What You Will Have to Experience Yourself at Kobe Steakhouse

What You Will Have to Experience Yourself at Kobe Steakhouse

Experience at Kobe steakhouse is one of a kind. People always walk in and come out with an expectation of coming back. Celebrities are not left behind too. The hotel plays host to many celebrities who come to have a share of the experience. Being in here is wonderful, relaxing and the food is wow.

It is one thing to be told how the experience is and it is another to be there physically to experience it. Let me tell you what to expect, it may change your mind about taking your trip to this place. One thing is for sure, the experience is worth trying. Now, enough of the chit chat, this is what you will experience at Kobe Steakhouse.

What You Will Have to Experience Yourself at Kobe Steakhouse

What You Will Have to Experience Yourself at Kobe Steakhouse

Watch the chef as he cooks your meal

You will witness a unique sitting arrangement. It involves sitting around a terrene and watch the chef do his magic, sounds amazing, right? That makes them unique. The cook mixes all the ingredients and spices, add delicious sauce to serve you a meal as you watch. Go expecting to have a chef for entertainment.

Reserve a private table

Expecting to go on your second honeymoon? Do worry they respect your privacy. You can reserve a private table for two at Kobe Steakhouse.the menu has a package where you can choose to dine alone with a loved one or a business partner. It will come at an extra cost and all the cooking will be done in the kitchen and be served like you ordered.

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Can request for a specific chef or waiter to serve you

I know what you are thinking, it is awesome, right? You can have a recommended chef or a favorite chef make your food upon request. Of course, you will have to request earlier for it to be done. The manager assures you that upon advance booking, you can have your wish granted. There is no guarantee that it will happen because the workers have different working hours, but they will try the best to make it happen.

So, you have a party, you won’t sit until the whole party is present.

It is a crazy rule but must be followed. Due to the uniqueness of their sitting arrangement, you will have to wait for all your party members to be present to be allowed to sit. That is to ensure all people reserved for the party, enjoy the service. If you will have a party, tell your crew to arrive in time or else you will be kept parking until the last one checks in.

Get your allergy taken care of

Do you get in contact with shrimps and develop a nasty reaction or are you allergic to a certain allergen found here? relax they will mind that in their setting. If you have that thing that makes you have a nasty reaction, have a talk with the manager and they will make arrangement how your food will be made from the kitchen. What they can’t guarantee is whether the allergen will be completely out of your reach.

Special plate for that your kids.

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Sometimes kids can be a pain in the neck. They tend to be choosy almost with all the foodstuffs they come along. That should not worry you. At Kobe steakhouse, we have a special package for the kids. It comprises of the same food serving only in a smaller portion and nutritious for your kids to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to bring your children onboard. Cary them so that they can have fun too. They will plan to make sure your kids are well-taken care of.

Get gluten-free food

Although I don’t understand why you choose to be choosy in such an indulging time, they have this set for you. If you are a person who watches what to eat, then they will respect that. Though not at the open kitchen, the chef will prepare that gluten-free meal that you are always nagging people about. Just inform the management of the special request.

More veggies on the menu

The more the green the healthier a meal is, they tend to understand that well enough to incorporate it into the menu. Are you a dieter? Don’t be afraid of taking the trip. There are veggies for you to relax and enjoy your favorite drink. The chef mixes and blends different types of vegetables to produce a very tasty salad. You will love it.

Get rewarded for being a loyal customer

It is free. The Kobe steakhouse rewards their customers by giving them royalty cards with different packages. That is to encourage customers to continue seeking for their services. They have a birthday package where you get rewarded every birthday month of the year. They also reward kids with royalty card for kids. Get rewarded for referring your friend too. That is dinning taken to the next level.

What You Will Have to Experience Yourself at Kobe Steakhouse

What You Will Have to Experience Yourself at Kobe Steakhouse

Party like no other

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They have packages that favor all your needs. Are you a party lover? Get your party started in the bar that is full of well-made cocktails for you and your friends. For a birthday party, you will get your package that is full of tasty snacks and food for your guests. Make a reservation and tell them what you want. They will even allow you to come with your cake for the event and offer serving at a fee, what an amazing offer? All they do is work together to make sure your stay and dine at this place will be you’re the best

It is true, they have a lot to offer. It is one place where you will find all your entrainment and meals met. So, have I made it easier for you? It’s time for you to park your suitcases and appetite and go have the experience of your lifetime. It is hard to find a place that has you in mind. It is time to go and experience what I feel like to be at Kobe Steakhouse, have a safe journey on your way there.