way to get contact to the Racetrac customer service. There’re a lot of Racetrac customer contacts which are in use in the different departments. There’re two mobile phone numbers to use.

The first contact is used to take care of the customer relations issues. The number is 1-888-636-5589. The second number is for Racetrac complaints. The number is  770-4331-7600

The Racetrc Customer Service Mail dress Number

If you’re not okay to use the Racetrac customer service number, try their mail address.  The latter is a secure means to air out your concern, when you don’t want to jeopardise the security of your account.

Address your mail to 325 Cumberland Blvd, site, 100, Atlanta, Georgia 3039. However this is the slowest Racetrac contact means. And it may take up to 5 days for the company o receive your query not counting the time it will take to iron out your needs.

Using The RaceTrac Address

This is the most sort out option to communicate with the RaceTrac customer service. For the online geeks, they’ll find the means interesting. Visit their official menu to further navigate to the contact us page. You can do this with ease.

With these Racetrac customer contacts, you can be sure to get aid with the racetrc customer service queries.

Using The RaceTrac App

For stealer and fast customer service queries use the Racetrac Mobile app. The latter is a free published app available on the App store. There’re a lot of things to do with the mobile App. And just as with other mobile apps, its features facilitates access to Racetrac services.

The mobile application can enable one to make Raetrac mobile payment. You will receive notification on the Raetrac offers. This can make you receive the Racetrac offers and rewards.  Furthermore , you can locate the nearest  Racetrac Outlet and this will make it easy to refill gasoline or dine at their restaurant.

Beside the Racetrac Mobile App, there is their Elite card. The card has several benefits.Its used to improve the customer experience while shopping at the raetrac joints. Some of the benefits include: Receiving of rebate, receive bonus gifts- coffee at their restaurant and it faciliatate Driver purchse control.