Understanding the Back Ground of Kobe Steakhouse

Understanding the Back Ground of Kobe Steakhouse

What does Kobe Steakhouse remind you of? I know, you are thinking of that delicious steak you take at home with your family, right? Well, I will tell you more about the steak in a while. Japan has been in the lead when it comes to the restaurant industry. Most of their dishes being made from seafood, rice, and steak. This steak is always Kobe steak.

What is Kobe steak? It is steak from beef that originates from Japan. It is from some famous Japanese black cattle that are raised and fed according to rules set by Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association in Japan. The meat is highly favored because it is;

Understanding the Back Ground of Kobe Steakhouse

Understanding the Back Ground of Kobe Steakhouse

  • Very tender.
  • The fat in it is highly soluble compared to other beef fats.
  • It has a marble texture.

For years, Kobe steak has been a delicacy of Japanese people. Restaurants are coming up with ways to prepare delicacies from the beef. Some of the delicacies include;

  • Boiled beef.
  • Chicken fried steaks.
  • Hamburg steak.
  • Beef bun.
  • Beef bourguignon.
  • Steak and kidney pudding and many more.

Enough with the steak, let tell you how the Kobe steakhouse came to be.

Origin of Kobe Steakhouse

It all started with two Canadian investors Hyaisestat and Rod Gardiner when they found an investment opportunity. The two bought a 300-year-old Japanese country inn along palm spring area, a well-known restaurant row in rancho mirage and renovated it. Since they were hoteliers, they had an idea of what they wanted to do with the place. With time, they came up with the most visited restaurant in Japan.

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With minimal changes, they managed to keep customers coming by maintaining high standards of services in the restaurant. People come from all over to have a taste of the delicacies. It involved highly trained trepan chefs that were entertaining people while making their dishes as they watched.

In the 80`s Hideo Yamada of Osaka, Japan bought the place. With the same authentic pieces, he has maintained the hotel up to date with the same pieces placed in the way they were since the beginning. What makes them different is that they have managed to maintain the same royal employees over the years. These workers have the experience and work hard to make sure they offer the best to customers.

The hotel has a reputation like no other. It is rich in heritage since minimal changes have taken place, and the food is one to die for. Everyone wants to come and see the experienced chef entertain the guests while cooking their orders. For over 35 years, they have hosted over a million guests, the famous one being;

  • Local luminaries Frank Sinatra and Dinah
  • Gerard Ford, the former
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family.

When visitors are asked, they say Kobe steakhouse is in a very peaceful, friendly and soothing environment that provides a place to promote bonding, laughter and good memories.

Where Kobe steakhouse is now

People from all over the world want to have memories made from this place. The accommodation is ambiance and the food is great. They offer different Japanese cuisines in a unique setting that cannot be found anywhere else. It has communal tables which surround the grill. Customers witness the chef as he slices, dice and put his best skills in practice to prepare that delicacy on the menu list.

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Kobe Steakhouse has become a household name. They have branches spread all over to make sure all customers enjoy the services they offer. Some of their branches include;

  • Kobe Steakhouse in Vancouver.
  • Steakhouse Jeffersonville, Indiana.
  • Hinesville, Georgia steakhouse.
  • Kobe Steakhouse

They train and add employees to give services to the overwhelming demand of customers that is constantly growing. Food is always the best; their services are excellent, people continue to walk in for the experience again and again.


With so much competition, they have made it to the top. The achievements have been made possible through implementing and making changes to suit their customer`s needs. These awards were given to them because;

  • They offer excellent services to their staff being highly trained and experienced.
  • Offer exceptional food services by giving the customer an opportunity of witnessing the food made by the chef.
  • They are rich in Japanese heritage thus making them unique. Over the years they have tried the best to make minimal changes in their premises hence the heritage is felt while dining.
  • They are located almost all over the world making their services available to all.
  • Have packages for every occasion. From birthdays, weddings, romantic dinners to outside catering.
Understanding the Back Ground of Kobe Steakhouse

Understanding the Back Ground of Kobe Steakhouse

With the excellent services they are offering, it is hard to go unnoticed. They have worked their way up to the spot. The high and mighty are recognizing them for the impact they are bringing to the economy. Some of the achievements include;

  • In 2016, they were voted as having the best sushi 2016 by best tests.
  • Voted as the best Japanese restaurant.
  • Best dinner show.
  • Voted as the best steakhouse in central Florida. This was in 2017 foodie award hosted by Orlando magazine.
  • They are voted as the best place when it comes to kids in 2017 in Orlando.
  • They took the best in Orlando awards.
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To be in the Japan food industry takes determination, hard work and great strategy, all which Kobe steakhouse has mastered and kept the legacy. Family and friends want to come and dine in this place due to its conducive and memorable environment rich in Japanese heritage. Even the famous people cannot resist and want to have even if it’s one of a lifetime experience of being here. It is one place that has made a name out of the services they continuously give to their ever-coming customers. It is a place people come to make memories with family and friends.