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Review 1 of Golden Wok

Best Thai food I’ve had for the price in the CU area.  Definitely a delivery favorite.  Their Curry’s are outstanding and their noodle dishes are on point.  I havn’t tried any of their Chinese food.  I’ve only ordered off their traditional Thai menu.  They also make a really good Thai iced tea.  I’ve never dined in, Ive only gotten delivery but I was always very satisfied.

  • Melanie C.

Review 2 of Golden Wok

I come here for the Hainan chicken rice and good service. I’ve been here a handful of times and the workers are very nice.

I really like the hainan chicken. A lot better than the duck. It comes with a simple chicken soup and the broth is so clean. The dipping sauce is also good. Kinda tangy.

The pad see ew is very good. There’s a bit of a crisp that forms when they cook it in a really hot wok. The sauce is also tasty and could easily be too salty but they make it just right.

Also we paid $21 for both dishes! Good meal. My favorite place on campus because quality over quantity. Places are usually just appealing to get the most bang for your buck. I was left pretty full and satisfied. 🙂

    • Hainan chicken and chicken pad see ew

Hainan chicken and chicken pad see ew

Mark S.


Review 3 of Golden Wok

Really bad attitude and treatment of a customer that brought up a concern.

I ordered stir fry kidney beans with beef on Ricepo (a delivery app) in Chinese but Golden Wok showed up and delivered a stir fry beef with no beans. I contacted the owner of the store understanding that it may have simply been a translational issue as I ordered off of a Chinese menu. The owner simply denied all responsibility and claimed it is my fault and would not consider what I had to say.

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The store has nice food and I wanted to work with the owner on this issue but his attitude is disgusting.

Never coming back again.

  • Natalie M.


Review 4 of Golden Wok

Not so impressed. I got the yo mien with chicken. I probably should have gotten Thai noodles instead. The  chicken did not have good flavor and overall the sauce was disappointing. The noodles were good but I wasn’t blown away. Don’t think I’d want to spend another 10 bucks for a lackluster meal. 🙁

    • Yi mien with chicken
  • Angie H.

Review 5 of Golden Wok

Definitely not my favorite place for Thai food, but it’s alright. The place is definitely not very clean, including the bathroom. My go to is usually the yellow curry and pad thai. In my opinion, Green Basil is better (sorry, not sorry!)

  • Andrew Y.
    • Champaign, Il


Review 6 of Golden Wok

Awesome Thai/Chinese food at a decent price. Its location is pretty convenient since it’s close to my apartment and to the ECE Building. The Thai noodle dishes are tasty and served fresh. I can see myself becoming a regular at this place.

    • Beef lo mein
    • Beef with mixed vegetables, served with white rice
    • See all photos from Andrew Y. for Golden Wok
  • Nattasit D.


Review 7 of Golden Wok


This is a Thai to-go place for me in the area. Golden wok offers variety of Chinese and Thai dishes. My main focus here will be on Thai food since it has been one of the best around here with excellent price point.

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Pad Thai is decent. For me it is a bit too sweet but still Golden Wok offers best Pad Thai around here. If you are more in to authentic food, I would recommend Nua Nam Tok, Laos Sausage, Tom Yum, Som Tum and Kana Mookrop. Their fried rice is very good as well.

The price is very cheap compared to other Thai food places around the area. For college students this is one of the best places you’ll get something good under 10 bucks.

  • Nancy P.


Terrible. The chicken looked like hot chips.
The meat was so dry. We also ordered spring rolls and they were also terrible. Very disappointed.

    • The chicken looks like hot chips.

The chicken looks like hot chips.

  • Wei Y.
    • Chandler, AZ

Came here for a quickly lunch after a long road trip

We ordered the roast duck noodle soup and eggplant stir-fry with white rice. The noodle, soup, and duck was good. The eggplant stir fry was a little too salty, I ate all my rice and only half the eggplant. On the bright side, I can eat the leftovers later!

Just moved to Chambana, and I will be a regular here!

    • Roast duck egg noodles and eggplant stirfry
  • Sarah C.

I ordered a chicken pad Thai (spicy level: moderate) and an egg roll. Food was hot, crispy and fresh. It is quite a good option since there are not many food delivery places in Chambana. Would have been 5 star if the delivery were made under an hour.

    • Chicken pad Thai. A HUGE portion – this is like only 1/3 of the whole thing.
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Chicken pad Thai. A HUGE portion – this is like only 1/3 of the whole thing.

  • Hyun Jin C.


Review 10 of Golden Wok


Fried rice was good.
But rice noodle(pho) was… Well, I didn’t enjoyed it.
I want to visit next time without ordering pho.

  • Erik R.

There are mixed reviews depending on the dishes the customers have tried from the menu. The honest reviews are put forth and can be used for the guidance.

On the whole the Golden Wok Restaurant has gained four stars on five on an average. Do visit this place and give your valuable feedback as well.