Publix Survey Publix Survey to Win $1000

Consumer satisfaction surveys are the better method to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the company products and services.  And that’s why Publix invites you to express your overall rate of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their products and services.

The Publix survey can be completed online or mail and this should take you not more than 15 minutes. With the 15 minutes of your time, you will stand the chance to win Publix grand prize of $1000 dollars and more.

And with the mushrooming of a lot of departmental stores and supermarket, the Publix wants to become volatile in the market making sure their goods and services are unique, tailored for the maximum customer’s benefits.

About Publix

Publix Survey

Publix Survey

The elegant supermarket store is among the oldest in the United States. It was founded in 18th century and as per now it has opened various locations in the Unites states. Publix is a food and grocery store and a people’s favourite.

Since this is an ancient store, expect to find the ancient store architectural designs which are impressive to look at. Furthermore, the store shoppers are both the old and the new making it perfect for family food and grocery shopping.

Some of the locales where you can find their store include the north and South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia, Florida among more states. Visiting the store could be the best way to have a family shopping and latter food adventure.

The Publix Survey Official Rules

Publix has set the official survey rule, which helps determine the candidate who is better suited to enter the survey. Remember that the survey restrictions are matters that have been agreed on and Publix understand the customer range that could provide what it needs.

Eligibility Restrictions.

To participate in the Publix survey, you must be of the correct legal age. This will be depended on your country as the legal age in the various respective countries varies. However, the standard legal age to participate in the survey range from 18 and above.

Besides the age restrictions, Publix employees will be barred to participate in the survey. If you work with the Publix in any capacity, you will not be eligible to enter the survey. The restriction applies to close and household employee family members.

The latter implies that the employee spouse, grandparents, siblings, uncle among other close relatives will be locked out in the survey. And it would be vital to understanding that household restriction will bar any other non-related member to enter the survey provided you reside together.

Furthermore, you should be the legal USA, District of Colombia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tenseness and Florida resident

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No Purchase Required to enter The Survey.

It could be necessary to make Publix purchases to enter the survey but it’s not a mandatory condition. If you did not make a Publix purchase or lack the Publix receipt, you could still enter the survey via email.

However, be informed that completing the survey via mail isn’t as effective as online. The guys who complete the survey online have a lot of referral information increase the degree to which they submit accurate results. The latter is uncommon while using mail.

Promotion Entry And Close Date.

Publix promotion commences on 1st April 2018. The survey ends on June 30th, 2018. All participants will have to enter the survey within the stipulated time and you will not be able to enter the survey after the period has elapsed.

Remember the Publix computer keeps track of the time and there is it will close the survey portal at 11; 59 June 30th, 2018. The earlier you enter the survey the better as you increase your chances of winning.

 Publix Gift Prizes Are Non –Transferable.

If you enter the survey with the anticipation to win the grand price of $100, then later proceed to sale the same on e-bay, you will be shocked as the grand prize can only be used by the one user. Definitely, the winner.

.Furthermore Publix will apply all the federal and the local laws and will be interpreted and applied in all survey matters. This could be costly to you in the long run if you participate in such undertakings.

Winner Selection.

Don’t bother the Publix customer care department with queries. All winners will be conducted using the personal information supplied. However, this will be one week after the survey close date.

How To Enter The Publix Survey Via Mail

If you are not the internet –savvy or you just love to send mails, you can enter the Publix survey via mail. All you have to do is to hand print your name day and night phone numbers, email address, birth date on a neat and readable sheet of paper.

Proceed to mail the latter to Publix Customer Voice Survey Sweepstakes Spring 2018 Entry, Attn: Marketing/Research, 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811. Be sure to send your mail before July 5 2018

You could also enter the Publix survey online, which will be discussed later. These are the only two methods to enter the survey. You cannot enter the survey via Facebook, sending an email or on twitter. But you could use the latter avenues for customer contact support.

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What You Need To Enter The Publix Survey.

Basic Spanish And English Understanding.

To complete the Publix survey, you will have to understand the English and the Spanish languages. These are the two primarily survey languages. And the most important part is that the survey displays the welcome message using these two languages.

Have A device That Can Connect To The Internet.

This could be a mobile phone or a personal or public computer. Just anything that you use to surf the internet. It will be instrumental to have the steady internet connection too. This could assist complete the survey even faster

Publix Receipt.

This is mandatory if you are to complete the survey online. The no purchase receipt applies to those who will complete the survey via mail. The receipt has all the survey credential that you will need to enter in order to commence the survey.

You cannot cook other receipt instruction and use it to complete the survey. All the latter credentials are computer programmed and only once you enter the correct

How To Enter The Survey Online.

Visit The Survey Official Site

The Publix site can be completed on the survey official site. This is the sole online means that Publix uses to obtain your candid feedback, then ask you some question.  The official Publix survey site is

There are the different landing pages that would redirect you to the official survey page. To confirm you are completing the survey on the official page, check your receipt to validate your URL.

The receipt has the invitation to enter the survey. However, not all receipts will have the survey invitation message but only ones issued within the survey period.

Choose The Preferred Publix Survey Language.

The Publix survey can be completed using two languages and when completing the survey online, you will choose either the Spanish or English language. There is a link on the survey page that will facilitate the change of these languages.

Enter The Publix Receipt Credentials.

The Publix survey receipt is designed in the way that it envisages all the survey credentials. This survey credential will determine whether or not one will proceed with the survey.

These are just programed and automated credentials and they just determine if the right person who visited Publix is the one completing the survey. And for the authentication purposes, you will need to enter your date of visit, your time of visit and the survey code.

If all the latter credentials are genuine meaning you have the correct receipt you will proceed with the survey. You will click the next button to move to the next step.

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Answer The Publix Survey Questions.

Once you are verified, allowed to proceed, there will be the series of survey questions which will pop up on your screen. These survey questions are important to the Publix and you are expected to answer them with utmost faith.

These question will gauge your overall rate of satisfaction. You will read the question series and click on the like or dislike button. Only these rating will be used to determine your satisfaction level and it would be private.

Submit Your Personal Details

These will be used by Publix only for survey purpose. You will submit your name, day and night telephone number, your address, zip code and date birth. And after that, you can choose if you would fancy the chance to enter the Publix sweepstakes.

 Publix Survey Winner Selection, Verification And Notification

When you complete the survey, have it in mind that all the credential you supply will be verified by the Publix sponsor – who has been mandated to run the survey on behalf of Publix.

The process used to determine the survey winner will be fair at all. There are the drawing dates where all the survey entry will be chosen. Publix will select a single name from all the entries received on time.

The one name chosen will then be subject to verification process to see if he/she meets the Publix survey verification procedure. If he/she does, Publix will declare home the winner. And the winner will be contacted based on the supplied personal contact information’

It’s now vital for you to submit correct personal survey credentials. And this calls for one to take the survey seriously. By any case you supplied incorrect personal details or ones that are unreachable, the Publix or its sponsor may choose to contact the other person.

Publix Survey Customer Contacts.

The survey customer contact could be instrumental when you need to contact Publix. There are multivariate survey contacts for you to consider. There is plenty of survey contact information on their official website Contact Us.

Here you could send a mail, live cart or send an email. If you are also active on social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and twitter, you could go for the live chart version and get help. For the old, who like to call, this number would help 800-242-1227,

You could send your mail via Publix Super Markets, Corporate Office, and Attn: Customer Care, PO Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802-0407.