Why Kobe Steakhouse Is Famous

6 Reasons Why Kobe Steakhouse Is Famous

In Japan, food has been part of their heritage since ages. They strive to maintain the taste, aroma, and the methods of preparing their food. The food industry in Japan is worth investing in. With the huge population to feed, it is certain that there is a good return when you invest in the industry.

Kobe Steakhouse has been running for over 35 years. They have hosted over a million customers. It is very impressive considering the competition they face in the industry. Ask any customer who has had the experience of dining with them and they will tell you the following factors make Kobe steakhouse famous as it is.

Why Kobe Steakhouse Is Famous

Why Kobe Steakhouse Is Famous

Their premises

When you walk into any Kobe steakhouse, you meet a place that is well arranged with a peaceful atmosphere. The place is clean and neat. The arrangement is one of a kind. Customers make reservations, sit around a chef and watch him do his thing, where else will you find this? The eatery offers a favorable environment for one to dine and bond with friends and families.

The lodge is spacious and the rooms are as per your booking. Your need is met in the best way possible. It is a premise that welcomes you with a refreshing and relaxed feeling, the kind of mood one needs to enjoy a nice meal, right?


It is a piece of art. It has original wall hangings and furniture that were there since it was started. The owner manages to keep the interior and the setting in its original state, with minimal changes to make people understand the origin of the place. That makes them unique, have significance and give people the history that comes with the building.

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Management has strived hard to maintain same workers over the years. The staff has the experience of running and maintaining the restaurant. That makes sure the skills remain in Kobe steakhouse without being practiced anywhere else. The act of a chef cooking meals while the customers are watching is another unique thing that they have kept for over the years.


A restaurant like this can’t function well without the help of the qualified staff who work hard to make sure the customers are comfortable and enjoy their meals. The chef has enough experience to make a different dish every time. It is not easy to cook as people watch, the chef must have excellent skills that make them comfortable and ready to make any meal the client orders.

Generally, the staff who help them run the steakhouse do a great job. The place is clean, has an eye-catching landscape and everything is in the perfect place. Reviewers on the social media say the staff is polite and quick to respond to any client’s order.

Diverse menu

Here, they nail it. Customers from all walks of life come for a taste of the meals on the menu. You have so much to choose from. It has the appetizers, the main course and many more. The chef is familiar with every meal and makes it just the way you want it. “They have the best sushi I have ever come across”, one of the customers posted on the social media.  That is evident since they were voted to have the best sushi in Florida in 2016.

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When it comes to seafood, steak or chicken, they have a way of making you come for more. The chef carefully selects the ingredients, use their skills to come up with delicious and nutritious meals for every customer who walks in. Some of the delicacies you will enjoy at Kobe steakhouse include;

  • Desserts such as fried ice-cream, fried cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake, tea, and
  • Signature drinks such as Kobe freeze, Kobe peach, Kobe dragon berry, Kobe sun splash and many more.
  • Sushi meals such as California rolls, volcano rolls, chix rolls and much more to choose from
  • Teppanyaki entrees such as filet mignon, sirloin steak, teriyaki chicken.
  • Seasonal vegetables that are mixed and grilled the Kobe style.
  • They have a children menu that includes soup, green salad and portions recommended for kids of grilled veggies, noodles, and fried rice.
Why Kobe Steakhouse Is Famous

Why Kobe Steakhouse Is Famous

whether prepared for a group or as an individual order, they make sure the food wows the customer. This makes the customer come for more each day.

Rich heritage.

They follow the saying “When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do” Very well. They understand the Chinese culture and emulate it in their setting. From the food, the wall hangings, the setting itself, it shows the Japanese way of life. This creates a friendly atmosphere for most of their customers who are the locals. They feel welcomed at this place.

For foreigners who love Japanese food and authentic pieces of Japanese culture, this is the place that they can find all in one place.

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One stop for any function

Kobe Steakhouse host different people all the time. They have different settings to suit every customer’s needs. They have come up with great packages for people holding different functions which include;

  • Birthday parties.
  • Board meetings.
  • Non-formal gatherings.
  • Family get-togethers.

All you should do is make a call and make an early booking and all will be set for you and your guests. This has made them convenient to the clients since they have different packages that favor them. The menu is wide and they will provide you with the right package that suits you and your guest at an affordable rate.

Many keep on wondering why Kobe steakhouse has this flow of clients, the answer lies in their services. For years, they have made customers flow in their eateries through excellent customer relations, delicious meals and their unique way of running the restaurant. They have done it in a way that has made them become famous among the people in and out of Japan.