Review of La Hacienda Restaurant

Reviews Of The La Hacienda Restaurant

The customers who had a Mexican dining experience at the La Hacienda Restaurant have nothing but good ratings to offer. They have been very happy with the place, the grandeur of the menu, the authenticity of the Mexican Cuisine Served, the sophisticated appeal, the ambiance provided and the management. A few were unhappy with the price tags for each dish as they concluded it to be a bit expensive. A few had to go through slightly dull dinner but have promised to try again.

There has been no compromise in the standard the La Hacienda has emerged with and is still rampant in all these places. Do take some time out and enjoy a Mexican feast to fill your appetite and appeal your palate.

Review of La Hacienda Restaurant

Review of La Hacienda Restaurant

Review 1 La Hacienda Restaurant

The service at the La Hacienda Restaurant is amazing and there is was this sweet server Patty who takes all the credit for making our experience so much better. I am in love with the La Ha!!

Review 2 of La Hacienda Restaurant

I have been to many Mexican restaurants but the La Hacienda takes all the charm. Be it from the great food it serves to the amazing staff who is friendly, warm and amazing people always there to help us. The Chicken Fajitas and queso fall into my favorite category. Totally love this place

Review 3 of La Hacienda Restaurant

The Mexican dining experience was amazing and all thanks to the sweet smiling Patty who is always ready to tend to me and my family. This was such a good experience with perfect ambiance and great food. Loved Patty for her attitude and homely feel she gave us.

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Review 4 of La Hacienda Restaurant

La Ha has been the most happening and amazing place where we want to spend our time and share our happiness. Patti, our waitress is an amazing person who always greets us with a smile and hugs us with love. She is ever happy and most helpful. We visit this place more often at Memphis. So often that we find ourselves gobbling over the Mexican food twice a week. Much love to the salsa and chips from this great place.

Review 5 of La Hacienda Restaurant


La Hacienda is such a perfect place with amazing food, service, and ambiance. We actually canceled our reservation elsewhere. This is a place bound to be remembered on all occasions. Mouthwatering food, especially the chips and salsa, just Yum. The guacamole is a five stars dish. One night, we ordered queso, which was good. Then came in the Smokey salsa, perfect, couldn’t ask for more. We go more friends and visited the place again when we came to town on holidays. The pork shoulder was lip-smacking and great, it came with a slaw which was phenomenal. Our whole gang of friends enjoyed the enchiladas and margaritas. The churros were split for dessert; it was just perfect and great. Waiting to go there again.

Review 6 of La Hacienda Restaurant

Hmmm, I came here last night with my business partner to dine. Nothing out of normality, the setting was good. The guacamole was also fine but there are few restaurants that can actually go wrong with gauco. I ordered seafood enchiladas. The food came piping hot on a piping hot plate;. I was glad but immediately disappointed as the food was super salty, couldn’t finish it. Then, I tore the tortilla to see the seafood and was badly dejected at the amount of seafood they had lumped into my place. Certainly not happy with the quantity that came with such a price tag. My business partner didn’t finish their food either nor discussed the food is phenomenal. Not what I expected.

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Dallas, TX


Review 7 of La Hacienda Restaurant


The La Hacienda is a savior for all my Mexican cravings. My significant other had some business in Fairmont that had us move away from Dallas. I started missing all those Mexican paradises they had to offer. But here in Fairmont, La Hacienda is so luxurious and apt that I didn’t want to leave this place. We explored the place BUT we did spend a fair amount of time at the resort itself. La Hacienda served the best meal at this resort and had our palate fulfilled. I loved the Gauc! Yummy.

Review 8 of La Hacienda Restaurant


This amazing Mexican restaurant serves a very different and unique Mexican dishes. These are from the southern region of Mexico. I personally don’t prefer Mexican but LA Hacienda just changed my mind. Usually the enchiladas and dominant with cumin flavor but trying it out here was one of the best things I did. I even tried many other dishes that had an indigenous taste holding me hooked to the dishes and ordering for more.

I ordered a filet a parrilla which is grilled steak, now I didn’t have many expectations, but it had two while cheese enchiladas. These, in my opinion, are the show stealers of the dish. I even ordered hot chocolate and my taste buds just were too happy to talk. I don’t prefer tequilas but this place a rare collection of tequilas and exotic drinks that if I want to try then it is this place. The food is heavenly. I love this restaurant and will be back for more.

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Review 9 of La Hacienda Restaurant


This place is a must visit during Christmas, it will be decorated like a new bride with colors and lights. The La Hacienda Restaurant transforms into a tourist place at this time. But again the price hikes are too much. Even though the food is great and service is commendable. But the valet parking is itself 85$ and that’s just not so okay. If you want to visit the place at this time of the year, please have a prior reservation or you are just lost. Guacamole is good but at the price of 16.50$. No thanks. But waiter Angel was truly an angel to have our stay better.

Review 10 of La Hacienda Restaurant

Like every year, this is my favorite place to hang out during Christmas but this year, I am off disappointed.

On the whole, the diners have rated the place with four stars out of five which is huge for the La Hacienda Restaurant. It promises to provide more of such good services to its customers.

Based on the above reviews, you should try the La Hacienda restaurant and give your feedback about your Mexican Dining experience as well. The ratings have been a good four stars out of five. Waiting for your ratings and the staff is skilled enough to take your feedback and work on the flaws and be grateful for your choice.